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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Top 10 Video under Construction :)

I like Pictures from Club Penguin Office and here is one from Businesmoose: Top 10 video is coming together quite nicely :) The software used here is Adobe After Effects :) LOOK! Moose has small Penguin Toys as decoration :)

Helping Businesmoose making a Video :)

UPDATE: The Fair Top 10 - Club Penguin VIDEO :)

Times to meet Rookie in Spanish Servers :)

Here are times and Spanish Servers when you can meet Rookie in Club Penguin during the Fair 2012 :)

Wednesday 26 - Nevisca:
11:30 am (Club Penguin Standard Time)
Thursday 27 - Aurora boreal:
11:30 am (Club Penguin Standard Time)
Friday 28 - Andino:
8:00 am (Club Penguin Standard Time)

THANKS Happy77 for this Info :) I LOVE that you give us times and server when we can meet Rookie like this as it makes the Fair so much MORE FUN for EVERYONE :) This Party NOBODY need to be sad just because they searched but couldn't find Rookie :) Waddle On and have a FAIR FUN DAY!

Servers and times to meet Rookie at the Fair 2012 Party :)

Helping Businesmoose making a Video :)

Businesmoose is working with a Fair Video and he sent a Tweet and asked us to come to Server Berg and help out :) We met up in Businesmoose’s Igloo and there we got the info we needed :) It’s important that you follow my instructions! Try your best to look like a clown if you don’t have a clown outfit do your best with the item you have…Okay :)

…Businesmoose started to record at the Cove :)

…Then Moose asked us to be Quiet while he recorded…Sadly very few Penguins listen! I was MORE then quiet I was FROZEN in a Lag while waiting for the No button to work…

…FINALLY I can move again :) And Moose had problems too: Be right back. I'm having computer issues :(

…Businesmoose is back and ready to shoot :) Everyone Dance…Camera Action and QUIET! This don’t work so well everyone are so EXCITED that it's hard to be quiet…Please try again QUIET!!! Just juggle…

…Sorry Friends I’m so HAPPY to meet you too BUT I can’t answer right now…Done :) Time to follow Businesmoose to next location :)

…Moose asked us to be quiet and Dance…I felt so SORRY for my Friend “This is very important to me” but still it was so hard to get a quiet room…

…This Picture is taken just before we start to shoot at the Snow Forts :) Businesmoose had some stuff to fix and I changed into another Clown Costume :)

…Okay Everyone! Moose is here so Back to work :) Done! Now Moose want us to dress up as Farm Animals :)

…Chickens, Horses, Cows, Sheep…

…Elephant and a Crab!?! LOL :) Time to work on our Animal Sounds…Moo! WAIT! I’m dressed as a Sheep! Sorry…Baahh…LOL :)

…Businesmoose gave us instructions :) Cows at the Barn, Sheep over there and Chickens and Horses…

…Moose is here! Time to work :) “When I say action make animal noises”

…LOL…This is FUN :) “Thank you” I think we might hurt Businesmoose’s ears…just kidding but that was LOUD :)

…Spread out and keep throwing balls Everyone" Moose need to record more of this :)

…Time to change outfit for the PIZZA EATING CONTEST!

…Bumper Cars at the Stadium :)

…WARNING! Cars driving around at the Cove! That’s CRAZY! LOL :)

…And that’s all for now! Bye and THANKS Businesmoose for letting us have FUN TOGETHER with you while you recorded for the Video! It has been an HONOR to Help out :)

…Hi Everyone and Welcome to my “Keep an eye on Rookie” Igloo :)

…Sadly I can’t add more to my Friends List  BUT I’m HAPPY to send a Postcard and then we are Club Penguin Friends :) Just make sure that you have LESS then 50 Postcards saved in your Mailbox :) Saraapril’s Circus Animals Stall Igloo :)

…Waddle On and have a FAIR FUN Day :) Club Penguin Fair 2012 CHEATS :)

FUN with Friends :)

UPDATE: Top 10 Video under Construction :)

UPDATE: The Fair Top 10 - Club Penguin VIDEO :)

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