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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Operation Blackout Breaks Records!

This is a message from Spike Hike:

Hey there, Penguins!
Big news! With all the excitement for Operation Blackout and the epic finale launching today, we've had over 1.8 million Penguins log in during the last 24 hours - a new record! Club Penguin is bigger than ever, and we couldn't have done it without you guys!

For those who haven't logged in yet, we still need your help to defeat Herbert. Gear up in your Lava Boots and help us take him down. There are rumors going around that if you help defeat Herbert, the Director will reveal his identity to you. Or is it her identity?
With the record traffic, I know some people have seen some glitches today. Sorry about that. The team are all over it and should have them all fixed soon. Thanks for hanging in there.
Thanks again for making this happen! 
Until next time... Waddle On!
-Spike Hike and the Club Penguin Team

What glitches are you referring to Spike Hike? If you talk about that the Covert Agent Station was missing that’s not a Glitch that’s due to a BIG MISTAKE by the Club Penguin Team that created that BUG!

…If you talk about that Herbert can’t be added on Friends List or that his Free Gift Background can’t be picked up or that the Club Penguin Freezes that's OLD Bugs that have been here the WHOLE Party and NOT just Today!!! So once again Spike Hike exactly WHAT Glitches are you talking about!?!

...For Help, Tips and Secrets look at this Post  Operation Blackout CHEATS :)

Operation Blackout CHEATS Chapter 6 :)

Operation Blackout Chapter 6

Final Chapter

Listen closely Agent. Take these Anti-Lava Boots, and use them to sneak into Herbert’s Central Command room. This is my final message. Herbert has found me. He is coming. The fate of the Island rest on you---

6.1 Equip the Anti-Lava Boots

6.2 Sneak into Herbert’s Central Command room

6.3 Shut down the Solar Laser and save Club Penguin

…You have found a(n) Anti Lave Boots Would you like to pick them up? Yes Please :)

…Anti-Lava Boots on! Time to rescue the leaders of EPF… 

…Terminal 6 :)

…Access Security Terminal? YES!

…Move the security blocks to get the pass-key to the lock. OK…

…Time to think again…Hmm…

…DONE :)

…Self Destruction Sequence initiated. Please evacuate the facility.

…I like the VIDEO that now starts and there The Director’s secret Identity get revealed :) The Director of EPF is…VIDEO :) The Text is scrambled as it was in code :)

…You have found a Covert Agent Station Would you like to pick it up? YES INDEED!

…This item is not currently available! WHAT! After all our hard work to rescue the Leaders of the Elite Penguin Force we get rewarded with a BUG! This is NOT OKAY!!!

…These are the 6 different ways the Covert Agent Station looks like! And I would like to pick up at least 6 of this item! UPDATE: This Bug is now fixed :) Sadly we can only pick up ONE of this Item!

…HURRAY! The Sun is Back :)

…Look a grating is added over the Lava :)

…HURRAY! The Pictures of Gary, Dot, Rookie, Jet Pack Guy and The Director (Aunt Arctic) are Removed as they are SAVED :)

…and the Alert Warning is GONE!

…The Sun is starting to shine down between the Clouds :)

…and Herbert’s Paradise is still intact! Good for him :) I hope he enjoys it as it will not last for long now…I REALLY hope the EPF has LEARNED something from this Adventure (what goes around comes around) and now are ready to help Herbert find a nice and warm place here at Club Penguin Island so all this Fighting can STOP once and for ALL!!! Then we FINALLY can have PEACE and start to Prosper!!! Imagine how much GOOD we all could do TOGETHER if we choose to spend out time to invent helpful equipment to save our Planet :)

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Club Penguin Operation Blackout CHEATS :)

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