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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Giant Watermelon Mystery!

If you happen to activate the GIANT Watermelon Trap inside the Ancient Temple and are to tired to waddle fast you can always return to the door opening and the Watermelon will DISAPPEAR! HURRAY! I am safe BUT where did the Green GIANT Watermelon go? That’s an Ancient Mysterious Safety Feature…LOL :)

…Thanks Mario6354 for telling me about this Watermelon Secret :)

How to Avoid the Cage Trap?

Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit CHEATS :)

Pick up the Apple Costume :)

HURRAY! Today is August 25, 2012 and Club Penguin Members can pick up the FREE Apple Costume inside the Ancient Temple :)

…You have found a (Typo Bug) Apple Costume would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…Thanks Club Penguin I LOVE my New Fruit Costume :)

…Bug Alert! Even after you have left the room and come back again the Second Stone Puffle doesn’t open its mouth!

Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit CHEATS :)

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