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Friday, September 21, 2012

“Keep an eye on Rookie” Server Powder Ball :)

Hi Friends :) ATTENTION EPF AGENTS! Rookie is here somewhere in this Server and we need to keep an eye on him! Operation locate Rookie starts now!

…Rookie is Found inside The Great Puffle Circus :) AWESOME Tracking work Everyone :)

…We tried to make Rookie stay still so we could “Keep an eye on him” by asking him a lot of questions but before we know it we lost him! Where did he go?

…Spy Phone message to all Agents: Rookie found again at the Iceberg! Everything is so far under control!

…I left the Iceberg to tell other Penguins where to find him :)

…Spy Phone Message to all Agents: Rookie has left the Server without creating any bigger disasters! GREAT TEAMWORK EVERYONE :) Time for a Break! Sorry, My Friends List is Full BUT if you have LESS than 50 Postcards in your Mailbox I can send you a Card and then we are Club Penguin Friends :) Done :) Let’s go and Look at and Like Igloos :)

…For more info about our Special Mission watch the Video you will find on this Link: Servers and Times to Meet Rookie at the Club Penguin Fair Party 2012 :)

Mission “Keep an eye on Rookie” Server Crunch :)

Favorite Fair Game – Penguin Poll :)

Disney Club Penguin has added a Penguin Poll for this week :) What’s your Favorite Fair Game? Puffle Paddle? Balloon Pop? Memory Card Game? Feed-A-Puffle? I LOVE ALL the Fair Games but the Hungry Puffles are so cute so that is my Favorite Game :) Club Penguin Fair 2012 CHEATS :)

If you want you can Vote too on YOUR Favorite Answer :)

See earlier Penguin Poll :)

Meet Rookie in Portuguese Servers :)

Here you can find Rookie!

This is a message from Happy77:
Hi, I'm here!
I hope you are enjoying the games at The Fair Party.
Rookie is visiting the island. So if you have not found him, keep reading this post to learn some schedules and servers where he will spend these next few days.

Friday, 21 - Montanha Nevada at 2 pm (Official Club Penguin)
Saturday, 22 - Vale Branco at 9 am (Official Club Penguin Time)
Sunday, 23 - Pororoca Polar at 11 am (Official Club Penguin Time)

Hint: Time Official Club Penguin is one that appears on the Snow Forts Clock.
Waddle On! :)
- Club Penguin Team
by Happy77

…AWESOME info Happy77! TOGETHER we can keep Rookie and Club Penguin Safe :)

…For more Servers and Times to meet Rookie look at this Post: Servers and Times to meet Rookie at the Fair 2012 Party :)

Lisa a Club Penguin Moderator :)

Inside info about Club Penguin: Introducing…Lisa! Lisa leads a team of moderators who work to keep Club Penguin safe and fun. They login and play Club Penguin as a way of keeping a close eye on what's happening, lead tours of our HQ for groups of kids, respond to questions, and much more! Lisa loves purple puffles because they dance, and her penguin is working towards full Water Ninja status!

Tips to Parents: Fight Bullying! With many children now back in the classroom after school holidays now is a great time to sit down as a family and revisit the tough topic of bullying. Experts suggest parents talk to their kids about what's going on in their lives; remind them you're available to listen and help; and ask them to talk to a trusted adult if they're bullied or know someone who is. Cyberbullying of Saraapril

…Thanks Club Penguin Team for this info and suggestion :) I would LOVE to meet Lisa while getting a tour around the Club Penguin Office and see how they work TOGETHER to create our snow covered FUN world :)

Club Penguin :)

Crash the Party in Club Penguin!

This info is from a Newsletter my Parents got from Club Penguin Today :)

The Fair!

Win Prizes
Step right up! Until Oct. 2, Club Penguin will host a huge Fair! The best part? The cotton candy & ice cream cones at this party are guaranteed not to cause cavities! Penguins can play mini-games, earn tickets, win prizes and get imaginative with costumes and rooms. Everyone can enjoy The Great Puffle Circus, and members can tear up the Stadium in new bumper cars! Check it out!

Lisa a Club Penguin Moderator :)

Where can I find Rookie? English Servers :)

Here is a Message from Happy77:

Greetings Penguins!
I hope you've been enjoying all the Fair games and have been collecting all the prizes.
Rookie has been spotted around the island. So if you haven't had a chance to meet him yet, keep reading to find out some times and servers you might be able to meet him this weekend.

