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Friday, November 16, 2012

How to jump up on the Balcony in Herbert’s HQ?

Many of you have asked me for Sneak Peeks of the rest of Herbert’s Head Quarter and how to jump up on the Balcony! Even though I have Sneak Peeks of more rooms and know how to get on the Balcony I have decided to not post about that right now as I don’t want to reveal all the secrets as I like how Disney Club Penguin has made an Extra effort to make Operation Blackout in Chapters and I don’t want to spoil their hard work :)

…BUT one little tiny Sneak Peek will do no harm :) Oops! I’m in TROUBLE…LOL :)

…I hope you all agree with me that waiting for the next Chapter of Operation Blackout is way More FUN :)

Club Penguin Operation Blackout CHEATS :)

UPDATE: Operation Blackout CHEATS Chapter 3 is HERE and ALL Penguins can now do the mission and get up on the Balcony :)

Operation Blackout CHEATS Chapter 2 :)

Operation Blackout Chapter 2

We’re only just getting started, Agent. There are four more Security Terminals to shut down. The next one is close to the first, but can only be accessed through a security door. Use this grappling hook to pull the door’s level.

2.1 Equip this Grappling Hook

2.2 Hook the level and open the door to access Security Terminal 2

2.3 Shut down Security Terminal 2

…You have found a Grappling Hook would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :) Click on Go There and…

…hold the Grappling Hook in your Flipper when waddling through the door…

…COOL! Door Open :)

…Time to shut down the Security Terminal 2…

…Access Security Terminal? Click on Yes and…

…Move the security blocks to get the pass-key to the lock Click on OK…

…Time to think…

…DONE :)

…Access Granted Upgrading Security Clearance to Level: 2…

…Herbert Security Clearance 2 has been added to your inventory.

…Return on November 18 for further orders.

…Two Green Lamps of Five :) I guess Chapter 6 will be something Special as we don’t have a light for that one…

…Sneak Peeks of Chapters to come: Operation Blackout CHEATS Chapter 1 :)

Club Penguin Operation Blackout CHEATS!

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