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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Time to give us item and Pin BACK!?!

Sadly the Disney Club Penguin Team is much better at creating Bugs then fixing them! I’m STILL missing my Favorite Helmet and the Lighthouse Pin is still missing for Penguins that should have it! Item and Pin Missing BUG!

…PLEASE CP do a better work and start to Fix ALL the BUGS in the Online Game!

Club Penguin Bugs!

UPDATE: November 29, 2012 The Lighthouse pin is now back :)

UPDATE: March 25, 2013 Rad Helmet BUG ANNIVERSARY!

Herbert’s Reflection Sneak Peek!

Here is a message and Sneak Peek from Spike Hike: The EPF has just sent me this image from one of its security cameras. What is happening here?

…OH NO! It’s Herbert’s Reflection in Gary’s broken Glasses! And who is that Penguin he has grabbed? Gary? Or…This is NOT GOOD!

Herbert’s plan for Operation Blackout Sneak Peek!

Saraapril on Puffle Rescue Mission :)

Right now I’m working hard in the mysterious Underground Cave System with saving lost Puffles! It looks like some Puffles have a hard time to learn that it’s dangerous to play down there and often they get into trouble and need our help! Rockhopper’s Search for Yarr PARTY :)

…I LOVE all the secrets that are hidden inside this Game :) Here I’m taking a Leap of Faith :) Puffle Rescue Game CHEATS and Secrets :)

…If you want you can take a little Waddle Down Club Penguin Memory Lane :) Rockslide in Mine and HOLE in the Mine Wall :)

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