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Friday, September 14, 2012

Bugs and Details on Club Penguin YouTube :)

Disney Club Penguin forgot to replace the Rockhopper icon with Rookie when they Updated the Spanish YouTube Channel…BUG! The Fair Party 2012 Preparations :)

...Detail: The Club Penguin Deutsch is the Only one that has the Language buttons on the bottom of the Rookie Picture and the Only one that has the cute Playing Green Puffle :) Club Penguin Fair on CP YouTube :)

…On the English Channel there are Smile emotes :)

…The other Languages has Penguin icons and the Deutsch (German) has a BUG! UPDATE: This Bug is now Fixed :)

…and the French Channel has a Twitter icon :)

…The German Deutsch Channel is the Only one with Links to other Disney sites!

…On the English, Portuguese and Spanish Channels the Background color behind The Fair Picture is Black…

…and on the French and German Channels background color is white :)

Club Penguin YouTube Channels :)

New Coffee Shop – Penguin Poll :)

What do you like most about the new Coffee Shop? Updated art :) More place to sit :) Smoothie Smash :) Everything! Hard to tell I still miss the Old Coffee Shop a little BUT I like this new one too…I will vote for Everything :)

…This is how the Poll Looks like right now :) YOU can VOTE too if you want :)

See earlier Penguin Poll :)

Sneak Peek: The Fair :)

This is a message from Happy77:

Greetings Penguins!
The Fair is coming next week! And it has some exciting updates, so keep reading to find out more.

  • Members and free players can pick up all new prizes at the Prize Booths
  • All players can go into the Great Puffle Circus
  • All the tickets you've earned will stay in your account until you spend them
  • This year Rookie's heading up The Fair and will make appearances throughout the party

What are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

The Fair is ALWAYS so Much FUN :) I LOVE to play all The Fair Mini Games again and to spend time at the Circus TOGETHER with the Amazing Talented Puffles and to meet Rookie :)

Fall Fair items 2007 :)

Fall Fair Party 2008 :)

Fall Fair Party 2009 :)

The Fair Party 2010 :)

Club Penguin Fair Party 2011 :)

Club Penguin Fair Preparation 2012 :)

Club Penguin Français Twitter :)

@ClubPenguinFR is Disney Club Penguin’s official French Twitter account where Loustik005 has started to tweet :) Exclusive Interview with Loustik005 :)

…Loustik005 blogs for the French version of Club Penguin’s “What’s New” and here he is Liking and visiting Igloos :) NEW Igloo Experience is HERE :)

Saraapril in Club Penguin Twitter :)

Cyberbullying of Saraapril

As many of you already know I am Cyberbullied and due to all emails I get about bullying I know that this sadly is something many of you too are forced to deal with both in school and online!

What is bullying?

Bullying is when a person or a group of people do or say something to make someone else feel hurt, sad, or embarrassed. Most of the time, bullying happens more than once, and it is always done on purpose. Bullying hurts. No one deserves to be bullied. Everyone has the right to be safe.

Many of you tell me about how you are bullied online!


  • Bullying can be stopped
  • You can get help
  • It's not your fault

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying involves using any kind of technology, like a computer or cell phone, to hurt someone. Here are some other examples:

  • Sending cruel emails and texts
  • Posting embarrassing photos of someone, or doctoring photos and putting them on a website
  • Creating websites to mock others
  • Rating people’s appearance online
  • Using someone else’s name online to damage their reputation in the real world or online

As a blogger of “Saraapril in Club Penguin” I have been bullied online for many years and I always find it sad that there are people out there that are so jealous and insecure that they make up lies about me or pretend to be me in an attempt to ruin my reputation. WARNING for Fake Saraapril!

The Truth is that even though some people make up lies about me and post them on internet doesn't make it true! In fact their lies say NOTHING about me BUT A LOT about the persons that make them up and A LOT about the persons that are spreading them!

And even though some people try to hurt me I know for sure that all Penguins that know me in Disney Club Penguin would NEVER believe those lies anyway!

Sometimes people pretend to be my friend so that my REAL Club Penguin Friends will like them but after a while they start to bully me and try to make others to do too!

I recently privately confronted a Penguin that pretends to be my Club Penguin Friend but happily helped a bully to spread lies about me on Twitter. Instead of apologize this person came with lame excuses for his behavior!

Today I have removed his two blogs from my Blog List as I don’t want to support Bullies!

On Kids Help Phone you can learn more: Different kinds of Bullying, What you can do if you’re being bullied, How can I help to stop bullying? A message Video: Walk Away

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