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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Club Penguin is wide open for Bullies and other Weirdos!

Some bloggers have started to spread an old Club Penguin hack about how you can add any Character, Moderator or Penguin of your choice to your Friends List! You will appear on their Friends List too and with that you have forced yourself to become their “Friend”

Even if you remove or Ignore a Penguin they can easily overrule that and again add themselves to your Friends list! This Major Safety problem leaves ALL kids that play Club Penguin wide open as targets for Bullies and other Weirdos!

If Disney Club Penguin doesn't Ban Penguins that are spreading these hacks and Penguins that are using them they will loose all credibility as a safe online game for kids to play!

WARNING: I know some of you that have added yourself to my Friends List and you are reported to Club Penguin!

UPDATE: Club Penguin is working on a fix to stop this hack and they promise to deal with Penguins that have used it!

UPDATE: October 20, 2012 You can no longer add yourself to other Penguin’s Friends List BUT so far Disney Club Penguin has not dealt with those that did! They also refuse to help me remove the Penguins that added themselves to my Friends List without my approval!

Operation Blackout Sneak Peek!

Herbert Tweeted this Sneak Peek Picture of his Computer Desk where he right now is working to launch Operation Blackout to put an end to Club Penguin parties! Herbert: I will improve the island. You penguins will be free to leave, or stay and enjoy the silence.

”Enjoy it before I destroy it” This doesn't sound good at ALL!

…OH NO! Herbert is planning to capture 5 Penguins! And it looks like Gary the Gadget Guy is one of them! Look! Herbert has added a Picture of Klutzy on that magnet how cute :)

…Look at the Text on Herbert’s mug “Illustrious Leader Supreme” humble as always…LOL :)

…This Computer is locked…Hmmm…we need to Unlock it and stop Herbert’s plan…I wonder if Klutzy is willing to help us EPF Agents?

Club Penguin November 2012 Operation Blackout!

Herbert P. Bear will be a Character!

UPDATE: Herbert has now added names to the To Capture List!

1. Agent G – Gadget Guy

2. Dot – EPF Stealth Lead

3. Agent Rookie – Fool

4. Jet Pack Guy

5. The Director??? 

Halloween Igloo Contest 2012!

I have submitted my City Park Igloo to the Halloween Contest 2012 :) Enter the Scariest Igloo Contest October 11 – 16, 2012 Would you like to submit your igloo to the contest? Click on Yes…

…Thank you! Your igloo has been sent to our contest judges. Note: if you would like to make changes to your igloo, don’t forget to submit it again when you’re done! Winners will be announced November 1 in the Club Penguin Times! Ok :)

…you can read more about this Contest and see what Prizes you can win on this post: Club Penguin Times issue 364 :)

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