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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Club Penguin Times issue 366 :)

A Ghostly Interview…Ghosts vs. Catcher!

A Ghostly Interview…Gariwald VIII has been studying ghosts for years... AS a ghost!

By Aunt Arctic — Breaking news! Last week, a daring group of penguins entered the haunted mansion and made a shocking discovery. Gariwald VIII, the long lost great uncle of Gary the Gadget Guy, was found... and he’s a ghost!

Gary the Gadget Guy interviewed his long lost relative for the Club Penguin Times:
Gary: “Great uncle, where have you been?”
Gariwald: “My word Gary! How you’ve grown! Last time I saw you, you were short as a puffle!” “As it were, I’ve spent the last few decades studying ghosts. Did you know ghosts like to steal your right socks?”
Gary: “Fascinating! But great uncle, how did you... *gulp* Turn INTO a ghost?”
Gariwald: “Oh, that was thanks to my Ghostamatron 3000! The best way to study ghosts is to become one. Want to try it?”
Gary: “No thank you. So, what’s next?”
Gariwald: “Well, I still have more work to do! But I would relish the chance to catch up. Let’s go trick-or-treating!”
Party-goers looking to meet Gariwald themselves should head over to the haunted mansion before October 31. Happy Halloween! Club Penguin CHEATS Halloween Party 2012

Ghosts vs. Catcher!

Catchers are working around the clock to catch sinister spirits!

By Aunt Arctic — When there’s something incredibly unusual in your neighBOOrhood, who do you call? Ghost Catchers, that’s who! Since Halloween began, teams of Ghost Catchers have been working tirelessly to defend trick-or-treaters from being BOOed! “It’s a hard job. A scary job,” one Catcher explained. “But someone’s gotta—LOOK OUT! CLASS 3 SPECTER! LET’S BAG AND TAG!” After a battle of epic proportions, the Catcher continued. “If you’ve got nerves of steel, we could use some help. Gariwald has all the equipment you need in his lab. You just gotta prove yourself by finding it.” ”Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I hear screaming coming from the Cove...”

Upcoming Events :)

Nov. 1 Ruby and the Ruby The classic mystery returns to the Stage. Can you solve it?

Nov. 1 Penguin Style Catalog Featuring fabulous and fun fashions for fine penguins, such as yourself.

Nov. 1 Igloo Contest Winners Brace yourselves... for the spoooookiest igloo contest winners!

Beware... The party ends Oct. 31. Beware! BEWAAARREE!!!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until October 31.
7th Anniversary Pin CHEAT :) Next pin hidden: Nov. 1–Nov. 14

News Flash!

And now, a traditional Halloween poem:Trick or treat. Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat. Treat or trick. Take your pick. Just don’t eat candy ’til you’re sick!

Ask Gary!

Dear Gary, What inventions are you working on?–N. Van Sean
Greetings N. Van Sean, There’s nothing I enjoy quite as much as inventing. Sometimes I even wake up in the morning, and discover I’ve been inventing in my sleep. That’s actually how I invented the Atomic Pizza Cutter 3000. But indeed, I have been working on several new inventions recently. I am engineering a set of glasses that allows me to see through smoke. These will come in handy while I’m prototyping inventions. That’s when they tend to blow up. I’m also experimenting with a rare mineral that seems to affect the space time continuum in funny ways. The data, however, is still inconclusive. Along with those, I’m still working on a tie that doesn’t stain when you spill coffee on it. But alas, even science has its limits.I’ll be sure to let everyone know if I make any other interesting discoveries. Cheers!

ATTENTION EPF AGENTS! Herbert is probably behind this question from “N. Van Sean” working to gather useful information for his Operation Blackout! And Gary FELL FOR IT! The Island is DOOMED!

Waiting for the right time to strike is the best way to perfect your BOO!

Dear Gary, I want to improve my BOO! Any advice?–Nat Barry Scarrey
Greetings Nat Barry Scarrey, Regrettably, I do not know much about BOOing. However, as luck would have it, my great uncle Gariwald is an expert, being a ghost himself. Here’s what he had to say: “Salutations, my good ghost! Jolly good to meet you. I have found that the best BOOs have a number of ingredients that any monster can master.” “First, start with somewhere dark and spooky. It’s quite difficult to scare someone if it’s bright and sunny. Avoid beautiful rainbows.” “Then, wait for an unsuspecting penguin to get close. I once tried to spook a puffle from across the room, but he laughed. It was adorable.” “Finally, take a deep breath, count to three and a half, and give’er all you got. A proper BOO comes from the webs of your feet. Dig deep, my good ghost! Best of luck!”

Classified Special Dances :)

Do you know what a Special Dance is? It’s a crazy, kooky move you can do when you’re wearing the right outfit. And it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Find the right outfit. Look for the right combinations in the Penguins At Work section of the catalog. Party items also often have special dances.
  2. Make sure you don’t have any other items on. Not even a mustache.
  3. Press ‘D’ on your keyboard.Try it yourself. You never know what cool moves you might find!

