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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Creepy Halloween Fun in Club Penguin!

Here is a Tweet and a Halloween Sneak Peek Picture that Polo Field has posted on the Club Penguin Twitter:

Here's a little sneak peek of some creepy Halloween fun you'll see in October. Stay tuned for more info..

…Look! A Key and chains that might be open a way to a secret mysterious room! I wonder if Great Uncle Gariwald is hiding there? There are ghosts on the wallpaper and ghost statues and Polo Field has a very Scary Costume…AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Great Uncle Gariwald – Halloween Sneak Peek!

Ghost just wanna Dance – Club Penguin Music Sneak Peek!

Party Update: The Fair 2012 :)

This is a Message from Happy77:

Greetings Penguins!
It's great seeing so many of you coming out to The Fair, playing games and checking out the Puffle Circus. And get this, we just released all new prizes in both Prize Booths. So make sure you check them out.

What's your favorite item from the Prize Booths? Leave a comment and let us know!
Waddle On! :)
-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

…The super cute Balloon Flower Hat is my Favorite Fair item :) And I think the Paddle Ball item is Fun too :)

MORE Fair items in the Prize Booths :)

Club Penguin Cheats – The Fair 2012 :)

Field-Ops 101 EPF CHEATS :)

HELLO ALL EPF AGENTS! Gary needs us! Click on Spy Phone…

…New Field-Op Available! Report for duty at the Command Room to receive your orders! Click on Go There…

…Hi Uncle Gary! Click on Field-Ops Monitor…

…Hi Saraapril :) Our security cameras just overheard a cow talking about a malfunctioning fish grill. We should check it out. Check each of the fish dog carts, and fish burger stands, and make sure the grills are working safely. Okay Uncle G I will do that right away!

…Here it is at the Stadium or as it’s called right now the Bumper Cars Arena :)

…Click on Spy Phone…

…Location Found! Destroy the circuits! Match circuit symbols to overload the wiring. Be quick! Time is running out! Click on Engage…

…One more and…DONE :)

…Well done Agent. It appears that someone filled that fish grill up with cotton candy, and the cleaning system was overloaded. Thankfully you found it before any major damage was done. Enjoy the rest of the Fair!

…I’m HAPPY that I could help G :) This mission made me HUNGRY I think I will eat a Fish Dog with Cotton Candy on top :)

See earlier Field-Op 100 :)

How to add Saraapril’s Club Penguin Field-Ops Tracker :)

Club Penguin Times Issue 362 :)

More Fair! More Prizes! No Disasters!


New items are available at the prize booth!

By Rookie — Thought the Fair was finished? Thought you had earned all the prizes, and eaten enough cotton candy? Well think again!

The Fair is still going strong this week, with cool new items added at the prize booths. Sur-prize!I mean... surprise!

I walked around the Fair to find out what everyone’s favorite Fair funnery is.Here are a few quotes I remembered to write down: “I’m a ticket-earning machine!” said a robot, I think. “I’ve got Puffle Paddle mastered! I can keep maybe fifty puffles in the air.Pretty sure. Those new items are as good as mine!” “I still get a kick out of the Puffle Circus,” said an alien. “Whenever the orange puffle eats the little car, I lol!” “Hey Rookie!” said a bumper car. “Oh man, remember that time you accidentally let all those computer bugs loose, because you thought the jar said computer HUGS? Classic Rookie.” It sounds like everyone’s having a great time! I hope you do too—because the Fair is all finished on October 2.

No Disasters!

No major disasters have been reported at the Fair!

By Aunt Arctic — The final week of the Fair is here, and the Club Penguin Times is happy to report there have been no major disasters. We spoke with Rookie about this notable achievement. “Oh no! What happened? Did the popcorn machine blow up? ‘Cos I didn’t mean to fill it with pizza!” “Oh wait, did you say there WEREN’T any disasters? Oh wowzers, that’s splendid! I thought for sure I was going to at least knock down the Puffle Circus. Or cause a stampede, or something.” “I’m super happy, but I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help. So thanks to everyone who did—you guys are the best!”

Upcoming Events :)

On now! The Fair Get in on the fun NOW! The Fair wraps up Oct. 2.

Oct. 4 Penguin Style Catalog Ghostly garments and spooky sales coming soon to the Gift Shop!

Oct. 11 Furniture Catalog Halloween approaches... Will your igloo be ready?

Oct. 11: Enter the scariest decorating contest ever... if you dare!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until October 3.
Next pin hidden: Oct. 4–Oct. 17

News Flash :)

It’s pure pandemonium at the Bumper Car Derby! Cars are crashing! Penguins are flying! The crowd is on its feet, and... LOOK OUT!

Ask Rookie :)

Hey Rookie,Why are you afraid of clowns?–Scare D Katt
What?! Who said I was afraid of clowns?! Was it a clown? Well he was probably joking! Clowns joke a lot, don’t they?? Okay. I admit it. Clowns make me a little nervous. Ever since I was a young penguin, I thought they were a bit scary. Always juggling. Always watching. And the word clown rhymes with lots of scary words. Like frown. Or gown. And I don’t wear gowns. But I guess clowns have lots of great qualities too. I admire their balloon animal skills. And their hair. So maybe it’s time to get over my fear. I promise I’ll work on it. For now though, I’ll probably still run away in terror. Thanks for your question!

I get to work with an AWESOME team of agents at the EPF!