Friday 21 - 5:00 pm Penguin Standard Time - Powder Ball
Saturday 22 - 10:00 am Penguin Standard Time - Marshmallow
Sunday 23 - 10:00 am Penguin Standard Time - Ice Box
Waddle On! :)
-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

Thanks for telling us this Happy77 :) If we ALL work TOGETHER we will not lose track of Rookie even for a second during this Party…LOL :)

…For more Servers and Times to meet Rookie look at this Post: Servers and Times to meet Rookie at the Fair 2012 Party :)

Date and Times to meet Rookie in German Servers :)

When and where can I Meet Rookie?

This is a Message from Federflink1:

Hello Penguins!
It's me again, Federflink1. I hope you all have fun at the fair and have redeemed many of the crazy prices with your tickets.
Some penguins have been found Rookie waddling around the Island! Many of you wanted to know when and where to meet Rookie again. Read on ... and below the image you can find some times and server so you know when and where to meet her Rookie :-D

Meet Rookie:
Monday 24 September - CLOCK 13:30 (Central European Time) - Server GLETSCHER
Tuesday 25 September - CLOCK 13:30 (Central European Time) - Server HANDSCHUHE
Wednesday 03 October - CLOCK 17:00 (Central European Time) - Server SCHNEEFLOCKE

Have fun Federflink1 on Club Penguin Team

Thanks Federflink1 :) TOGETHER we will Tracking Rookie and keep the Club Penguin Fair Party FUN and hopefully Disaster Free :)

…For more Servers and Times to meet Rookie look at this Post: Servers and Times to meet Rookie at the Fair 2012 Party :)

Meet Rookie in French Servers :)

Date Times and French Servers to meet Rookie during The Fair 2012 :)

This is a Message from Happy77:

Hey guys!
I hope you have Fun with the Fair games and that have won lots of prizes. Rookie has been spotted on the island. If you not yet have had the chance to meet him, read on to see if you may be able to do so.

Saturday, September 22 at 3:00 am (Club Penguin Time) in Mousqueton
Saturday, September 22 at 6:00 am (Club Penguin Time) in Yeti
Sunday, September 23 at 7:00 am (Club Penguin Time) in Jour de Neige

Reminder: you can find the Club Penguin Time on the big clock, the Snow Castle.

Waddle On :)
- Club Penguin Team
by Happy77

Thanks for this Info Happy77 :) We will all do our best to help out with the Mission “Keep an eye on Rookie”

Mission Video: Servers and Times to meet Rookie at the Fair 2012 Party :)

Mission “Keep an eye on Rookie” Server Crunch :)

I have just worked TOGETHER with lots of EPF Agents with the Mission “Keep an eye on Rookie” in Server Crunch and I can report that so far everything at the Fair is going smoothly :) At the Plaza I met Chattabox :) Sadly her Igloo wasn't open for Everyone so I couldn't go there…

…Time to “Keep an eye on Rookie” Let’s find him!

…Great Agent work The Og Pehngu! The Field Ops is at the Ski Hill Fluffy5000 :) Don’t be sad Jwild we will soon meet Rookie too :)

…We waited TOGETHER for Rookie at the Farm on the Beach and suddenly he came :)

…Sadly Rookie doesn't have a New Background for this Party! Oh well…Penguins that haven’t meet him before will be HAPPY for the Old Background :)

…Rookie said that he always wanted to have a Chicken :) We sang the Farm Song “Old Mac Sensei” and did our best to keep an eye on Rookie BUT due to all talking that wasn't easy to do…LOL :)

…We went up on the Ski Hill to wait for Rookie but sadly I got the Player Card Stuck Bug so I had to Log off as I couldn't move!

…back again :) And I met Rookie at the Cove :)

…We all told Rookie how much we like him and commended him for his GREAT work :)

…I agree with Chattabox! It is nice to visit Penguins Igloos and normally I’m HAPPY to do so BUT right now we are on a Special Secret  Mission! “There is too much going on we have to keep an eye on Rookie!” GREAT Idea Rookie :) Lets jump in!

…Rookie left the Server without any Major disasters happening! Bye Rookie! GREAT TEAMWORK WORK Special EPF Agents :)

…Oops! Chattabox wasn't the only Penguin that forgot to open her Igloo for Everyone…LOL…Sorry…now it’s open :)

…THANKS ALL Agents for helping out with the “Keep an eye on Rookie” but our work is not done yet so keep your eyes open and be ready to quickly fix small Rookie mishaps before they become CATASTROPHIC!

Server and times to meet Rookie at the Fair 2012 Party :)

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