See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 365 :)

Herbert’s plan for Operation Blackout Sneak Peek!

MORE of Herbert's plan is now found on his Computer! Dot’s picture is added and LOOK! The Everyday Phoning Facility is on the Computer Screen!

…Here is how the Herbert’s workplace looked like earlier Operation Blackout Sneak Peek!

Jungle in Operation Blackout Sneak Peek!

7th Anniversary Party FUN with Friends :)

The Club Penguin 7th Anniversary Party is here and we are HAPPY for that BUT sad that our beloved Happy77 will leave us!

…I started to cry when I read about that BUT at the same time I trying to be HAPPY for her as she now will have time to do so much FUN TOGETHER with her Children :)

…Just try for her sake…Hurray! Woo hoo! WE LOVE YOU HAPPY77 :)

…It’s AMAZING that Club Penguin already is 7 years Old :)


…as there is NO SIGN outside the Coffee Shop about the Anniversary Party or any Login Picture to announce it I’m fear that many Penguins will miss this Event and the Rare FREE Party Hat item so I have spent lots of time to tell Penguins about it :)

Loustik005 invited us to a Birthday Party for Club Penguin :) First we talked about how much we will miss Happy77…

…Then we showed our support for her decision! HEARTS FOR Happy77 :)

…Bonne Anniversaire Club Penguin :)


…Here are more Club Penguin 7th Anniversary FUN with Friends Billybob, Rsnail, Screenhog, Gizmo 7th Anniversary Party in Server Yeti :)

Club Penguin 7th Anniversary Party CHEATS :)

Vampire Throne available on Your To-Boo List!

The Scary Quest of gathering Spooky items continues…

…You have found a Vampire Throne would you like to pick it up? Not so much but okay…

Your To-Boo List!

Headstone Available on Your To-Boo List!

Club Penguin CHEATS Halloween Party 2012

New Horizons VIDEO - Part 1 - A Brief History of Club Penguin :)

The Club Penguin team is proud to present the first preview of "New Horizons", a documentary on the history of CP. We started working on this documentary back in June 2012, and we're excited to finally share a portion of it with you to celebrate Club Penguin's 7th anniversary.

…Learn about how Experimental Penguins,

…Penguin Chat 2 and Penguin Chat 3…

…eventually evolved into Club Penguin…

…from both former and current team members. Special thanks to Billybob, rsnail, Screenhog, Gizmo, Happy77, and all the other people that have helped support this project.
Until then... Waddle On!
-Polo Field, Businesmoose and the entire Club Penguin Team

…THANKS for this Club Penguin History Video :) I LOVE the Picture with the Fan Artworks that put TOGETHER creates the word Club Penguin :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!

…There are Sneak Peeks of the FUTURE Club Penguin too :) Can this be Sneak Peeks of Operation Blackout?

…Here is how some Updated Club Penguin Rooms will look like! The Beach :)

…Gift Shop :)

…The Dock :)

…Snow Forts :)

…Pizza Parlor :)

…The Plaza :)

…Town :)

Billybob, Rsnail, Screenhog, Gizmo 7th Anniversary Party in Server Yeti :)

UPDATE: October 29, 2012 Screenhog has added info about the Video :)

So awesome. Now for my commentary!

0:01 This is Club Penguin’s hometown of Kelowna, BC.
0:04 “New Horizons” is about the perfect name for a Club Penguin documentary. Club Penguin was originally created by New Horizon Interactive, and when we made Club Penguin, we had to make our own rules about how our virtual world would work, because so few had been made before ours.
0:11 There’s Lane (Billybob). If you look closely on the shelf behind him, there is the super rare plush of the golden Viking Helmet penguin.
0:16 There’s Holly (Happy77). In the original New Horizon Interactive office, Holly and I worked on the first issues of The Penguin Times together.
0:20 There’s me (Screenhog). That room, in my opinion, is the coolest room in the Club Penguin offices. Every time I visit CP, I make a point to check out that room again.
0:27 Nickname1 was the first penguin Lance created for testing Club Penguin. Swampy was also Lance’s penguin.
0:30 There’s Lance (Rsnail). The framed picture is the original Far Side comic that inspired him to use penguins in his chat.
0:34 “massive multiplayer snowball war game” – this would have been called Snow Blasters. I still would love to see how that game would have turned out.
0:41 This was from my first attempt to create an animation model sheet for the penguins. It was not nearly detailed enough, and resulted in the penguins looking very different from one another for the first two years.
0:43 My first possible designs of the Tour Guide Hat (clothing ID# 428). After drawing these up, it was decided not to use the actual word “TOUR” since we were considering taking Club Penguin to other languages, and the question mark hat was used instead. (In Club Penguin, when a tour guide holds up a sign, it’s translated into the proper language).
0:45 I sketched these, but I can’t quite remember why. It might have been for an early Card-Jitsu prototype.
0:48 Here’s Dave. He funded the Club Penguin prototype, and was the third co-founder. Ironically, I don’t think he ever created a penguin on CP.
0:59 This was taken from the SWF file of the original I always liked that site design. New Horizon Interactive’s main job until 2005 was video editing and webpage creation. (Side note: There was a company based in the USA somewhere called that also did some kind of web applications. After Club Penguin launched, they actually had to put a disclaimer on their homepage saying that they were not the New Horizon that makes Club Penguin. I feel so sorry for the amount of e-mails they must have received every day asking for a beta hat.)

