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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Spike Hike’s Twitter Account!

Here can you reach Spike Hike (Chris Heatherly) on Twitter so far he hasn't Tweeted yet!

Spike Hike reporting for Duty!

Halloween 2012 Club Penguin Tour Guide!

I just got a phone call from the Boss for the Tour Guides and was asked why I haven’t done a complete Guided Tour for the Halloween Party 2012? Well…I had hoped nobody wanted one! BUT…Sigh...puts on Tour Guide Hat…The Tour starts now! First let’s take a look at the Map as you can see there is a Halloween Party Sign! IF you click on Go There! You will be Teleported to The Forest BUT I DON’T Recommend anyone to Go There as it’s so SCARY!

…Instead let’s start here at the Iceberg! Where are my notes? Wait…looks through papers…here they are! This is the Iceberg which has been turned into a giant pumpkin If you're feeling artistic try carving with your jackhammers…

…Okay then…Let’s try that…OH NO! It’s the SCARY Jack-o-Lantern Face! RUN! I mean SWIM from here NOW!!! Dives…

…Here we are at the Cove! From the looks of things, it seems to be haunted which is inconvenient if you're afraid of ghosts Feel free to grab a surfboard and surf away in terror! Well…I will stay here by the fire first to dry and I’m so HAPPY to report that the Sea monster has NOT been seen in the Cove this Year :)

…There is a Lightning storm visible through the Binoculars and it looks like the Hydro-Hopper Boat is not driving around there right now…GREAT! Safety First :)

…Oops! This is the SPOOKY FOREST! Do AVOID this Place as if you enter the Haunted Mansion you might see or become a GHOST! Let’s HURRY away from here!!!

…This place is a little more Pleasant especially if you mute the Halloween Music :) It’s a little dark here in the Community Garden but it’s usually Ghost Free! Disclaimer: Sometimes Ghosts can hang out here too! If they do try to hide!

…Here we have the Cave, which has its own pool. It also has windows to see underwater. Wait a moment, and a crab may walk by. BUT…There is NOTHING swimming or walking around outside these windows! The Crabs are GONE and there is no Floating Pumpkin! Can this be a sign of an Environment Catastrophe or is this a BUG!?! Hmmm…I need to investigate this more later…

…We can hear ordinary Night Club Music playing down here in the Boiler room BUT up at the Night Club it’s playing Halloween Music…SPOOKY! Just kidding it’s a Bug :)

…Here we have the Night Club It's time to show off our monster moves Even the green puffle dressed up! When we're done boogieing we can head upstairs to watch Night of the Living Sled 2! Night of the Living Sled HD VIDEO!

…This is the Arcade where we can see Night of the Living Sled 2! That is one spooky sled prepare to be scared!

…if you have an Apron on and Dance close to a Table you can serve different kind of Food and Treats :) Pizza anyone?

…sadly Club Penguin has STILL NOT Fixed the Bug with the Yellow Ice-cream Apron so it STILL doesn't work! I wonder why Club Penguin is so LAZY!

…Here's the Town Center! Let's check out the Gift Shop and choose our costumes The scarier the better! WHO wrote this Tour Guide script!?! It SHOULD be the cuter and NON Scarier the better! Mumbles…fixing the script…Done :)

…LOOK! A Sign! Clicks on it…

…Enter The Mansion! My Great Uncle Gariwald went missing long ago. Now his mysterious mansion has appeared out of thin air. Help me solve this mystery…If you Dare! Gary the Gadget Guy…Hmmm…if you click on I Dare you will be teleported to the Forest…IDEA! Let’s just IGNORE this and similar signs around Club Penguin :)

…This is the Coffee Shop Let's grab some snacks and watch Night of the Living Sled!

…I don’t like to go up here at The Club Penguin Times Office but we can see the Lightning storm from the windows here…Let’s go down again!

…it’s dark outside…

…Welcome to the Gift Shop Let's try on some scary Halloween costumes! If you wear a full monster outfit you can earn a Stamp! And there are OTHER Stamps to earn during this Party too! Take a look in your Stamp Book and see what you find! Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin!

…time to leave…WHOA! That was a BIG Flash! Make sure you don’t holding a Fishing rod or Umbrella if you have to go Outside! IDEA! Let’s STOP the Tour here and…No!?! Sigh…

…This is NOT a Safe Place to be during a Lightning Storm so let’s be Quick! I will now talk SUPER FAST…

Safe Messages!
Happy Halloween!
Did you hear that noise?
Costume contest at my igloo!
Want to find some ghosts?
Let's go trick-or-treating!
Let's watch Night of the Living Sled
Great costume!
Let's go in the Haunted House!
sneaks up

…What do monsters use in their hair? Scare spray!
What do birds give out on Halloween? Tweets!
What kind of mistakes do ghosts make? Boo boos!
What do ghosts have in their coffee? Scream and sugar!
What do ghosts wear to parties? A boo-tie!
What's a ghost's favorite treat? Ice-scream!
What monster likes to dance the most? The Boogieman!
Why was the mummy so tense? He was all wound up!
Where do ghosts buy their food? At the ghost-ery store!

