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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fair makes Tree Green :)

My Tree is so Green and Pretty right now :) I think the Fair Music is to thank for that :) OR can it be all the manure, water and sun it has been exposed to…LOL :)

…Here you can see how Rockhopper’s Flowerpots looked like earlier Research at the Library :)

Club Penguin Halloween 2012 Sneak Peek VIDEO!

Halloween is a Spooky time in Disney Club Penguin and this year it will be Spookier then EVER! Greenslime11 has taped this Sneak Peek Video of the Club Penguin Halloween 2012 on Cartoon Network! In this Video you get to learn about the Party and also see Sneak Peeks of some New Halloween items! Hunt for Ghosts or Become a Ghost…UPDATE: Here is the ‘I Dare You’ Ad Video in better Quality! This year's Halloween Party has creepy new costumes, a mansion filled with secrets, and ghoulish surprises! Everyone can hunt for ghosts and members can BECOME ghosts!

…Thanks Walle76579 for sending me the link to this Video and Thanks Anonymous for this Sneak Peek Picture of Polo Field at the Halloween Party :) This Place looks…SCARY!!! Please Polo Field turn around!!DON’T GO INSIDE!!!

Detail: Why doesn't Polo Field have any clothes on? Is this Picture a FAKE!?!

UPDATE: Thanks Polo Field for this Picture and explanation: Items weren't working on the Test Server when I took the screenshot.

Here you can read more: Club Penguin Halloween 2012

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012

Saraapril’s Fair 2012 Stamp Book :)

This is how I have decorated my Stamp Book for the Club Penguin Fair 2012 :) I have added Rookie in the upper right corner as EPF Agents right now are on a Mission called “Keep an eye on Rookie” and that isn't so easy as it sounds like…LOL :) The Fair Ticket Pin to represent the Fair Games and then the Popcorn and Candy Apple Pins as they look like some of the items we can get in the Prize Booth :) The Yellow Balloon Pin is for the Fair Party Decorations and the Tent for the Great Puffle Circus AND for the wish I wish that the Pretty Circus Tent Igloo will be back during this Party :) Club Penguin Fair Prizes 2012 :)

...See earlier Stamp Book Decoration Saraapril’s Smoothie Smash Stamp Book :)

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