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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Club Penguin Magazine in Spanish :)

Club Penguin Magazine in Spanish is now available in Spain and Mexico :) Here is a Video about Club Penguin Revista Oficial :)

…In Mexico the magazine is named Disney Club Penguin Revista :)

…In Argentina the magazine is named Disney Club Penguin Edicón Oficial :)

Club Penguin Magazine in Brazil :)

Club Penguin Magazine Now Available VIDEO :)

Club Penguin Magazine :)

Art Attack Make Your Own Puffle :)

If you like me like Club Penguin Puffles, Art and Crafts you will LOVE this Video about how to make your own Puffle :) Disney UK

FUN Activities :)

Igloo LIKE! Video :)

Here is a Disney Club Penguin Ad for the Igloo Like Feature with tips how to get your Igloo Popular :) GO CREATIVE! Show off your Igloo :)

…Thanks Sopho10 for telling me about this Video :)

NEW Igloo Experience is HERE :)

Billybob’s Toy Collection :)

Here is a Tweet from Lane Merrifield aka Billybob: Moved offices and finally got my collection set back up. How's it look?

…It’s looking GREAT :) And you have the Rock N Roll Plush Toy too :) I hope you will have FUN working in your new office on the 4th floor with the rest of development team :)

Club Penguin Toys :)

You can meet Rookie in Server Ice Box Today :)

This is a Tweet from Club Penguin by Polo Field: #Rookie may be on the Ice Box server today at 10am PST. Remember to share with others who haven't had a chance to meet him yet!

Servers and Times to meet Rookie at the Fair 2012 Party :)

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