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Monday, September 17, 2012

Club Penguin Featured Igloos September 17, 2012 :)

This is a message from Happy77:


We have some more amazing igloo designs to share with you. Here are some of our favorites from the last Featured Igloos post:

Slipery8878 said: "You guys should totally check out my Bff Aafke 100 igloo! It is amazing!! It is like a waterfall on an island!"

Kwaj Girl said: "Check out my best friend's igloo, Purflipper! He made his The Great Wall of China!!"

Roseabella5 said: "You should check out Letlet's igloo, it really ROCKS!!!"

We totally agree, Roseabella5! :)

The Fair is right around the corner! Have you seen any sweet circus igloos you think should be shown on the blog? Let us know the penguin name in the comments below. Stay tuned for more igloos soon!

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

Thanks Happy77 for showing us there AWESOME Decorated Igloos :) I have not seen any Circus Igloos BUT I will try to find one :) Hmmm…Who can have a Circus Igloo?

Club Penguin Igloos :)

I met Rookie in Server Big Foot :)

Right now the Preparations for The Fair 2012 in Club Penguin is on and while I was Waddling around thinking of Party decorations I met Rookie at the Dock :) Even though Rookie is on my Friends List I didn't get a notification that he is online…BUG! I hope Club Penguin will fix this before The Fair starts…

…He didn't have a new background but HOPEFULLY he will when the Party Starts :)

…The we went to the Coffee Shop and tasted different Coffees :)

…Time to make Smoothies :) Rookie wanted to make his own unique Blend an started with a Carrot and then Bubblegum and…Oops!

…The Blender broke and now we have to fix it! Anyone that know how? You do? HURRAY!

…Thanks Rookie for making us this Special Smoothie...I think…you want me to taste it!?! EWWW!! NO THANKS!!! LOL :)

…Rookie decided to take a Waddle around Club Penguin Island :) At The Plaza he told us that he forgot the decorations at the Dock…Don’t worry Rookie we will help you decorate for the Party :) Bye Rookie see you at The Fair :)

…I went to the cove and there I met more Friends :) Did you all meet Rookie? My Friends List is full so I can’t add BUT if you have LESS than 50 Postcards in your mailbox I can send you a Postcard and then we are Club Penguin Friends :) Hi Juicy913 you wonder if we can visit Igloos? GREAT Idea let’s do that :)

…Sadly my Browser crashed and then I couldn't login again! Thanks for the FUN :) Waddle On and we will meet in Club Penguin again :)

FUN with Friends :)

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