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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bonus item with Membership Online OR…

LIMITED TIME ONLY! November 7 – December 5, 2012 :) If you buy a 6 months or 12 months Disney Club Penguin Membership you will get BONUS secret agent items and if you already have the item(s), you’ll get a different bonus instead :) You find the Limited Offer Here :)

6 Months includes BONUS items: Detective’s Coat and Grey Fedora :)

12 Months includes BONUS items: Dark Detective’s Coat, Grey Fedora and Binoculars :)

…Thanks Prado and Sammychip for telling me about this :) I like these items and the Detective’s Coat, Dark Detective’s Coat and the Gray Fedora can right now be bought from the Costume Trunk Catalog at the Stage too if you already are a Member! Conclusion: The Binoculars are actually the ONLY extra item you get when buying a 12 Months Membership as you can buy the other items yourself as soon you are a Member! This is NOT FAIR as Penguins get FOOLED to believe that they get something very special! What a RIPOFF!

Club Penguin CHEATS :)

Gary is Kidnapped! Club Penguin Exit Page!

Gary is Kidnapped! Return Nov. 15 to get your disguise. Prepare to infiltrate Herbert’s fortress.

Operation Blackout!

Spy Phone Message from Director November 8, 2012!

I have a NEW Spy Phone Message BUT I can’t see the indication as the Field-Ops Alert is in the way BUT if I open the Spy Phone and then close it again I will get the Spy Phone message indication :) Can this message be from Uncle Gary? Is he found?

November 8, 2012


RED ALERT! Agent G is missing. All agents, search the island. This is not a drill. Repeat, this is not a drill. Field-Ops 107

…Thanks EPF Agent Holland93733 for telling me about this message :)Herbert has Captured Gary! We MUST quickly find Herbert, talk to him and make him understand that he must release Gary and that he can NOT DO THINGS LIKE THIS!

See earlier Spy Phone Message!

Operation Blackout!

New Spy Furniture :)

This is a message from Businesmoose: Hello Penguins! A new furniture catalog was released today. Have you checked it out yet?

What’s your favorite item from this month’s catalog? Let us know in the comments below!

Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

I LOVE the Paw Prints :) THANKS for making them :)

Club Penguin Furniture catalog CHEATS November 2012 :)

EPF Operation Blackout November 15, 2012

Disney UK Features Operation Blackout on their Club Penguin webpage: Party News EPF Operation Blackout (Nov 15 – Dec 4)

Do you have what it takes to stop Herbert P. Bear? Starting 15 November, head to Club Penguin for Operation Blackout. Gear up as a secret agent with the Elite Penguin Force, infiltrate the enemy fortress. and save the island! Thanks Penguincombi for telling me about this :)

…Why is Club Penguin about ENEMIES and not Friends? Let’s STOP the craziness and work TOGETHER for WORLDWIDE PEACE PLEASE!

Operation Blackout!

Field-Ops 107 EPF CHEATS :)

I have no Spy Phone so I can’t do the Field-Op 107! BUT my Test Penguin has a Spy Phone and this is the Message I got from the Field-Ops Monitor: Attention Agents – I need your help! Someone is inside my lab, and I think they’re—  *BZZZZZKT*\-connection lost\-

Club-Penguin- 2012-11-0240 - Copy

…I have contacted Club Penguin Support and asked for help with the Spy Phone Bug I will post more here when they answer…

UPDATE: No answer from CP Support yet BUT I have my Spy Phone back :)

…New Field-Op Available! Report for duty at the Command Room to receive your orders. HURRAY! I hope this means that Gary the Gadget Guy is back at the Command Room again :) Click on Go There…

…Uncle G are you there? Click on Field-Ops Monitor…

…NO!!! Same Message as before! Uncle G is Still MISSING! There is no button to click on to Accept Field-Op as it is none…

…so the Spy Phone keep signal New Field-Op Assignment! VERY ANNOYING!

…Every time I pick up I get the New Field-Op Available Message! ANNOYING!

…See earlier EPF Field-Op 106 :)

…How to add Saraapril’s Club Penguin Field-Ops Tracker :)

UPDATE: November 9, 2011 Here is the answer from Club Penguin Support:

Hi Saraapril,
We experienced a small issue yesterday with some penguins' Spy Phones disappearing but I'm happy to let you know that it has since been fixed and the Spy Phones have been returned. We're not exactly sure why; probably something to do with Herbert being up to his old tricks again!
We hope you're looking forward to Operation Blackout starting on November 15th! Be sure to email us again if you have any other questions or concerns.
Club Penguin Support

Answer to Club Penguin from Saraapril: My parents have taught me to take responsibility for my mistakes and not try to blame them on someone else! Don’t blame “Herbert” when Club Penguin’s technical staff lack in competence!

