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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Club Penguin Times issue 361 :)

Welcome to the Fair!

Welcome to the Fair!

The Fair is here! Get gaming, take home tickets, and earn prizes until Oct. 2!

By Rookie — The hair is fear! No wait, I mean... The Fair is here! This is the island’s biggest fair of the year, and also its only fair! So don’t miss it!Looking for a place to start? Me too! So I asked a cow.

“Moooo! The Fair is fantastic,” the cow said. “You’ll find a selection of special games to play, including my two favorites: Feed-A-Puffle at the Cove, and Puffle Paddle at the Forest.” “MRRRRRR! Oh, and if you’re looking for a place to trade your tickets, head to the booth in the Forest. There’s also a special members prize booth next to the Puffle Circus, with lots of udderly great prizes. “MMMMoooooooo! I think you’ll also have a smashing good time at the Bumper Car Derby at the Stadium. Now if you’ll excuse me, I ‘herd’ there was a Pizza Eating contest at the Pizza Parlor.” The Fair’s in town until October 2.Be there or be a polar bear!

The Fair :)

Roll over the targets to see fun Fair events!

Hungry? Compete in the all-you-can-eat contest at the Pizza Parlor.

Speed to the Stadium for bumper car action!

Play games to earn Fair tickets at the Dock.

Trade in tickets at the prize booth in the Forest.

Feed famished farm friends at the Beach.

Upcoming Events :)

On now! The Fair Prepare to be absolutely amazed, astounded and astonished! Club Penguin Fair 2012 CHEATS :)

Oct. 4 Penguin Style Catalog Fearsome fashions coming soon to the Gift Shop...

Oct. 4 Pay Day Tour Guides: check your mailboxes for your monthly paycheck. (Usually we get Paid on the 1 of the month)

Sept. 27: Watch out for new sur-prizes at the Prize Booth next week!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until October 3. Triple Scoop Pin CHEATS :)
Next pin hidden: Oct. 4–Oct. 17

News Flash :)

Animals aplenty! Check out the farm decorations at the Beach if you’re looking for the perfect pasture for a picnic. We asked a horse if he was going to miss it, and he said, ”Neigh!”

Ask Rookie :)

Dear Rookie,What is the best way to earn tickets?–Ivanna Wyn Lotz
Hey Ivanna! Oh man, tickets are the best. ‘Cos you trade them for prizes! Like flower balloon hats and popcorn. Just don’t forget which one is the hat. ‘Cos you could dump out all your popcorn and get butter in your eyes. It could happen to you too. Here’s the thing. I’m not the best ticket-getter.  But I’ve learned loads of things you SHOULDN’T do: DON’T rip all your tickets in half to double them. It doesn’t actually double them. It ruins them. DON’T plant your tickets in the ground and then water them everyday for a week to grow a ticket tree. Even two weeks of watering won’t work. Oh, and definitely DON’T put your tickets in the new pocket you just found in your pants. That pocket isn’t a pocket. It’s a HOLE. So that’s it! Good luck playing! And maybe try Balloon Pop, ‘cos I just saw a clown leave with a whack load of tickets. I should try it again with a clown wig on ….

It’s a little known fact Fairs were invented by pirates in the 13th century... Probably.

Dear Rookie,Why is Rockhopper’s picture everywhere?–Fara Sweel
Hello Fara, Do you know who brought all the Fair games to the island? ’Cos I do. It was Rockhopper. The bravest, most extremest pirate ever. I’m pretty sure pirates actually invented fairs in the first place. Think about it.... In fair games you win tickets, which are definitely a kind of treasure. Then also, bumper car rides make me queasy, which is exactly the same as being seasick. So awesome. AND pirates always say ‘Fair Winds’. It’s like they want you to have a good time wherever you’re going. Like the kind of awesome time you have at the Fair. So Rockhopper pictures are probably a reminder that we got the Fair because of pirates. Just like this note I pinned in my hat is a reminder that EPF business is TOP SECRET. Hope you have a great time at the Fair!

