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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Smoothie Smash Game is Third Party Advertising!

I like to eat Fruit as it’s good for me and very tasty :) And I think that the Smoothie Smash Game is FUN to Play BUT Disney Club Penguin has PROMISED us that they will NOT have Advertising in their Online Game BUT they have! Club Penguin is Indeed NOT an Ad-Free Play as they claim!

…We recently had the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit that was connected to an Advertise Campaign for the Third Party Brand “Innocent” in UK! And the Smoothie Smash Game is an Advertise to Promote the Brand “Innocent” too and try to make us buy their Smoothies!

…Look at this! The peaches and passion fruits kids smoothie can be found in the Smoothie Smash Game and so can other of their Products! The Fruits are even lined up exactly the same in the Games as they are on Innocent kids smoothies ingredients info!

Peaches and passion fruits kids smoothie!

…banana, grapes, orange, passion fruit, peach…

…banana, grapes, orange, passion fruit, peach…

Apples and blackcurrants kids smoothie!

…apple, banana, blackcurrants, grapes…

…apple, banana, blackcurrants, grapes…

Strawberries, blackberries and raspberries kids smoothie!

…apple, banana, blackberries,orange, raspberry, strawberry, grapes…

…apple, banana, blackberries,orange, raspberry, strawberry, grapes…

Oranges, mangoes and pineapples kids smoothie!

…banana, mango,orange, pineapple, peach…

…banana, mango,orange, pineapple, peach…

…I don’t think it’s right to hide Third Party Advertising in a Game like this as Disney Club Penguin claim to be without Ads and they clearly are NOT!

Club Penguin and Innocent Smoothies!

Saraapril Fan Art by Conantatsumi :)

Hello Saraapril, i really like your blog, I just want to send you this fan art to tell you how I feel to you :) I really like the way you always insert a smiley on your EVERY post :) waddle on! :) From Conantatsumi

Oh, no! I don’t know where is the pin now! Do you know where? Don’t worry, Saraapril knows! Just ask her! She is the penguin that always helps! Thanks Saraapril! Just use my tracker! Happy to help you! :)


...THANKS Conantatsumi :) I’m so HAPPY that you find my Pin Tracker helpful and THANKS for reading my Blog :)

THANKS Conantatsumi from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

Saraapril Fan Art by Annieo1 :)

To Saraapril, I drew a picture of you in the clouds, and i also made you a outfit hope you like it! from annieo1

…THANKS Annieo1 :) That's a very pretty PINK dress! And it must have small wings on the back as I can fly! LOVE IT :)

THANKS Annieo1 from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

Club Penguin Yearbook Quiz Cards Collection :)

Club Penguin Yearbook Quiz Cards Collection :) Starter Pack & Packets of Cards Includes Collector Binder, Double Sided Game Mat/Poster, 1 Yearbook Quiz Cards Packet, 1 Limited Edition Card :)Info from Topps: There are 216 cards to collect including 12 mirror foil cards. Each quiz card features 2 quiz questions for avid Club Penguin fans to answer. By completing all of the cards, fans can also complete their very own yearbook puzzle featuring great scenes from all the awesome Club Penguin Parties from the last 12 months! Each packet also contains 1 code card which unlocks items online! Released September 2012. Detail: Look! Disney Club Penguin has a new logo :)

…Look at the Party Hat! It is Blue and Gold and so far not released in Disney Club Penguin! Thanks 500 Stars and Trainman1405 for the Party Hat Detail :) I wonder if this is the Party Hat for Club Penguin’s 7th Anniversary Party or just a Party Hat to go on the Yearbook Quiz Cards? And will the color of the Club Penguin Yearbook 2011 – 2012 be the same as in the Picture? Time will tell :)

Here you will find More Club Penguin Toys and items :)

Another Membership Expires Bug Postcard!

Today when I logged into Club Penguin I had 1 New Mail notification…

…and when I opened my Postbox I had got this Membership Expires reminder BUT as before with the WRONG Expire date!

…The Older Membership Expires Postcard has changed date again! BUG!

Membership Expires Date Update :)

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