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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The NEW Coffee Shop is HERE!!!

LOOK AT THIS! The NEW Coffee Shop is HERE!!! And so is the Smoothie Smash Game :)

…This is how the Town is Decorated :) Grand Opening Smoothie Smash! Update: The Decoration in Town is now Removed!?!?! Update: The Decorations are back Grand Opening Smoothie Smash :)

…Welcome to the Coffee Shop! Here you'll find the best cups of coffee on the island and also smoothies, tea, and pickle juice! Try out the Smoothie Smash or Bean Counters games or head upstairs for the Club Penguin Times Newsroom :) And I’m so HAPPY that Club Penguin let us keep the EPIC Coffee Shop Music :)

Smoothies Smash Stamp CHEATS :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Anchors Aweigh – The Penguin Band! A Download from iTunes Button has been added to the Club Penguin Home Page :)

…The Smoothies Smash Game is added to the Club Penguin map BUT the Text is not right…****

**smoothie hint**

Club-Penguin- 2012-08-1653 - Copy

** smoothie_promot** UPDATE: This Smoothie Smash Text Bugs are now Fixed :)

…We can now earn 322 Stamps in Club Penguin :)

…HURRAY! The Bugs are fixed and now all THREE stone Puffles inside the Ancient Temple open their mouth :) Pick up the Pineapple Costume :)

…WRONG Music is playing at the Stage!

More soon…

Bye Bye Old Coffee Shop!

The Coffee Shop will soon be redecorated and with that another Part of the Original Club Penguin will be gone! BUT Before that happen I want to say Goodbye to this place where I have so many HAPPY Memories :) What to choose? Coffee and Croissant or Tea and Scones?

…Bye Bye Old Coffee Shop…

…Play Beans :) Bean Counters CHEATS :)

…I will miss this calm and cozy room but I hope Club Penguin let us keep the Coffee Shop Music :) THANKS for all the FUN Old Coffee Shop Room :) You have always been a GREAT Place to hang out TOGETHER with Friends :) Next time I visit you you will be redecorated :)

Coffee Shop Sneak Peek Whole Room :)

UPDATE: The NEW Coffee Shop is HERE!!!

Coffee Shop Sneak Peek Whole Room :)

Thanks Happy77 for this Picture of the WHOLE Redecorated Club Penguin Coffee Shop :)

…I Like the Pretty Green mats on the Floor and the Art on the wall :) I still think it is so WRONG that the Smoothie Smash Game will be added to Club Penguin due to Third Part Advertising of the brand product Innocent Smoothies!

New Coffee Shop Grand Opening :)

Pick up the Pineapple Costume :)

TODAY is August 29, 2012 and TODAY Club Penguin Members can pick up the Pineapple Costume inside the Ancient Temple :)

…You have found a Pineapple Costume Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…THANKS Club Penguin :) I Like this Costume BUT…

…Suddenly I find the Cove to be a SCARY Place! Wait! That’s a REAL Pineapple! What a Relief…LOL :)

…Just as earlier we have the Stone Puffles mouth BUG!

Adventure Party Temple of Fruit CHEATS :)

Membership Expires Notification!

Yesterday I got a Postcard that said that I have 14 days left before my Club Penguin Membership Expires! and Today I got another reminder: Membership Expires September 12.

New Membership Expires Postcards!

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