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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Polo and Moose... reporting for duty!

This is  a message from Polo Field:

Hey there Penguins!
Polo Field here with my very first blog post! Thanks to everyone for all their warm wishes and congratulations. Businesmoose and I are both very excited to share all the latest sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes news with you!
Stay tuned for more awesome stuff here on the blog. We have a new You Decide poll planned, as well as sneak peeks of Operation Blackout, some amazing new room updates, and even a bit of news about Arctic White! And just to make things even more interesting, we may even have another video with Billybob up our sleeves, too...
Until then... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

CONGRATS to your First What’s New Post Polo Field :)

Club Penguin Fun Stuff :)

Club Penguin Parents Update October, 2012

Today my parents got this email from Disney Club Penguin:

Party like a Penguin!

Ghoulish ghosts. Spooky sounds. Tempting treats. It’s time for our annual Halloween Party! Your child can explore the new Haunted Mansion, and scour its secret passageways for clues to help solve a mystery. Everyone can hunt for ghosts, but only members can become ghosts and haunt the island! Here's a tip to share with your child: If they visit the Ghost Lab, they'll find an extra catalog full of additional Halloween-themed dress up items for their penguin. Club Penguin CHEATS Halloween Party 2012

Shake it Down!

Club Penguin’s favorite pop-diva, DJ Cadence, is back, and she's teamed up with The Penguin Band for a new song, "Ghosts Just Wanna Dance". Why not get in on the fun with your child? Watch the video with them and download the song from iTunes!

Sing Happy Birthday!

ClubPenguin is turning 7! On October 23 and 24, players can pick up some cake and a free party hat in the Coffee Shop. To learn about the island’s history, check out the yearbooks in the Book Room upstairs, and read the original Club Penguin launch announcement.

…Look a Text Bug it should be Club Penguin!

Club Penguin Parents Update :)

Spy Phone Message from Rookie!

Why don’t I have an Indication of a New Spy Phone Message? The answer to that question is that Disney Club Penguin BUG still hasn't bother to fix this problem…EITHER!

October 18, 2012


Gadzooks! There are ghosts everywhere! Alert! What do we do? We didn’t cover ghosts in basic training!

…I know this is SCARY! There are WAY to much EVIL going around in Club Penguin! Club Penguin CHEATS Halloween Party 2012

See earlier Spy Phone Message :)

Telescope Horrors at the Haunted Mansion!

From the Telescope at the Haunted Mansion Attic we can see Strange things…

…Bats Flying and…WOW! That’s a Batty Puffle Bat! What happened to the Snow Trekker!?! SCARY!

…Here you will find MORE Halloween Horrors Club Penguin Cheats Halloween Party 2012!

How to become a Ghost in Club Penguin?

First you must find the keys to unlock Gariwald’s Lost laboratory inside the Haunted Mansion! And then you need to be a Club Penguin Member…Entering the Ghostamatron requires a paid membership! Members can:

  • Enter the Ghostamatron…and become a ghost!
  • Haunt the Mansion of Gariwald the Contraption Chap
  • Earn exclusive spooky Igloo items You To-Boo List

…How to be a Ghost in Club Penguin: To become a Ghost enter the Ghostamatron and Gariwald will TURN YOU into a GHOST! For more details and an Animation of the Ghostamatron look at this post: Field-Ops 104 EPF CHEATS

…Now you know how to turn into a Ghost in Club Penguin! Here are MORE Halloween secrets Club Penguin Cheats Halloween Party 2012!

Your To-Boo List!

Club Penguin Ghosts can earn Igloo items by SCARING others while Dancing! OH NO! I attract OTHER BIGGER Ghosts too! This is SCARY!

GHOST Dance, Saraapril

Your To-Boo List: Greetings ghosts! To earn these exceedingly excellent items. go to the following rooms and haunt them by pressing d or dance. Each item can be earned up to 99 times!

  • Any room in the Mansion
  • The Beach
  • The Snow Forts
  • The Forest
  • The Cove

More Prizes will be available after October 20 and October 24…Haunt On!

…After Haunting all the rooms on the list you get this message: You have found a Ectoplasmic Pit Would you like to pick it up? Okay…clicks on Yes…

…This is how the Ectoplasmic Pit  looks like in my Igloo!

…Here you will find MORE Halloween Horrors Club Penguin Cheats Halloween Party 2012!

UPDATE: Headstone Available on Your To-Boo List!

UPDATE: Vampire Throne available on Your To-Boo List!

How to catch a Ghost in Club Penguin?

ALL Penguins can catch Ghosts in Disney Club Penguin! This is how: First solve the Mystery about Gariwald and then buy the Ghost Catcher Uniform from the Halloween 2012 Rare items Catalog! Add ONLY these two items on your Penguin and then throw a snowball on the Ghost you want to catch…

…for every Ghost you catch you will earn 1 coin!

…Here are MORE Halloween secrets Club Penguin Cheats Halloween Party 2012!

Halloween 2012 Rare items Catalog!

Inside Gariwald’s Last Laboratory you will find the Special Halloween 2012 Catalog with Special items!