Secrets Classified Tips for Fair Games :)

You can play Fair games at the Dock, the Forest and the Cove. Or head to the Snow Forts to enter the Bonus Games Room. Here are few pointers to get you started:

  • Win 25 tickets by hitting the target in the Ring The Bell game at the Dock
  • Walk your puffle into Balloon Pop in the Bonus Games Room at the Snow Forts for a fun surprise
  • Try to clear Puffle Soaker without hitting any penguin targets
  • Feed 50 hungry puffles in Feed-A-Puffle to earn a Stamp at the Cove!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 360 :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

The Fall Fair Party is here and so far we can’t Pick up the New Pin and we don’t get any Tickets after playing Mini Games! UPDATE: These Bugs are Now Fixed :)

Detail: The Migrator is no longer visible in the Telescope!

…The Club Penguin Home Page The Fair Picture is now Updated to “Sept. 20-Oct. 2”

…and so is the Club Penguin Fair Login Picture :)

…If you click on the Orange Ticket you will get the Ticket Info Message that includes a BUG! This year the Great Puffle Circus is available for EVERYONE :) Oops! Club Penguin forgot to update this sign! Thanks Mario6354 for telling me about this Text Bug :)

...Even though I’m a Club Penguin Member the Membership Expires Postcards in my Mailbox keep acting up…BUG! Membership Expired date weirdness again!

…We STILL have the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit Banners! Please Club Penguin can you fix this Auto-Updating Event Banner BUG? UPDATE: Club Penguin Fair 2012 Banners :)

Club Penguin Bugs!

More soon…

Club Penguin Triple Scoop Pin CHEAT :)

The Newest Club Penguin Pin is hidden here at the Ski Lodge :)

…Would you like to buy undefined for undefined coins? No Thanks! I just want to Pick up the Pin! I guess I have to wait until Club Penguin has fixed this BUG!

…HURRAY! The Bug is Fixed :) You have found a Triple Scoop Ice-cream Cone Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…This is how the Triple Scoop Pin looks like on my Player Card :)

…See earlier Club Penguin Windmill Pin :)

How to add Saraapril’s Club Penguin Pin Tracker :)

Club Penguin Fair 2012 CHEATS :)

HURRAY! The Fair is here and Club Penguin Island is filled with Fall Fair FUN decorations, items and Games :) On this post you will find links to everything about this Party including Fair Prizes :) Rookie is waddling around but the Party decorations are from earlier years when Rockhopper visited during this Party! Most of the Prizes we can win so far are old items too!

The Fair Preparations 2012 :)

Server and time to meet Rookie at the Fair 2012 Party :)

Club Penguin Triple Scoop Pin CHEAT :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Club Penguin Times issue 361 :)

Club Penguin Fair Prizes 2012 :)

Field-Ops 100 EPF CHEATS :)

Club Penguin Non Member Fair Ad!

Fair Tickets - Reviewed By You :)

Spy Phone Message from Rookie :)

Club Penguin Fair 2012 Banners :)

Mission “Keep an eye on Rookie” Server Crunch :)

Meet Rookie in French Servers :)

Date and Times to meet Rookie in German Servers :)

Where can I find Rookie? English Servers :)

Lisa a Club Penguin Moderator :)

Meet Rookie in Portuguese Servers :)

Favorite Fair Game – Penguin Poll :)

“Keep an eye on Rookie” Server Powder Ball :)

Saraapril’s Fair 2012 Stamp Book :)

Fair makes Tree Green :)

Saraapril’s Circus Animals Stall Igloo :)

Saraapril’s “Keep an eye on Rookie” Igloo :)

Club Penguin Featured Fashions: September 24, 2012 :)

Helping Businesmoose making a Video :)

Times to meet Rookie in Spanish Servers :)

Top 10 Video under Construction :)

The Fair Tour Guide 2012 :)

Club Penguin Sneak Peek: Halloween Catalog!

