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Friday, October 19, 2012

Club Penguin India YouTube Channel :)

Disney Club Penguin has opened a YouTube Channel for India and there are playlist for these languages Hindi, Telagu and Tamil :) CONGRATS India :)

…Sadly the India Channel in not added to the Top Navigation Bar on the other Languages Channels but it is added to the “Other Channels” List :)

Club Penguin YouTube Channels :)

Saraapril’s YouTube Channel :)

Tour Guide Haunted Mansion 2012

I have the Unpleasant work as a Club Penguin Tour Guide to show you the Haunted Mansion…Please let us do this as quick as possible as I really DISLIKE this House!

The Forest

Welcome to the Forest As you can see a Haunted Mansion has appeared here It's rumored to have belonged to Gary's long lost Great Uncle Gariwald the Contraption Chap Take a look inside IF YOU DARE! You Dare!?! Sigh…I wish you didn't so I could go home instead! Well…Go straight up and follow the road to the Haunted Mansion and you will end up in…

The Foyer

WAIT! What Happened!?! I am a GHOST! AHHH!!! Takes deep Breaths…Don’t Panic! DON’T PANIC!! Smiles and…Welcome to the Mansion of Gariwald VIII This creepy estate is said to contain many mysteries and some believe it to be haunted! But if you're brave, you may find some rare treasures So let's explore shall we? The bottom left door leads to the Cellar! The top left door leads to the Hallway! The top right door leads to the Hallway too! The bottom right door leads to the Library! If you waddle straight down you will exit the Mansion and end up in the Forest again :) PLEASE!?! No? Sigh…

The Library

Voila! The Library! Gariwald's collection of books is quite extraordinary containing many mysterious manuscripts Supposedly, one of his keys is hidden in here but I'll believe it when I see it!The bottom left yellow door leads to the Foyer! Click on the candle on the right side of the left door to open a hidden door through the bookshelf that leads to the first level of the Tunnel! The orange door in the top middle leads to the Dining Hall! The blue door at the top right leads to the Dining Hall too! Click on the statue head on the second floor and then on the button to open a hidden door through the painting that leads to the second level of the Tunnel!

…Here is the Secret Bookshelf door Animated!

…and here is button to the Secret door to the Tunnel Hidden!

The Dining Hall (Dinning Room)

Here we have the Dining Hall Rumor has it Gariwald had many feasts here he was a fan of marshmallow stuffed Fluffy Fish. Also known as Fluffy ala fluffy Sounds pretty scary to me! The bottom left stair leads to the first floor of the Library! The left door leads to the Hallway! The top right stairs on the second floor leads to the Mansion Attic! The bottom right stairs leads to the second floor of the Library!

…Who are playing on these instruments!?! What did you say? Ghosts just wanna Dance…SCARY!

The Hallway

Here we have a hallway This might look like your run of the mill, ordinary hallway but it is said to be haunted with hallway ghosts which are ten times scarier than garden ghosts but not half as scary as kitchen ghosts! How to catch a Ghost? The door to the left leads to the Graveyard! The top middle door leads to the Ghost Lab! The stairs at the top right leads to the Mansion Attic! The door to the right leads to the Dining Hall! Bottom right and bottom left leads to the second floor of the Foyer!

…This door is ONLY visible if you have Ghost Goggles on or is a GHOST! HELP! Someone tried to KILL ME! AHHH!!!! Can we PLEASE leave NOW!?! No!?!…I am NOT paid enough for this!

The Mansion Attic

This is the Mansion's Attic As you can see, it's spookier than a ghost sandwich Here you'll find all sorts of ancient, haunted items. Oooh! Look at this weird Puffle Bat painting…WARNING! DON’T look through that Telescope! AHHH!!! Why did I look!?! I should have LISTEN to Myself! The stairs on the left side leads to the Hallway! At the upper right side of the room is a wardrobe with a hidden door that leads to the upper floor of the Tunnel! The stairs on the right bottom side leads to the second floor of the Dining Hall!