1:09 The art here appears to be taken from my storyboard drawings for the first Card-Jitsu power card animations. The Ninja is from the Ninja power card, and the faint sketches behind appear to be from the Puffle Roundup card.
1:20 See that construction crane and those girders behind the fence? That was the only art I made specifically for Penguin Chat 3.
1:25 The original Snow Trekker (called the Snow Cat in Penguin Chat 3, renamed in Club Penguin for legal reasons). I think there’s a tiny version of it in a bottle in the Lighthouse.
1:49 “Items and places and minigames”. Penguin Chat 3 had no items (besides the ninja outfit, and briefly, the hard hat). It had no minigames. The Gift Shop existed so that you could buy actual, real T-Shirts and get them sent to you (but hardly anyone did).

2:00 That sketch of the party hat penguin was drawn by the second artist hired for Club Penguin. The song is “I’ve Been Delayed”, which played in the Night Club of Penguin Chat 3.
2:07 The first, hastily-created Club Penguin homepage.
2:28 The Beta Test party was a genuinely exciting day for us, if for no other reason than for the fact that the servers didn’t die. That was a big concern for us, but we had over 150 penguins on at one time, and for us, that was HUGE!!! (Fun fact: the original world we used for doing a beta test is now one of the safe chat servers.)
2:34 You know why they keep showing the same room over and over? Because it was the only one decorated. That was the entire Beta Test party. Ah, how times have changed.
2:50 My personal prediction of how big Club Penguin would get was demolished about 8 months after we launched.
2:57 This photo appeared on the front page of a Canadian newspaper, and was the very first appearance of a red puffle (see the bottom left).

3:01 Gin was the original “voice” of Aunt Arctic for the Penguin Times.
3:06 I’m not going to even try to point out details inside the pictures of the Club Penguin offices… I’m sure there are many. The important part is to notice the people. Club Penguin is still being run by an amazing team.
3:16 This was taken from this year’s Anniversary party. Rsnail, Gizmo and I were invited to the office to be special guests for the party. (I can only access my Screenhog penguin from within CP offices, so before you ask, no, I can’t meet you online. It’s locked for a reason.)
3:21 Looks like someone was playing too much New Super Mario Bros 2!
3:26 Man, Club Penguin has some awesome fan art.
3:39 Chris Heatherly, who’s taking over for Lane. EDIT: According to the Club Penguin blog, his penguin name is “Spike Hike”.
3:54 Say what you will, but I really like the room redesigns. They are slick. After seven years of growth, Club Penguin’s needed some changes to reflect the new features and games.

That’s it! I’ve heard rumors of a longer documentary coming… I hope they’re true.

Billybob, Rsnail, Screenhog, Gizmo 7th Anniversary Party in Server Yeti :)

Right now Club Penguin has a 7th Anniversary Party at the Kelowna Office and they wanted to Celebrate with us online too so Billybob, Rsnail, Screenhog, Gizmo and more logged into Server Yeti :) I met Screenhog at the Pumpkin Field :) Thanks Screenhog I have done some Pumpkin Experiments on them…LOL :)

…Hi Friends :)

…Screenhog tried to add as many Penguins as Possible :) HURRAY! My Friends List is working! Thanks for adding me :)

…at the Dojo Courtyard I met Billybob, Rsnail and Businesmoose :)

…I like the 7th Anniversary Party Hat on Billybob’s head :)

…Rsnail has a cool Hat too :) I’m so HAPPY to meet you all! THANKS for creating Club Penguin :)

…Happy Birthday CP!!!!

…I saw Gizmo at the Stadium but he left just before I could take a Picture of him…

…at the Iceberg I met more Friends :)

…Hi Friends :) Did you meet Billybob, Rsnail, Screenhog, Gizmo and Businesmoose?

…I tried to add Penguins and did my best to send Postcards BUT sadly I run out of coins…Oops! I must play more Club Penguin Games ASAP!

…but First it’s time for more ANNIVERSARY PARTY! CAKE for EVERYONE :)

…The Cake here in the Coffee Shop is Yummy too :) THANKS FOR THE CAKE!


…Thanks for the Hearts Friends you are so kind :)

…THANKS for the FUN Friends :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!

…Businesmoose Tweeted this Picture of him Billybob, Rsnail and  Screenhog visiting my Igloo :) Sorry I missed you guys BUT I hope you ate of and liked the Cake…LOL :) HAPPY 7th ANNIVERSARY CLUB PENGUIN!

…Here is a picture from Billybob from the Kelowna Office Party :) THANKS for Celebrating with us Online too :) THANKS FOR THE FUN :)

Club Penguin 7th Anniversary Party CHEATS :)

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