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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Saraapril’s “Keep an eye on Rookie” Igloo :)

Rookie is doing a great job with the Fair and so far the Party run smoothly :) To make sure to keep it that way Gary asked us EPF Agents to discretely keep an eye on Rookie (Field-Ops 100) and right now my Puffles and I are working 24/7 in this Secret located “Keep an eye on Rookie” Igloo with that :)

…We have lots of Technology to our help to put together all the Rookie reports and info we get from Secret Agents BUT Computer can get bugs so the Super Smart Gold Fish helps us too :) She has given us many useful advices so far :)

…We have extra Balloons ready if needed and a bucket of water is always filled to take care of small accidents…

…We also have a fire extinguisher ready and a Lifesaver…

…My Puffles are GREAT at Tracking Rookie :) Rookie is Found! Send a Spy Phone message to all Agents…

…ATTENTION! Rookie is Waddling to the Puffle Circus!

…I’m on my way! But first I need a Good Costume as we don’t want Rookie to know that we are keeping an eye on him…WAIT! Rookie is SCARED of Clowns! I need another Costume FAST!

…This Chicken Costume is much better :) I know that Rookie always wanted to be a chicken or an ostrich…LOL :) Keep up the Tracking work Puffles I will send you an updated report as soon I meet Rookie...Testing headset…one…two…one…two…

…If you want to meet Rookie but have problems to find him you will like this Post Servers and Times to meet Rookie at the Fair Party 2012 :)

Mission “Keep an eye on Rookie” Server Crunch :)

“Keep an eye on Rookie” Server Powder Ball :)

See earlier Igloo Decoration Saraapril’s Circus Animals Stall Igloo :)

Saraapril’s Circus Animals Stall Igloo :)

The Fair 2012 with The Great Puffle Circus is here at Club Penguin Island but Puffles are not the only animals that want to preform at a Circus! There are lots of other Amazing animals that have come to the Fair and right now are waiting for an opportunity to show their acts and they need to be taken care of and therefore I have built an Outdoor Stall for them here just behind the Big Circus Tent :)

…We have The Seven Flying Flamingos that will amaze you with their beautiful air ballet and the The Hiccup Hippos that can play Ping-Pong while standing on their heads!

…A jumping Fish that jumps? Hmmm…keep working on that act…

…The Daring Dolphin that claims to be able to drive a motorcycle underwater…what? You don’t drive a motorcycle you drown a motorcycle and then take it apart!? Why? For the sake of the Environment!?! BUT wouldn't the motorcycle pollute the Water? You didn't think about that! Hmmm…What about trying to jump through a circle of fire instead? You like to do that! GREAT :) I’m glad he took my advice some artists can be a little…Hmmm…sensitive when it comes to suggestions!

...The BIGGEST Crab of the Seven Seas juggles with Bamboo Poles and he is also very helpful at the feeding time as he is so good at chopping branches into smaller pieces so we easily can carry them to the other animals :)

…The Parrot that can sing Anchors Aweigh backwards including the Melody! :) And the slowest moving Turtle in the world! I have a feeling that this act can be a little boring…

…The Super Smart Gold Fish that has a better memory than the best Computer! So far nobody have been able to ask a question that she can’t answer :) How she talks? She blows air bubbles using the Morse alphabet :)

…The Three Acrobatic Bears that can build a pyramid with themselves on top of three balls and The Beautiful Zebras can do tricks better than any Arabic Horse and can easily hide among a striped dressed audience…

…The Graphic Giraffes that spray painting the Circus ceiling into fantastic Artworks :)

…If Club Penguin gives us the Circus Tent item during this Fair I will for sure decorate it for your Acts :) You are all fed? Good :) Time to clean up around here! I have found that BIG animals make BIG…EWWWW…I wish I had a poop scooper!

See earlier Igloo Decoration Saraapril’s “Trapped in Ice” Igloo :)

UPDATE: Saraapril’s Outdoor Circus Igloo :)

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