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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Club Penguin Bug!

Club Penguin has tried to post on the What’s New Blog about Sneak Peek Picture of New Rooms but again they failed to add a picture and if you click on Read More you will not get the post…sigh…Club Penguin FAILS using Drupal!

Club Penguin Bugs!

Something is wrong in Club Penguin – My Stories and Adventures :)

Something is wrong in Club Penguin things are changing and it's not for the good! I have been down in the Underground investigating why the crabs and fishes are gone…

…and the result is a reason for large concern! There is an alarming concentrate of nitrates and phosphates in the water and something else I haven't identified yet and as the water is polluted the sea life is suffering! I must find the source of the pollutant…

…Hmmm…everything was fine BEFORE the Halloween Party started and we didn't have this problem last year so I should start my investigation at the Haunted Mansion…AHHHH!!!! A GHOST! OR…Hmmm there is a Super Helium tube connected to a Ghost shaped Balloon hidden in here! This must be another of Gary’s silly Halloween jokes!

…The water test shows that this slime is not harmful to the environment! GOOD :)

…Let’s take a close look inside Gariwald’s Lost Laboratory!

…Hmmm…is Gariwald really a Ghost or is this another of my Uncle Gary’s Halloween Tricks?

…Looks around…there are six strange Light bulbs…AHA!! They are projecting a Hologram image of Gariwald and there is an electric switch that makes it look like he lowers the level when we enter the Ghostamatron!

…BUSTED Gary! Your long lost Great Uncle Gariwald’s is FAKE! That makes me feel so much Better :) My Uncle indeed does deserve the name Gary the Gadget Guy :)

…BUT where does the pollution come from? Can it be…calling Uncle Gary on Spy Phone! I have solved the Mystery with Gariwald in the Haunted Mansion Uncle G he is a Hologram! And you are using chemicals in the Ghostamatron to make Penguins look like Ghosts!

…Great work Saraapril :) I was just wondering how long it would take before someone figured it out! I’m so proud over myself for the Ghostamatron Machine I have created a special mix of chemicals and dried pulverized seaweed that I spray on sheets and when Penguins wearing them it makes the illusion that they have become Ghosts!

…There is a MAJOR problem Uncle G! Chemicals from the Ghostamatron Machine has leaked out in the water and the sea life around Club Penguin is DYING!


…We need to shut down this Machine ASAP and start to find a way to clean the water!

…I’m so Sorry Saraap…Suddenly I heard a Scream and then the Spy Phone went silent! Hello Uncle Gary are you there? No answer…

…to be continued…

Saraapril’s My Stories and Adventures :)

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