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Saturday, October 13, 2012

I met Billybob in Server Cloudy :)

Today I met Billybob (Lane Merrifield) in Club Penguin :) It was so much FUN to meet him again :) We ALMOST Tipped the Iceberg…LOL :)

Herbert is on his way with Operation Blackout…

…I’m so HAPPY that Billybob took time to Play TOGETHER with us in Club Penguin again :)

…Hi Friends :) Billybob is here :)

…When Billybob left the Iceberg for another room I and many other Penguin stayed so more Penguins got the opportunity to meet him too :) THANKS for the FUN Friends :)

Billybob in the CPIP Server 2008 :)

FUN with Friends :)

Herbert P. Bear will be a Character :)

The rumor is True Herbert P. Bear will soon be a Character we can meet in Club Penguin :) This is how his and Klutzy’s profile Picture will look like on the Friends List when they are offline IF you have added them as Friends :) Thanks Burninghot1 for this Picture :)

…Here is how the notification of Herbert is online will look like :)

…WARNING Herbert has a plan that he call Operation Blackout! EPF need to get ready…Club Penguin November 2012 Sneak Peek!

Herbert P. Bear on Twitter!

Herbert found in Ghosts just wanna Dance Music Video!

Club Penguin Bags for School :)

These Disney Club Penguin School Bags are for sale in Brazil :)

Rockhopper Soft Case 9 X 21 X 7,5 cm :)

Rockhopper Pencil case with 2 compartments 11 X 23 X 8 cm :)

Rockhopper Soft Lunchbox 23 X 19,5 X 12 cm :)

Rockhopper Backpack 41 x 30 x 14 cm :)

Rockhopper Backpack with Wheels 35 X 25 X 14 cm :)

Rockhopper Backpack with Wheels 41 x 30 x 14 cm :)

Card-Jitsu Fire Ninja Handbag with 2 compartments 10,5 X 21 X 8 cm :)

Card-Jitsu Fire Ninja Soft Lunchbox 23 X 19,5 X 9 cm :)

Card-Jitsu Fire Ninja Backpack 35 X 28 X 14 cm :)

 Card-Jitsu Fire Ninja Backpack with Wheels 41 x 21 x 14 cm :)

Club Penguin School Bag Items :)

Club Penguin Toys :)

Club Penguin Notebook Collection :)

On different stores in Brazil you find these Disney Club Penguin Notebooks :) Credeal Ninjas Playing Card-Jitsu :)

Cadence :)

Rockhopper :)

Penguin and Puffle :) This picture is from the Puffle Party Banner :)

Puffles :)

FUN with Friends :)

Timetable :)

Inside look :)

Mini Puffle Silhouettes :)

I LOVE my Puffle :)

Rockhopper inside the Migrator :)

Cadence and Lolz :)

Ninjas at the Fire Dojo :)

Puffles :)

How to Draw a Penguin :)

Club Penguin Notebooks :)

Club Penguin Toys :)

PH’s Great Puffle Search NOOK Book :)

PH’s Great Puffle Search (Pick your path 7) will be available as a NOOK Book (eBook) November 21, 2012 :)

Description from Barnes & Noble: PH has the best job on Club Penguin if you like puffles. She's the Puffle Handler! Find out how she updated the pet shop for everyone's favorite furry creatures, trains elite puffles for the EPF, and discovered the brown puffle on one of her Wilderness Expeditions in this 80-page chapter book.

PH’s Great Puffle Search (Pick your path 7)

More Club Penguin NOOK books :)

Disney Club Penguin Toys :)

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