Items for EVERYONE! The Old Ghost Costume is a FREE item for ALL Penguins :) And ALL Penguins can buy the NEW item Ghost Catcher Uniform 450 coins! Wear this and your Ghost Goggles and throw a snowball to catch ghosts! How to catch a Ghost in Club Penguin? Items for Members! There are LOTS of NEW items in this Catalog BUT no hidden secret items! Mystic Headdress 250 coins, Mystic Makeup 50 coins and Mystic Robe 350 coins…

…The Masquerade Hair Wig 350 coins, The Mystery 100 coins, Masquerade Fan 100 coins, Masquerade ball Gown 400 coins, The Gentleman Hair Wig 300 coins, Distinguished Suit 400 coins, The Phantom mask 100 coins and Pocket Watch 100 coins…

…The Chamberlain Hair Wig 250 coins, Butler Brow 50 coins, Butler Suit 350 coins, Squeak-Proof Shoes 150 coins, The Parlormaid Hat and Hair 250 coins, Old Maid Makeup 50 coins, Maid Outfit 350 coins, The Nine Lives 250 coins, Cat Eyes 50 coins, Kitty Costume 350 coins, The Golden Secret Mask 250 coins and Antique Mirror 100 coins!

…In the Halloween issue of the Penguin Style Catalog Members can buy MORE Halloween Costumes Club Penguin Cheats Halloween Party 2012!

How to find the Keys in the Haunted Mansion?

Gariwald the Ghost’s Haunted Mansion is in the Club Penguin Forest! If you need help with the Scavenger Hunt to find the Keys and Ghost Goggles that will lead you the the Gariwald’s Last Laboratory there Members can turn into Ghosts inside the Ghostamatron you find the answers on this post Field-Ops 104 EPF CHEATS :) This is also the way to how ALL Penguins will find the Special Halloween 2012 Rare items Catalog that have a FREE item and items to Buy for EVERYONE!

…Here are MORE Disney Club Penguin Halloween Horrors! Club Penguin Cheats Halloween Party 2012!

Field-Ops 104 EPF CHEATS :)

The HORRIBLE HALLOWEEN is here and Gary needs our Help! Click on Spy Phone…

…New Field-Op Available! Report for duty at the Command Room to receive your orders! Click on Go There…

…Hi Uncle Gary! Click on Field-Ops Monitor…

…Hi Saraapril! Alert! Ghosts are running rampant on the island, and they seem to be originating from the haunted mansion in the Forest. Search the mansion for the source of these apparitions, and shut it down! OH NO! I wished you had Listen BEFORE this happened! Click on Accept Field-Op…

…Hmmm…I Don’t like this AT ALL!

…Here in the Foyer is a BIG Picture of my Great Great Uncle Gariwald and his cute Puffle…LOOK! A chest with 5 Locks! Clicks on chest…

...Collect the keys to unlock the trunk… if you dare! Rollover on keys to see clues!

…The First key for the forbidden prize, is hidden right before your eyes…

…Oh! Okay there it is! Clicks on key…

…The second key is rather grave. Check the cemetery if you’re brave…

…here it is in the Graveyard…

…The third key’s made of rotten fish. A special dish will grant your wish…

…the key is hidden here in the Dining Room! EWWW…This STINKS!

…The fourth key’s next, so take a look. Your answer lies within a book…

…key found in the Library! Clicks on the glassed-in Book on wall…

…The final key to our little game, is behind a batty picture frame…

…here it is in the Mansion Attic…That’s a grumpy looking key!

…All Five Keys are collected! Time to click on Unlock Trunk…

…I wonder…if this a Good idea? I mean…but if this is the way to stop the Ghosts…clicks on trunk…

…Ghost Goggles User Manual! Take a deep breath…Put on goggles, See what you were never meant to see…Click on get Goggles…

…You have found Ghost Goggles Would you like to pick them up? No, not really but I guess I need them to finish my EPF mission so yes… so…

…Puts Ghost Goggles on! AHHHHH!!!! RUNS OUT OF ROOM!!!!

…Look! A Secret door I can ONLY see when I have the Ghost Goggles on is here in the Hallway…I wonder what’s inside?

…I say, jolly good show! I am Gariwald, and you have uncovered my lost laboratory. Take this prize, you have earned it! Click on Get item…

…You have found a Ghostamatron Background Would you like to pick it up? Hmmm…Yes I guess…

…Here in the Ghost Lab is the Location for the Field-Op!

…Click on Spy Phone…

…Location Found! Destroy the circuits! Match circuits symbols to overload the wiring. Be quick! Time is running out! Click on Engage…

…One done four more to fix…

…DONE! I earned one medal and got a Spy Phone message from Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy: Great Scott! Wait Agent - don't pull anymore wires! That machine belongs to my great uncle Gariwald... and you found him! Leave the machine online - I need to speak with him first.

…Speak to him? He’s a GHOST! I think that’s a very BAD Idea! Hmmm what is this? Only for Members…

…AHHHH!!!!!! Gariwald KILLED ME and made me into a GHOST! He is EVIL! Wait! I can escape this! Clicks on Transform back into a penguin!

…HURRAY! I am ALIVE! What did you say Gariwald? You want me to step into the Ghostamatron again!?!

…AHHHH!!!! I DON’T LIKE THIS PLACE!!! Club Penguin Cheats Halloween Party 2012!

…See earlier EPF Field-Op 103 :)

…How to add Saraapril’s Club Penguin Field-Ops Tracker :)

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