…Let’s RUN inside! WAIT! The Sports Building is MOVED! This is NOT GOOD! Can it be the Storm that moved this Building or is this another CP BUG? Answer: It’s a BUG!

…Here are the Snow Forts! Let's go trick-or-treating! Stand in front of a door to ring the bell!

…Welcome to the Plaza! Night of the Living Sled Live is at the Stage! We can join in or read the signpost and head to the haunted house it's open for everyone this year!

…Welcome to the Stage. Tickets please! Currently showing Night of the Living Sled Live! Ever wondered what would happen if a sled came to life? Pick a costume from the trunk and join the fun! Or…


…SAFE! It has been Proved that Puffles are Smarter than Ghosts :)Here we are in the Pet Shop Adopt a brave puffle then head to the Forest to investigate the haunted house together! OR stay here and have Ghost FREE FUN :)

…You want to see MORE of the Halloween Decorated Club Penguin?

…This is the Pizza Parlor I suggest the Halloween special a pumpkin pizza! Let's enjoy the spine-tingling sounds of the haunted organ! I have a BETTER IDEA :) Use Earplugs!

… If it wasn't for the Storm this would have been a very pretty view BUT at lease we can see a few stars :)

…Here we are in the Dojo Courtyard A few years ago the Dojo was struck by lightning That's quite a storm over there...

…Lots of decoration in here and I noticed that the Ninjas are smarter then training outside in the Lightning storm :) Ninjas Animated :)

…Welcome to the Ninja Hideout! Looks like Sensei's put up some decorations Keep an eye out! Ninjas might be playing invisible hide and seek..

…I like that we can see some stars here from the Fire Dojo :)

…Welcome to the Ski Mountain! There sure are a lot of bats up here and look at that moon! Hmm, maybe we should race down quickly…Let’s use the Ski Lift!

…Here we are at the Ski Village…WAIT! Where did the Ski Lift go!?! It’s SCARY how many Bugs Club Penguin has! Let’s see what the Tour Guide script says…This the Ski Village Looks like there's a costume contest going on! Let's jump on stage in our scariest outfits! Hmmm…waddle on…

…This is the Lodge We can head outside for a game of Ice Fishing or play a game of Find Four by the fire :)

…using a Fishing rod on the Ice during a Lightning Storm it’s a very BAD IDEA!

…Here's the Lodge Attic which is a bit creepier than usual We can play a game of Find Four by candle light or tell scary stories…OR tell FUNNY Stories so we get LESS Scared :)

…Welcome to the Dock and a giant pumpkin patch! We can play hide and seek, but watch out! Some of these pumpkins look haunted...

…This is the Beach! Step inside the Lighthouse and watch Night of the Living Sled 3 It's alive, I tell you! ALLIVVVVEEE!! AND there are SPIDERS HERE! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! WAIT! That Spider was pretty cute :)

…We're at the Lighthouse Sit down and enjoy the spooky show Night of the Living Sled 3! Can someone please pass the popcorn?

…The Beacon holds the Lighthouse spotlight…woah! Someone's swapped the bulb with a pumpkin! I think it might even be the largest one on the island!

…Through the Telescope we can see the Thunderstorm but the Shipwreck Island Beacon we built during Rockhopper’s Quest is still working as it should :) I’m so HAPPY that the light from it will help to guide Rockhopper and other Sailors so they can be safe :)

…FINALLY! The Tour Ends here :) If you want more information about Free items, FUN Glitches, Help Guides and Secrets read this post Club Penguin CHEATS Halloween Party 2012! Now I will waddle home and Hug my Puffles! Saraapril’s Pleasant Place Igloo :)

Field-Ops 105 Location BUG!

As so often we have the wrong Field-Ops Location BUG in ALL rooms there we can stand at the same spot as the Correct Location! Here are a few of those Bug Locations…Snow Forts…

Haunted House Library…

…Haunted House Dinning Hall…

…if you click on the Spy Phone that indicates that you have found the Field-Op you will NOT get the Field-Op Mini Game as this is a Bug Location!

…Thanks Youyouyou767 for reminding me about this Bug :) This is a very confusing and annoying Bug and I hope Club Penguin will take time to FIX IT!

Club Penguin Bugs!

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