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Monday, September 3, 2012

I met Rockhopper in Server Arctic :)

HURRAY! I found Rockhopper and Yarr again on the Migrator :) Rockhopper was telling a Story: So there I was! Sailin me Migrator When Suddenly I Realized! Me ship be looking plain so I tried to blow up a balloon but I werent strong enough so I tried another and then ten billion more! Aye, but I couldn’t do it but then I realized! There be another way to fill em! Can ye guess what I used mateys? Aye! I filled ‘em with toots! Twas fair winds that day Yar Har Har!!

…LOL…That’s…EWWWWW…LOL :) Then we showed Rockhopper that we can Toot too…SMELL WARNING ON DECK!!!

…Time to Climb :)

…The view from the Crow’s Nest is FANTASTIC :) We be seeing Forever!

…I gave Rockhopper a Fruit I have grown in the Cave Garden and he LOVED it :)

…We were ALL so EXCITED to met Rockhopper and we all talked so much at the same time that we couldn't hear his answers…LOL :)

…Rockhopper and Yarr had to go and we tried to be Brave and give them a HAPPY Farwell :) Thanks for the FUN and Please come back soon Friends we miss you Already!

Club Penguin Adventure Party 2012: Temple of Fruits :)

I met Rockhopper in Server Snow Flake :)

I found Rockhopper dancing and talking TOGETHER with Friends on the Migrator inside the Captain’s Quarter :)

…Sadly Rockhopper and Yarr was just on their way to leave! Fair Winds Captain Rockhopper! BUT LOOK! There are TWO Yarr on Rockhopper’s Player Card! What a strange BUG!

Club Penguin Adventure Party 2012: Temple of Fruits :)

I met Rockhopper…

…in the Smoothie Smash Game …LOL :)

…I wonder what server he is on right now? OR if he is online at all? As Rockhopper is on my Friends List I should get a notification when he is online But during this Party I have not got any so I guess there is a BUG with that Feature! Hopefully Club Penguin will fix that AND give us another “when and where” we can meet our Friends Rockhopper and Yarr before they sail away from Club Penguin Island :)

Club Penguin Adventure Party 2012: Temple of Fruits :)

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