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Monday, September 24, 2012

Great Uncle Gariwald – Halloween Sneak Peek!

Disney Club Penguin will be very SPOOKY during this year’s Halloween Party 2012 and here is an Exclusive Sneak Peek of a new Mystery Adventure!

Enter The Mansion! My Great Uncle Gariwald went missing long ago. Now his mysterious mansion has appeared out of thin air. Help me solve this mystery…if you dare! –Gary the Gadget Guy…Click on I “Dare!” If you do…

…THANKS Polo Field for this Sneak Peek :) I hope I can help out to find Gariwald VIII without meeting any Ghosts…I think his Puffle looks really cute :)

Club Penguin Halloween 2012 Sneak Peek VIDEO!

Twitter Accounts: Billybob, Happy77, Polo Field, Businesmoose :)

If you want to send a Tweet to Billybob, Happy77, Polo Field or Businesmoose you can :)

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Businesmoose on Twitter :)

This is how Businesmoose look like for real when working at the Club Penguin Office…LOL :) Businesmoose’s Office Party FUN with Friends :)

…and this is how the door to Businesmoose and Polo Field’s Office is decorated :)

…If you want to send me a Tweet you find me here Saraapril on Twitter :)

Club Penguin Featured Fashions: September 24, 2012 :)

This is a message from Happy77:

Greetings Fair Goers! 

We hope you've been enjoying the Fair so far. Check out these amazing styles that were nominated in the last Featured Fashions post:

Rocking Boy said: "My latest amazing fashion penguin was Agent  Tut. He always wants a cool looking penguin. Sometimes he dress up crazy like a football playing spider, or sometimes a penguin driving and playing Club Penguin!"

Fishing2 said: "I saw Fishy339 once and his/her outfit was amazing!"

Earthydude said: "Sweet outfits! My friend Figment100 has a SWEET costume on! Check it out!"

For something a little different this week, we'd love to hear why you think your own outfit is amazing! Let us know in the comments below and we'll feature some of your styles next time. Stay tuned!

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

I LOVE the annual Fair in Club Penguin and for me that’s a sign that Fall is here and that Winter is near :) I’m holding Balloons and have the cute Balloon Flower Hat as I LOVE Flowers and balloons :)

The Fair in Club Penguin 2012 CHEATS :)

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