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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More info about the big Club Penguin Blog Update Tonight :)

This is a message from Polo Field: Hey there, penguins. Thanks for being so patient with us as we work on the new official Club Penguin blog. The old system we used is now “frozen”, and we’re getting everything ready to launch with the new system tonight. It’s a lot of work because we have to move all the old posts and comments into the new blog. With millions of comments, it’s a lot of work!! This is what the new official Club Penguin blog will look like:

Billybob will be posting the first official blog post on the new system. Moose has been working on a Halloween Party Sneak Peek with me, and we hope to have that finished very soon, too. Hopefully we can post it this week if everything works out right! The team is also planning to launch a major improvement to the Help section of the website. If all works out as planned, it should be out very soon. Here’s a sneak peek of what it will look like:

…Thanks for the pics and info Polo Field and Good Luck CP Team with your updating work :)

Club Penguin Community Page Update :)

Club Penguin New Blog Sneak Peek :)

Club Penguin: New Blog and Bloggers coming Next Week :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin’s Updated Fun Stuff Page :)

Herbert P. Bear on Twitter!

Polo Field just confirmed in a Tweet that Herbert P. Bear @clubherbert is an Official Club Penguin Twitter Account and that Operation Blackout will be here next month…

…Personally I think Club Penguin has gone way overboard with all these different Twitter Accounts they keep opening! Instead of posting Sneak peeks on the What’s New Blog they post them on Twitter and with that they take away the focus from the Online Game and by redirecting so much to Twitter a place where most young kids that actually play Club Penguin are not allowed to be on Disney Club Penguin looses a big part of their target group!

Tips to Club Penguin: Fix the Bug filled Spy Phone and then send messages from Herbert there instead!

Club Penguin Parents on Twitter!

Club Penguin Support on Twitter :)

@clubpenguin on Twitter :)

Club Penguin Français Twitter :)

Twitter Accounts: Billybob, Happy77, Polo Field, Businesmoose :)

UPDATE: November 21, 2012 Herbert’s Twitter account is no longer available!

Stuck in Cart Surfer BUG Workaround!

Right now I’m working hard to earn coins in Club Penguin and when I Played the Card Surfer Game I got Stuck in the Old and very Boring Cart Surfer BUG! After Crashing it doesn't work to click on Spacebar or any other key to continue the Game and the only thing to do is to click on X…

…to solve this problem there is a Workaround :) Log off Club Penguin and then Login again and the Game usually work again :)

Info: While playing I used Chrome one of the Browsers Club Penguin recommends! Here is another Old Cart Surfer BUG!

Club Penguin Bugs!

Halloween Igloo and Furniture Sneak Peek!

This is a Tweet from Club Penguin

The new igloo and furniture catalogs are coming later tonight! Here's a little sneak peek for you to share. ^Polo Field

…That is a SCARY looking New Igloo Design and old spooky items…

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2012

My quick Igloo Wish List!

I LOVE to decorate and redecorate my Igloo BUT there are some old items I miss and wish Club Penguin could make available again! First I wish for more flooring and most of all I miss the PINK Carpet as it makes my home so Pretty :) I also wish for the Phony-Lawn, the Lime Green Carpet,the Dark Green Carpet and the Whirlpool Carpet :)

…The whole summer I waited for the Backyard Igloo to return but sadly it didn't…the Green Clover Igloo, the Theatre Igloo, the Restaurant Igloo, the Green Tent Igloo and the Circus Tent Igloo would be so much FUN to decorate again :) 

…and then as always I wish for the old fabulous furniture Aunt Arctic has in her Igloo :) Please Club Penguin can you let us have these items to play with again? Pretty Please? That would be so Much FUN :)

I Wish…Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art by Dino Boy7 :)

Hello Saraapril! I'm a big fan of Club Penguin and your amazing blog. I made you some fan art... hope you like it! -Dino Boy7

Hello I’m Saraapril!

…THANKS Dino Boy7 :) I’m a Big Club Penguin Fan too and THANKS for reading my Blog :)

THANKS Dino Boy7 from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

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