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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Coffee Shop Grand Opening - Thank You!

This is a message from Happy77:

Thanks to everyone who turned up at our little Grand Opening meetup today! I know it was very busy online - thanks for being so patient and celebrating with us! You're all amazing.
Today was a special moment in Club Penguin history. The new Coffee Shop and a brand new game... Smoothie Smash. I'm glad that we were a part of it together!
So on behalf of the Club Penguin Team...

Waddle On! :)
-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

THANK YOU for a Super FUN Party :) I Liked your Igloo :)

Party Pictures here: Grand Opening Party in Server Snow Day :)

Grand Opening Party in Server Snow Day :)

Even as I logged in almost 1 and an half hour before the New Coffee Shop and Smoothie Smash Game Grand Opening Party started the Server was almost Full and as soon I logged in I met Friends :) Sorry I can’t add BUT I’m HAPPY to send Postcards :)

…Flowers for Friends :)

…Thanks for telling me your thoughts about the Smoothie Smash Game and THANKS for shower before playing it…LOL :) I like this New Game too :)


…Oops! Connection was lost!

...Luckily I could login again :) Then I visited Igloos :)

…Fulanita200 and I had so Much FUN running up and down the Apple Temple steps :)

…I had a Smashing FUN Time Playing the New Game :)

…Then I met Polo Field and More Friends in the Forest :)

…This is Polo Field’s Igloo :) Thanks for liking my Igloo Juidy913 :)

…LOTS of the Rooms were FULL Including the Coffee Shop!

…The Plaza was Filled with Friends :)

…Back at the Dock :) HAPPY FRUIT DAY :)


…Where are Polo Field and Happy77?

…He is not in his Igloo but we are…LOL :) Slippy64653 wonder what’s my Favorite color and the answer is PINK :)

…I met Polo Field again :) This time at the Iceberg :)

…Cool Times is somewhere in this server :)

…and Your Penguin is at the Iceberg too :)

…I met Businesmoose at the Plaza :)


…Tour Guide was there too :) I sent a Friend request BUT…

…I got stuck in a Slow Loading BUG! I was FROZEN for a LONG Time and couldn't move or talk! VERY Frustrating!

…When I finally could move again I went to Happy77’s Igloo and Liked it :)

…HAPPY waiting for Happy77 :)

…Time to send more Postcards and visit more Igloos :)

…I met More Friends at the Snow Forts :)

…THANKS to EVERYONE that visited and Liked my Igloo :) I hope you ALL ate some Fruit and talked to my Puffles too :)

...Back in Happy77 Igloo hoping she will come here and Dance TOGETHER with us :)

…Sure I can sign your items while we are waiting…signs and draws a little flower :)

…Hi :)

…Thanks for a FUN Party EVERYONE! Waddle On and have a Fruit Filled Day :)

…Here is another Coffee Shop Grand Opening Party I was at today Federflink1’s Party in Server Handschuhe :)

FUN with Friends :)

Spy Phone message from Jet Pack Guy :)

When I had finished the Smoothie Smash Game I just played I saw that I had got a New Spy Phone message :)

August 30, 2012

Jet Pack Guy

I don't want to get my hopes up, but it looks like this BIG BIG KAHUNA thing is actually happy now. Glad we calmed it down at last.

…me too Jet Pack Guy :) Field-Ops 97 EPF CHEATS :) Here have a Smoothie it is made by a clean Penguin…LOL :)

See earlier Spy Phone message from Rookie :)

ATTENTION Smoothie Smashers!

We have had some complaints from Smoothie Customers that the beverage sometimes has a strange taste! Therefore ALL Smoothie Smashers are now encouraged to take a Shower BEFORE they start to play the Game and to be extra thorough when they wash their feet and butt!?!

…Welcome to the Coffee Shop to buy Smoothie made by clean Penguins…I hope…LOL :)

…How to Play Disney Club Penguin Smoothie Smash CHEATS :)

Federflink1’s Party in Server Handschuhe :)

Today I went to Federflink1’s Coffee Shop Grand Opening Party in the German Server Handschuhe :) Hi Friends I’m so HAPPY to meet you :)

…I started to work and Served both Coffee and Smoothies :) Hi Gugas28 :)

…I’m HAPPY to send you a Postcard and then we are Club Penguin Friends :)

…Where is Federflink1? Did he forget about the Party?

…Wilkommen Federflink1 :)

…How are you Today?

...Smoothie Making Time :)

…I agree Federflink1 :) We are ALL Friends in Club Penguin even if all not can be added on Friends List :)

…We talked and many of us wondered what Rockhopper did right now? I think he was drinking Smoothies…LOL :) Smoothie Smash Games CHEATS :)

…HAPPY GRAND OPENING of New Coffee Shop and Smoothie Smash Game :)

…We drank Coffee and Tea too :)

…I left the Party and visited Federflink1’s Igloo :)

..I was back at the Party just in time to say Thanks and Bye to Federflink1:)

…It was FUN to meet you :) I tried to send a Postcard to ALL of you that asked but sadly some of you had a FULL Mailbox!

…Thanks for visiting my Igloo :) Sadly I gtg but feel Free to stay and eat as much Fruits and Frozen Treats as you want :) Waddle on and have a Fruit Filled Day :)

FUN with Friends :)

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