Hi Rookie!What’s your favorite part about being a secret agent?–Keepit K Wyatt
Hey Keepit K Wyatt! Gadzooks! Where do I even begin? Being a secret agent is AWESOME! You get all kinds of cool gadgets, and secret missions, and you get to protect everyone, and lots more! But the BEST thing of all—even better than Mullet fish on toast—is the chance to work with a whole squad of amazing agents. Everyday I get to team up with the smartest, coolest, epic-est, disguise-iest, inventor-iest squad on the island. Together we solve mysteries, keep Club Penguin secure, and stop bad guys. By ourselves, we’re all pretty sweet. But united, we are definitely elite. And I have to say—there’s this one agent in particular that is the most epic of all. They’ve saved the island more times than I can count. You know who you are. You’re awesome. It’s penguins like them that make the EPF the best secret agency on the island.

Secrets Classified Puffle Paddle :)

By PH - G’day mates! Thought I’d take a sec to give some tips for my favorite Fair game—Puffle Paddle! Did ya know that not every puffle on the screen is worth the same amount of points? It’s true! Actually, the longer a puffle is kept in the air, the more points it’s worth. And the most important puffle is the first puffle you start with. So if ya gotta choose which puffle ya keep in the air, aim for the first one. And don’t worry—there’s a cozy cushion for your puffles to land on.

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 361 :)

More soon…

Club Penguin Treasure Book :)

Disney Club Penguin has updated the Treasure Book and this time we can Unlock Halloween Costumes, Ninja Card-Jitsu Outfits, Winter items and Luckily a PRETTY dress and a COOL Costume too :)

…The Treasure Book :) Inside this special book, you can view exclusive items for your penguin. Look through the collection to see what’s available. The following items can be unlocked using unique item codes found on specially marked Club Penguin merchandise. Club Penguin Toys :) How to Unlock Club Penguin items online?

…Zombie Mask, Zombie Shirt, The BRRAAAAAIIINS Hair Wig and Ghoul Outfit…

…Skeleton Costume, Gray Werewolf Head, Gray Werewolf Costume and Gray Werewolf Feet…

…Clear Sky Suit and Crashing Wave Gi :)

…Chullo Hat, Red Suede Jacket, Snowman Head and Snowman Body :)

…Hot Cross Bun Hair Wig, Breezy Dress, The Thrill Hair Wig, Red Stylin' Jacket and Sweet Shoes :)

…The Raven Hair Wig, Emerald Necklace, Golden Quilted Coat, Cherry Pumps, The Jammin Hair Wig, Aviator Sunglasses, Puffle Skate Shirt and Green Light Up Shoes :)

…Green Puffle, White Puffle, Blue Puffle, Brown Puffle, Pink Puffle, Red Puffle, Black Puffle, Yellow Puffle, Orange Puffle and Purple Puffle :)

…500 coins :)

…See earlier Treasure Book items :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

I had problem with a White Screen BUG Today! But after I cleared my cache I could Login to Club Penguin :)

…Halloween Music is Playing inside the Dojo…

More soon…

MORE Fair items in the Prize Booths :)

BOTH Prize Booths are Updated with MORE items to trade your Tickets for :) ALL Penguins can Redeem Tickets here in the Forest :)

…Lollipop, The Sundae Surprise Head Item and the Fair Beacon Background are old items :) We have got one new item :)

…You have found a The Taa Daa Hair Wig and Hat :) Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…Club Penguin Members can Trade Tickets for items here at the Booth outside the Great Puffle Circus too :)

…Nothing new here but I know many Penguins that will be so HAPPY and EXCITED that the cute Teddy Bear is back :) The The Red Racer and Fair Background are old items too :)

…Thanks Turtlebuddy2 for helping me find the old Hidden item Every Flavor Ice Cream :)

…Sadly we didn't get the Old Circus Tent but I will try to decorate an Igloo where the Circus Animals can preform anyway :)

Club Penguin Fair Prizes 2012 :)

Club Penguin Fait 2012 CHEATS :)

Club Penguin Sneak Peek: Halloween Catalog!

This is a message from Happy77:

Greetings Penguins!
October is just about here, and you know what that means... Halloween! Time for costumes, spooky igloos and a haunted party full of ghosts (and candy!)
The Halloween fun starts next week with the new Penguin Style catalog, which includes the new Pizza Costume! (Which you voted for!)

As part of this year's Halloween Party, the team's making the most epic haunted mansion EVER. It's all brand new, with tons of creepy corners to explore. I can't wait to give you guys more info on this one. Stay tuned for more soon!! Great Uncle Gariwald – Halloween Sneak Peek!
Waddle On! :)
-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

I LOVE the Pizza Costume I just hope not the Ghosts will try to EAT me while I’m wearing it…LOL :)

Club Penguin Catalogs :)

Ghosts Just Wanna Dance – Club Penguin :)

Disney Club Penguin will release a NEW song on October 7, 2012 and it’s called “Ghosts Just Wanna Dance” by The Penguin Band Featuring Cadence :)

 Here you can listen to a Sneak Peek of this Tune :) And here is a Tweet  from Billybob with a Sneak Peek Picture from the Video they are making to this song :)

UPDATE: October 2, 2012 This is a Tweet from Club Penguin:

Here's a sneak preview of "Ghosts Just Wanna Dance" by Penguin Band and Cadence! ^Polo Field, The Penguin Band finally teamed up with Cadence for their first ever Halloween single! The full song will be available on iTunes on October 9.

UPDATE: October 3, 2012 Ghosts just wanna Dance Music VIDEO :)

Club Penguin Music :)

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