Club Penguin Bugs!

Club Penguin Times 368 :)

Gary Kidnapped? Public Service Announcement!

Gary Kidnapped?

Search parties are scouring the island, looking for Gary the Gadget Guy. Breaking news: Gary the Gadget Guy is missing. The famous inventor was scheduled for an interview with the Club Penguin Times, and did not show up. An island-wide search is now on. All citizens are asked to help, as evidence suggests Gary may have been kidnapped. Herbert has Captured GARY!

“You know Gary,” commented a Rescue Squad member. ”If he had invented a space ship or something, and was flying around in space, he’d STILL let everyone know he was okay.” “But he’s just gone. This isn’t like him at all. We’re all really worried.” Rumors that Gary may have been kidnapped started when EPF agents took up the investigation. “Assemble search parties and look for clues,” said a Comm Agent in the Ski Village. “Check every igloo, puffle house, henhouse and outhouse within a 36 mile radius.” Who could have kidnapped Gary, and why? The only thing known for sure now is that the island is out in force. More details as this story develops. Operation Blackout!

Public Service Announcement!

The following is a message from the EPF Public Relations Officer.

Hey guys, Rookie here. I’ve got an important message from the Elite Penguin Force for everyone. The EPF is currently on Red Alert, and teams of agents are conducting a top secret investigation. But we need your help. If you see anything suspicious, anything at all, please tell the nearest EPF agent. Like, if you see a giant crab monster, definitely report that. Also, for now please do not dress in yeti costumes or any outfits with white fur on them. Stay safe, and keep a sharp eye open.



All events are on hold until further notice.

Please help search for Gary.

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until Nov. 14 Gariwald Family crest Pin CHEATS :)
Next pin hidden: Nov. 15–Nov. 28

News Flash!

EPF Agents have been seen all over the island. Please answer any questions they have. Report anything unusual. This is not a drill. Repeat, this is not a drill.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

What do you do when you're not writing the newspaper? – Euneed Hob Bees
Dear Euneed Hob Bees,Though writing the newspaper can certainly keep me busy, I do try to find time for other pursuits. Luckily, there’s always something new to try around the island. Right now I’m enjoying decorating my igloo in lots of different ways. I like learning new arrangements from other decorators. And judging igloo contests is one of my favorite activities. At least once a week I try to sneak in a few games of Mancala and Card-Jitsu. Here’s some advice: don’t mix those up! Hitting your Mancala opponent with hot sauce is considered bad form. I also have a few small jobs on the side. Like any other penguin, I enjoy collecting my paychecks each month in the mail. Thanks for your question! 

Some Stamps require a LOT of patience and practice to get.

What’s the hardest Stamp you’ve ever earned?–Collette Terr
Dear Collette Terr, Now this is a tricky question! I adore collecting Stamps, and each one always poses a unique challenge. Sometimes a Stamp is difficult to get because it takes lots of time. Others take lots of skill. And some are difficult simply because you can only get them certain times of year. However, if I had to pick, I think my proudest achievement was earning all the Stamps for Jet Pack Adventure. After earning the Ace Pilot Stamp sometime ago for my column, I decided that I wanted to earn the rest of the achievements for Jet Pack Adventure. This would prove easier said than done. Finding all the fuel cans took a lot of searching, and many many crashes. For some reason crashing in the Forest on purpose was particularly challenging. But the hardest of all was the Puffle Boost Stamp. Luckily my green puffle Cornelius was up to the task. Now that I have the full set, perhaps it’s time to pick a new game to play. Any suggestions? Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

Secrets Classified System Defender Tips & Secrets!

This message is classified: Agents of the EPF have access to an intense game called System Defender. Here are some tips to hone your skills. These are known as the Three Cs:

  • Cannons: build cannons with speed
  • Colors: use different colored cannons. Red is fast, yellow has range, and purple is slow but effective
  • Corners: take out more bugs by placing cannons on all corners

Stay vigilant, and with practice you’ll become a master System Defender. System Defender EPF Reviewed by Saraapril!

...See earlier Club Penguin Newspaper Club Penguin Times 367 :)

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