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Sunday, October 21, 2012

FUN with Friends :)

Summer7894 and I had so much FUN Sled Racing and then we went to dance at the Night Club :)

…Bird Pingu came and TOGETHER WE ROCKED the Dance floor!!!

…In Bird Pingu’s Igloo we watched a Hockey Game :)

…and after the Game we Celebrated the result Red vs. Blue 8 – 8 with POPCORN and CANDY :) And YES! We ate a Fruit each too AND then we drank Fruit Juice to the Pizza :)

…When Koolkat1573 saw my Food Bank Igloo she made one too :) AWESOME! And in this Food Bank she has cooking facilities :) Let’s work TOGETHER to help feeding Penguins in need :) She too was low on food supplies so we started to make more posters…

…and then we posted them around Club Penguin :) Lots of Penguins comes to the Gift Shop so this is a Great place for a poster :)

…I put up a poster in the Coffee shop while Koolkat1573 went alone upstairs to the Club Penguin Times Office and asked for permission to put a poster up there as I still get stomach ace every time I visit that room…Club Penguin Marvel War Diary! Hopefully we soon will get TONS of Food donated so we can Help TONS of Penguins :)

…Penguinj02 is AWESOME at Card-Jitsu and we had so much FUN Playing TOGETHER :)

…After meeting Gary the Gadget Guy Pasopenguin2 invited me to her Igloo and there we had a Fabulous Fashion Show :) Pasopenguin2 has a cute Kitty Costume on in Blue and soft PINK and Maryoomita is Cool in Stylish Blue :)

…then we watched the Puffles walk on a Hat Parade at the Runway :)

…they were all so cute that we couldn't decide who won…CONGRATS! EVERYONE GOT FRIST PRIZE! HURRAY!

…Anilandon has built a Recycling Plant this Igloo :) AWESOME!!! Old broken items and junk are make into new items we can use :) I LOVE this Igloo :) Recycling and Environment Game Ideas :)

…THANKS for thinking of the Environment Anilandon TOGETHER we can make a difference and save our world :)

…THANKS to ALL FUN Friends I have Playing TOGETHER with in Club Penguin :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!!!

FUN with Friends :)

Saraapril’s Pleasant Place Igloo :)

After a Horrible day in a Haunted Club Penguin it’s nice to come home to my Pleasant Place Igloo where my Puffles HAPPILY Playing Hide and Seek TOGETHER :) Are you ALL looking for Purple?  She must have found a very good hiding spot…LOL :)

…The Fruits on Rockhopper’s Tree are both Pretty and Yummy :)

…I LOVE all the Pretty FLOWERS :) Just to look at them makes me feel HAPPY and calm :)

…Time for another round of Hide and Seek :) Speed your it! Do you TOO want to hide under the mat!?! Okay let’s try…LOL :)

…Is this present for ME! Looks inside…a drawing of me and all my  Puffles playing among Pink and Purple FLOWERS! THANKS Speed and Shakespeare :) Hugs Puffles :)

…This Flower decorated garden swing is so much FUN :) OH…now it’s my Puffles turn to play with it…Okay :) While you playing I will…

…visit the Orange Puffle here at the COOL and FUN Halloween FREE Box Dimension :)

…See earlier Igloo decoration Saraapril’s City Park Igloo :)

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