MORE Fair items in the Prize Booths :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Club Penguin Times Issue 362 :)

Field-Ops 101 EPF CHEATS :)

Party Update: The Fair 2012 :)

The Fair Top 10 - Club Penguin VIDEO :)

Tracking Rookie Tips :)

Spy Phone Message from Rookie :)

The Fair on Map BUG!

FREE Code to Unlock Club Penguin item :)

Rookie is in Server Marshmallow!

Super Smart Advice :)

You can meet Rookie in Server Ice Box Today :)

More soon…

Club Penguin Magazine issue 9

In the latest issue, Club Penguin Magazine is going potty for puffles! Puffle fans can meet Agent PH and learn the secrets of good puffle-keeping, and even train their pets with elite skills! What's more, we've got Funfair-themed puzzles, a guide on how to master CP's latest mini game Smoothie Smash, puffle-themed comic stories and more, plus the usual free items, coins and gifts, and all your igloos and fashions! Waddle on! Disney

…FUN at the FAIR! FUN Stuff to do :)

…ALL Penguins can use this Code :) Get 500 coins! Write down the color of the Ringmaster’s hat, and the zone from Challenge 4, to get the redeem code :) How to Unlock items online Club Penguin?

…I LOVE to solve Puzzles and Mini Games :) THANKS Disney Club Penguin for the 500 coins :)

…The Elite Body Armour (Elite Body Armor as it’s called inside Club Penguin) is the Rare Unlockable item for this issue of the Magazine and you can as usual pick another item of your choice from the Treasure Book :)

…Here is a Bigger Picture of the Club Penguin Magazine issue 9 Puffle Power :)

Club Penguin Magazine :)

FUN with Friends :)

Sled Race is always so Much FUN :) So far so good…don’t fall…

…Fireninja736 has challenge me in Card-Jitsu :)

…Thanks for the yummy slice of Pizza Fireninja736 :) WHAT?! I’m so Sorry Herbert…

…Klutzy likes to joke…Card-Jitsu Power Cards on YouTube :)

…Congrats Fireninja736 :) You have very cool Card-Jitsu Cards :)

…Oops! I didn't see that Rock in time…LOL :)

…CONGRATS Pengy94601 :)

…Books are AWESOME!

…and so are Computers :)

…Back to the Slopes for another Sled Race :) Good Luck Everyone!

…Huston...I meant Club Penguin Island! We have a Problem…

…no need to worry we are just at the Stage Practicing the Play Space Adventure Planet Y :)

…Space made us so HUNGRY! I’m so HAPPY that the Pizza Parlor is located so close to the Stage otherwise we might have STARVED! And I’m also so HAPPY that Fishandfries is such a GREAT Chef and kindly went to the Community Garden to pick up fresh Vegetables for my special ordered Veggie Pizza :) THANKS! This Pizza is Delicious and so BIG that we ALL can share it:)

…Then we played Find Four, Card-Jitsu, Sang and danced and ate Ice Cream :) Sensei didn't move once so I guess he was meditating or hard at sleep…LOL :)

…Hi Rosytilly you have a very nice Igloo and a Like List Loading BUG! Try to leave your Igloo and then come back and I will too…

…This is Chestercat1’s Igloo :)

…Hi again Rosytilly :) Look! The Like List is BACK and now I can click on it :)

…Mo Power invited us to his Prom Igloo :)

…These Cupcakes are so YUMMY! Thanks :)

…1redpepper and I are sitting on the steps in the Coffee Shop :) This has become one of my favorite spots to sit and chat in this room :)

…Find four is so much FUN :) Your turn 1redpepper :)

…The Fair will soon be here and we need to help Rookie to prepare :) Fair 2012 Preparations :)

…Great work Ocean6100 :) Did you find more Balloons too?

…Propeller Hats! AWESOME :)

…HURRAY! We found Balloons :)

…Now we can start to decorate Club Penguin Island for the Fair :) TEAMWORK TIME!

…Thanks to  ALL FUN and AWESOME Penguins I have Played TOGETHER with in Club Penguin :) Waddle On and have a HAPPY Day :)

FUN with Friends :)

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