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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Meet Billybob and Spike Hike at Fog 10 am :)

Spike Hike Tweeted and he invites everyone to meet him and Billybob at Server Fog 10 am PST Today :) As I already have met them both I will not be there to make room for other Penguins that want to meet them too :) Waddle On and have FUN :)

Saraapril in Club Penguin :)

UPDATE: The Party is now over!

Club Penguin VIDEO Operation Blackout Commercial on TV :)

Hallie and Noah on Disney Game On show us Sneak Peeks from the Operation Blackout Party!

…As always everyone can become an EPF Agent :) ALL Penguins can use the Klutzy disguise :)

…and Members can sneak around as Herbert…

…and throw GIANT Snowballs! Detail: Look in the upper left Corner Herbert P Bear is THERE!!! Thanks Mario6354 for noticing this detail :)

Club-Penguin- 2012-11-0332 - Copy

…There will be six special challenges you need to complete if you want to stop Herbert! The further you get the more Spy Gears you will get :) Grappling Hook, Plasma Laser…to get to Herbert’s Secret Command Room you gonna need Anti Lava Boots…

…Thanks MrFoshizzel01 for this Video :) For more information about this Disney Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Mission look on this Post Operation Blackout Club Penguin!

UPDATE: November 16, 2012 The Video is now replaced with one in better quality :)

Saraapril’s Save the Ocean Igloo :)

Due to Gary’s Ghost Transforming Party trick we have got an Environment CATASTROPHE! Something is wrong in Club Penguin – My Stories and Adventures! Here at the Beach I have made a Lab so Scientists and Volunteers have a base to work from while we TOGETHER try to find a way to rescue the sea life and clean the water from pollution!

…I have dived all around Club Penguin Island and taken water samples and the result is NOT GOOD! I think Gary must unintentionally have slowly been polluting the water for a very long time as my Friends the cute Seahorse and Shy Fish Friends disappeared March 28, 2012 and the water tests show that the concentrate of nitrates and phosphates are extremely high just around this small coral reef!

…I’m very worried over the situation as when the water is Polluted our Flowers and Vegetables will soon be too and if we eat Fish or seafood that have been in polluted water we will get sick! PLEASE come and help out in my Igloo so we TOGETHER can find a way to Save the Ocean and Sea Life around Club Penguin Island!

…See earlier Igloo decoration Saraapril’s 7th Anniversary Club Penguin Party Igloo :)

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