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Monday, November 12, 2012

Club Penguin Exit Picture BUG!

If you log off the Spanish Club Penguin you will get a Fan Art instead of the Exit Page that should be there! Thanks Kowalski8503 for telling me about this Bug :)

…And if you log off a French Server you get this Fan Art of Sensei!

Club Penguin BUGS!

UPDATE: November 13, 2012 The picture Bugs are now Fixed :)

Security Lapses at Club Penguin!

Female First has interviewed Lucy Woodward, head of Disney Club Penguin in the UK and Europe, about the importance of online safety for children, her role at Club Penguin and where she gets her inspiration for the job and in this article it states that there has never been a security lapse at Club Penguin! WHAT!?! That is a LIE!!

Emails from Club Penguin got sent to wrong email address!

I have got several emails from Club Penguin with information that indeed wasn't meant for me but for somebody else's Parent!

This is the reply I got from Club Penguin about this matter:

Sep 23, 2010

Hi Saraapril, 
Thanks for getting back to us about this. We are currently aware of a bug that is sending emails to the incorrect addresses, and it appears that there have been a number of emails that have been misdirected to you. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience that this has caused, and rest assured that we are working to get this fixed as soon as possible.

Club Penguin Support

Club Penguin gave out children's Penguin names and their addresses!

April 9, 2010 Billybob sent out Sneak Peeks to selected Bloggers to use us to Advertise Herbert’s Revenge!

May 21, 2010 Billybob sent an email to us that got Sneak Peeks and asked for our home address without asking us to get our parents permission or giving us any way to confirm if this was an authentic email from Club Penguin or a scam: “Please email us back with an address so we can send you the DS game.” More info about this letter!

Due to Club Penguin’s unprofessional and unsecure behavior my parents didn’t allow me to leave my home address but I was allowed to leave the address to one of their grownup friends that agreed to help out. My parents also stated what name (not my) that should be written on the parcel but Club Penguin ignored that and addressed the parcel to Saraapril and the address given!

ALL Bloggers that accepted the gift from Disney Club Penguin that included Herbert’s Revenge DS Game and a 6 months free Membership got their Penguin Name together with the given address on the parcel and with that Club Penguin revealed the home address of many kids that are Famous Bloggers!

On top of this the parcel was not sent out from Club Penguin but from a 3rd party company that Club Penguin gave away children’s Penguin names and addresses to!

Parcel to Saraapril from Club Penguin

My parents contacted Club Penguin about this Security lapse and eventually after lots of silence and “lost emails” from Disney Club Penguin, Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx the Director of Community Support replied to my parents email but without giving any answers to my parents questions! When my parents several times during several months contacted him he did not care to respond! My parents contacted Club Penguin support and December 17, 2010 they got a reply from them:

“Regarding your emails to Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, he is still very much working within Club Penguin, but is a very busy person. I am certain that he has received your emails, but simply hasn't had a chance to reply yet. I will be sure to pass this along to him so that he can look into your emails and respond accordingly.”

To this date November 12, 2012 my parents have not got a reply! And that is INEXCUSABLE!

Friends List Hack!

Anyone could add themself to anyone's Friends List! More info here: Club Penguin is wide open for Bullies and other Wierdos Online!

Club Penguin keeps neglecting fixing Bugs so we can’t protect ourselves Online!

Due to the fact that Club Penguin keep ignoring to fix the old Ignore Friends List Bugs it’s extremely hard to protect ourselves from Bullies Online in Club Penguin! More info here: How to Ignore and Remove Penguins?

My Wish: Please Disney Club Penguin stop lying and pretending in front of our Parents and Media that there has never been a security lapse at Club Penguin! Own up to your previous mistakes and start to fix the current Problems ASAP!

Saraapril in Club Penguin :)

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