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Monday, October 15, 2012

Saraapril’s City Park Igloo :)

My Puffles and I are visiting Friends that live close to the big city and today we have had so much FUN TOGETHER playing the whole afternoon in the beautiful City Park :) Now when the sun start to set and paint the sky in a beautiful soft Pink shade behind the city skyline it’s time to go home but first we just want to play another round of hide and seek :) If I stand still here just next to the Snowmen we built earlier Speed might not see me…LOL :)

…Sunshine wanted to show me something she found so I stopped playing and followed her to a spot among the Trees where two Trashcans where laying down and the trash was all over the ground! Ewww…did any of you Puffles did this I asked? You didn't? GOOD :) But we can’t let the Park look like this! As I had clean Puffle Poop bags in my pocket I put them over my hands and started to clean up and then I saw something! A chair with dragon feet and a candle holder that was made of an eagle foot! I looked closer these was made of real animal parts! Someone have killed a cute dragon baby to make this chair and an eagle to make this candle holder! I was SHOCKED and my Stomach started to hurt!

…I carefully picked up the dragon feet chair, it’s sickening me that a dragon baby had to die and become a chair in someone's home and then they got bored of this chair and just throws it away as trash! I wonder if the dragon mum is missing her baby? And what kind of majestic eagle had this foot belonged to? I started to cry…my Puffles where sad too but then they got an idea and started to jump around looking for something…

…they found a nice spot in a flowerbed to bury the dragon and eagle remains and we held a little funeral and then I just sat there for a long time thinking…

…I finished the cleanup and then we left the Park to waddle back to our Friends home…

…I think it is SCARY how CRUEL some are to animals and next time I’m online I will do some research to see if it’s anything I can do to help protect animals! But for now I will enjoy the beautiful sky, the crisp air and the cute sight of my kind and caring Puffles :)

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