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Sunday, September 9, 2012

FUN and BUGS with Friends :)

I Like to visit and Like Igloos and here I am borrowing the Computer in Darkwolf0012’s Igloo :) And now my Blog Post is done…click on Publish…LOL :)

…Chatting in Amberwin’s Igloo and watching her Pretty Puffles :)

…In Je45rry’s Igloo I drank Hot Chocolate and ate yummy cookies :) THANKS Friend :) Let’s go outside and have a Snowball fight :) Borrows warm coat…

…In Amcalam6 home we talked about what we most look forward to at the Fair :) I LOVE the Mini Games :)

…Hi Gosty11 How are you Today?

…I like the way Riamda has combined items to created this Stylish Outfit :)

…Winterwarloc is looking forward to the Fair too and so does Riamda and she also wish for no Bugs or Glitches during this Party!

…Here I am visiting Tour Guide’s Igloo :) I think it need a little more work…BUT maybe Tour Guide prefers to be on a beach with lots of space? Hmmm…I will click on Like :)

…When I tried to sit down on the Couch in Holland93733’s Igloo I got a Surprise…LOL :)

…back in Holland93733’s Igloo :) Sits down carefully…LOL :)

…I’m so lucky that I have Helpful Friends like Echo006 that answer all my questions when I do Bug Tests :) LOOK! Echo006 has no Green Friend Circle around the Penguin or name on my List! OH NO! This OLD bug AGAIN!

…Taking a break to Dance and talk :) We don’t like the Ads hidden in the Smoothie Smash Game but we like Herbert :)

…HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ALL Penguin that are born on todays date :)

…We can HARDLY WAIT for the Fair Party :)

…Back to do more Tests :) HURRAY! Echo006 has the Green Friend Circle Back :)

…Mellis2010 has no picture on my Friends List!

…and Alfiemoo is placed on the wrong spot on my Friends List!

…Here is Fishandfries :) Friends missing from Friends List BUG!

…I can’t open this Penguin’s Player Card…

…Thanks for keeping me company Friends but this will take a long time so if you want go and play a game and I see you later :)

…Later on after more Tests I talked to Echo006 again and as you can see the Green Friend Circle is Missing Again! Echo006 told me that I am wearing a different outfit on his Friends List than the one I have on…so many OLD Bugs Today…

…THANKS for all your Help Friend :) See you soon again in Club Penguin :)

…Yes Please I LOVE Balloons :)

…Time for a Friendly Card-Jitsu Fire Battle :)

…On my Friends List Lenny Thai has the Old Outfit on and no Name and the location is still Fire Dojo!

…HAPPY Dancing in Lenny Thai’s Gingerbread World Igloo :)

…THANKS to ALL FUN Penguins I Have Played TOGETHER with in CP :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!!!

FUN with Friends :)

Remove Friend Bug Workaround :)

As I have blogged about earlier I have problem to remove a Penguin from my Friends list even though I don’t have problem to remove and add other Penguins! But after I done some Tests I have found a Workaround to solve this problem :) First find the Penguin you want to remove and then make that Penguin Best Friend! (You need to have 10 or more Friends on your list to do this)

…Look! The Penguin now has the name under its picture on my Friends List, the Membership Badge is added and the add and remove Friend button is showing us as Friends! (earlier I could send another Friend request even though we already are Friends)

…Click on Remove Friend…

…Would you like to remove xxxxx from your Friends list? Click on Yes…

…Done! And my Friends number has gone down from 483 to 482! Detail: The Membership Badge is gone on the Penguin’s Player Card again…

…Now when I search after this Penguin it is no longer on my Friends List! Problem solved :)

Club Penguin Safety BUG in Friends List!

Friends missing from Friends List BUG!

Membership Expires date weirdness again!

Today when I logged into Disney Club Penguin I got another Membership Expires Reminder! Membership Expires September 12…

…I took a look at the Postcards I got earlier and now the date was changed there too :)

...HURRAY! Once again the date BUG is Fixed :)

…BUT after I logged off and then logged in again I took a new look at my saved Postcards and the card I got today is not there even though I don’t have deleted it and the two older saved Postcards have the date changed to September 8…


…See earlier episode about this: Another Membership Expires Bug Postcard!

UPDATE: September 10, 2012 the Same Bug again as above! I got  Membership Expires Postcards just as the first one on this Post and after I logged out I got a date Bugs on both saved Membership Expires Postcard…

UPDATE: September 11, 2012 the Same Bug again as above! I got Membership Expires Postcards just as the first one on this Post and after I logged out I got a date Bugs on both saved Membership Expires Postcard…

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