…Here is the Secret Wardrobe Door…

The Cellar

This is the Cellar, I think Most penguins keep canned food in their cellars but it seems Gariwald choose to keep scary stuff here Oh hey, another graveyard! The top left door into the crypt leads to the first floor of the Tunnel! The top middle gate leads to the Graveyard! The top right door leads to the Graveyard! The right door leads to the Foyer!

…If you step on the stone you will set of a Trap! WARNING! DON’T Trap Ghosts as some can be very cranky and SCARY!!!

The Graveyard

Here we have the graveyard I wonder if this place is just for decoration after all, what would a haunted mansion be without one? It would just be a regular mansion and that's not even a little scary Mind the zombies! The bottom left stairs leads to the Cellar! The door to the right leads to the Hallway! The bottom right stairs leads to the second floor of the Cellar!

The Tunnel

This appears to be a tunnel of some sort. Did you know that all mansions need to have at least one secret passage? It's true! Inside this room on second floor you can waddle inside and behind the walls and if you talk it looks like the Portraits do! The lower left cave opening leads to the Cellar! The upper left door leads to the Mansion Attic! The upper right door leads to the second floor of the Library!The lower right cave opening leads to first floor of the Library!

The Ghost Lab

Wow! We found Gariwald's Lost Ghost Lab! Amazing! And there's Gariwald's ghost! ... Wait a second, he's a ghost! RUN! GREAT IDEA! What! You want to know MORE about the secrets in this room and the Mansion!?! You want to know how to become a GHOST!?! That’s IT! Read this Guide and look in this Catalog! And now we will LEAVE this room! Follow Me! BEFORE I put you on my To-Boo List! Just waddle at the bottom middle and go to the Hallway! NOW!

…FINALLY! I am a Penguin again and this Haunted Tour is OVER! I hope I NEVER EVER AGAIN have to go inside that HORRIBLE HAUNTED HOUSE!

ATTENTION! No matter if you like Halloween or not DON’T get Fooled! The Haunted Mansion is just another way for Disney to use Club Penguin as a tool to Advertise Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts!

For Scary Animations and more Spooky Secrets look at this post  Club Penguin CHEATS Halloween Party 2012

I met Gary in Server Grizzly :)

TOGETHER with Friends I waited for Gary at the Forest :) Sorry I can’t add you to my Friends List BUT I’m HAPPY to send you a Postcard and then we are Club Penguin Friends :)

…HAPPY Party room for Gary and to help ALL that needs to earn that Stamp :)

…Even as Gary is on my Friends List I don’t get a notification when he is Online…BUG!

…Gary’s didn't have the Special Halloween Background on his Player Card! I don’t mind that Bug as I LOVE this kind looking picture of him so much better :) Gary has a New Background!

…When so many Penguins met Gary the Gadget Guy and talk at the same time it’s hard to see or hear anything BUT as always Chattabox did her best to help out :) Hi Gary! Thanks for coming! Do you looking for something Gary? An Uncle perhaps? We can help you find him! Follow Gary!

…Gary wants to learn what become of his great Uncle…I’m sorry to tell you this Uncle G but Gariwald is EVIL! So PLEASE be careful! OR even better leave this Mansion NOW!

…Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy is in an “Experimental Scientific” mode…he will NOT listen to any kind of advice…Sigh…

…Should I leave? I think so but…Hopefully we will be safe in Numbers…Gary this is SCARY!

…I decided to leave the Ghost Hunt to the Penguins that like it and went directly to the Lost Laboratory instead :) There we had lots of FUN TOGETHER while waiting for Gary to come to this room :) We were talking, singing and Ignoring Gariwald :) I didn't see my Uncle Gary again BUT some said they did…SCARY!!!

…Time to leave this Unpleasant Place! You have a Waterpark in your Igloo? AWESOME! Waterparks are so much FUN :)

…Here is a trustworthy source of Gary Tracking tips Times and Server to meet Gary the Gadget Guy :)

Club Penguin Cheats Halloween Party 2012!

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