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Friday, August 24, 2012

Club Penguin Parent Update August 2012 :)

Ever encouraged your kids to have a massive fruit fight? That's what we're doing in Club Penguin this month with Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit! This event puts a healthy spin on a fun-filled adventure when pirate penguin Captain Rockhopper brings tons of fruit and a hungry volcano idol to the island. Everyone can collect fruit to appease the volcano, and members can set off on a scavenger hunt to find fruity new costumes for their penguin. Learn more!

Smash Some Fruit!


Starting August 30, expect lots of giggles when your child uses penguin power to smash fruit into healthy drinks in the new game, Smoothie Smash. Looking for more ways to help your child make healthy choices? The recipes on the Fun Activities section of our website are a great way to cook up some fun together! Check it out!

Watch the Film!

Rockhopper is always finding new adventures. To learn what happens when a sea monster confuses his beloved pet puffle Yarr for a bouncy, red ball, sit down with your child and check out our latest animated short film, Captain Rockhopper Vs. Mighty Squid. Watch it!

Join Our Parent Community

Club Penguin Parents :)

Adventure Party - Penguin Poll :)

What are you most excited for during the Adventure Party? Meeting Rockhopper :) Smoothie Smash game :) Coffee Shop update :) Scavenger Hunt :) My answer is Rockhopper AND the Scavenger Hunt :)

…You van Vote too on YOUR Favorite Answer :)

…See earlier Club Penguin Poll :)

New Club Penguin Song Coming to iTunes!

his is a message from Happy77:

Greetings Penguins!

Happy77 here. Thanks to everyone who downloaded "The Party Starts Now" on iTunes! After releasing this first Club Penguin track, many of you asked for more songs to download...

I'm very excited to say that we're releasing a new song by the Penguin Band! The song is called "Anchors Aweigh", and it will be available to purchase in the iTunes Store starting next week!

Here's a sneak preview:

I'd love to hear what you think of the track! You can let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

The song will be available to purchase in the iTunes Store on these days:
UK/Europe - August 27
US/Canada/Australia - August 28
Mexico/Latin America - September 4

I think the Song sounds cool and I hope you will make an AWESOME Video to go with it :)

Anchors Aweigh – The Penguin band TUNE :)

I ALMOST met Rockhopper in Big Surf :)

I LOVE that Club Penguin tells us WHEN and WHERE we can meet Rockhopper and today I had so much FUN waiting for him TOGETHER with Friends outside the Ancient Temple at the Snow Forts :)

…Time to Feed the BIG BIG Kahuna :)

…Ewww…LOL :)

…do anyone want to drink this?

…it is ONLY Fruit Juice…I hope…LOL :)

…Let’s look inside the Temple :) Warning for Seeds! RUN FAST!!!

…Step on the Fruit and…

…Work TOGETHER to Light the Fires so we can see a bigger area at the same time :)

…Cano 234 and Erty 16 and I didn't run fast enough this time…

…Hakuna Matata :)

…CONGRATS to the Watermelon Costume Cano 234 :) These Costumes are for another day :)

…Back to the Snow Forts :) Rockhopper will be login to this Server soon :)

…Hi Friends :) I’m HAPPY to send you a Postcard :) Do you have LESS then 50 Postcard in your Mailbox?

…only a few more minutes now…


…PLEASE ROCKHOPPER COME NOW! We are waiting for you :)

…Sadly I couldn't stay for more then 10 minutes after Rockhopper logged in to the server as today my Offline Life interfered with my Online Life…LOL :)

…I hope you could stay longer Friends and that you met Rockhopper and Yarr and had an AWESOME FUN Time TOGETHER :) Waddle On!

Adventure Party Temple of Fruit CHEATS :)

How to stand on Logs in Snow Forts CHEATS :)

Do you like to stand on the Log Platform at the Snow Forts? Here is how you get there :)

…Start at the Apple Side of the Volcano Month Room and click there the Smash Fruit circled and just BEFORE you leave the room click on the second spot I have circled…


…Thanks Cano 234 for showing me this it was on my “test list” and your helpfulness saved me time :) THANKS :) Just as when we teleported us to the VIP Areas during the Ultimate Jam this is ALL about Timing so if it don’t work the first time try again and again until you get there :)

Adventure Party Temple of Fruit CHEATS :)

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