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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Coins for Change 2012 :)

This is a Message from Polo Field:

Hello Penguins!
Only a few days let until December... Which means it’s almost time for our annual Coins For Change event!
Every year the Club Penguin community helps us decide how we divide up a significant donation to worthy causes around the world. For this year's Coins For Change, we're giving $1 million USD! 
There will be three different causes to choose from:

  • Provide Medical Help
  • Protect the Earth
  • Build Safe Places

Club-Penguin- 2012-11-1713 - Copy

Tell us which cause you're most passionate about by leaving a comment. We love hearing from you!
Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

HURRAY! I LOVE that we can help real kids in the real life while playing Club Penguin and Coins for Change is one of my FAVORITE Parties :) I donate to ALL the causes as they ALL are so IMPORTANT!!

…Look at the round sparkling thing at the left of the door can it be a portal to the Ice Palace or a Christmas Tree decoration part of a Scavengers Hunt? Club Penguin Holiday Party 2012 :)

UPDATE: Here is another similar Picture there Polo Field shows us a Sneak Peek of an Eating Cookie Emote :)

UPDATE: December 4, 2012 Here is a bigger Picture of the Snow Forts with a Coins for Change board :)

Coins for Change :)

Spy Phone Message from Herbert P Bear!

November 29, 2012

Herbert P Bear

I know it's YOU trying to oppose me, Agent! I WILL find out who you are. I WILL capture you. Mark my words!

…Thanks EPF AGENT Happyblue128 for telling me about this Message :) Don’t be silly Herbert! You know very well that I’m HAPPY to be your Friend and help you build a nice, quiet and warm place where you can live and that I think we ALL should live here on our Island TOGETHER in PEACE :) Try to work on your self absorbed attitude Herbert and then you can contact me again! For now I’m busy trying to help the poor Puffles that are freezing and starving all thanks to your selfishness! Operation Blackout CHEATS!

…I KNOW that you deep inside is kind Herbert and that you indeed do care about others and don’t intended to hurt anyone when you redirected all the sunlight to create your Paradise but Please try to use your smart brain for things that will benefit EVERYONE and let’s work TOGETHER to create a better world :)

…See earlier Spy Phone message from Herbert!

Official Club Penguin Annual 2013 available in the UK :)

This is a message from Daffodaily5:

Daffo here. I just wanted to tell all you UK players out there that this year's Official Club Penguin Annual is out in the shops now!
I was just having a look through it myself and I was happy to see that it's got a load of puzzles and quizzes, including a cool Secret Agent Exam (obviously I got all the questions right… well, almost). My favourite bit was probably designing my own EPF scene - I love drawing!

It’s available to buy now from WHSmith and other bookshops in the UK. Keep your eye out for the special unlock-able items for your penguin…
Let me know what you think about the annual in the comments below!
Waddle on!
- Club Penguin Team

This book looks like FUN :) You can see more pictures here Club Penguin Official Annual 2013 :)

First Aid Pin CHEATS Club Penguin :)

The Newest Club Penguin Pin is hidden here inside the Mine close the the Puffle Rescue Game :)

…You have found a First Aid Pin would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…See earlier Heavy Weights Pin :)

How to add Saraapril’s Club Penguin Pin Tracker :)

Club Herbert (Penguin) Times issue 371 :)

Is Herbert’s Plan Failing? Resistance Rises!

Is Herbert’s Plan Failing?

The Illustrious Leader Supreme was unavailable for comment.

Author Classified — Where is Herbert? Have his plans hit a speed bump? Are the EPF causing trouble behind the scenes? Those are the unanswered questions, as Herbert’s power seems to be slipping.

A group of concerned citizens found the Newsroom abandoned this week, with the newspaper only half written. They worked together to finish writing it. “Yo check it peeps, this Herbert guy’s a MAJOR drag,” said one unnamed helper. And his plan’s going down! Operation fail!”  “That polar bear is grumpier than a Mullet fish at a ballet recital,” said an anonymous construction worker. And this Blackout is as finished as a grilled cheese sandwich at midnight.” “Though the darkness is deep, where there is bravery, light will always shine through,” said the mysterious leader of the group. “Be brave, Agents of Elite. We are behind you. Club Penguin will be free.”

Resistance Rises :)

At least one agent is proving too clever for Herbert.

Author Classified — EPF agents are going missing. The temperature is dropping to dangerous levels. But there is hope. The EPF resistance continues to fight. And at least one agent seems to have Herbert nervous. At his fancy party, Herbert P. Bear was overheard yelling, “What?! There are still agents on the loose? Wait... THAT agent is still on the loose!?” “UNACCEPTABLE! We’ve caught EVERYONE ELSE! The entire EPF Leadership is in my clutches! Do I have to hunt down that agent myself?!” “FIND THEM! You KNOW what they can do. That agent is as dangerous as the Director!! “Do not rest until you have them! NOW GO!” Club Penguin’s darkest hour has come. Will the EPF prevail?

Upcoming Events :)

Dec. 6 Penguin Style? New fashions are ready to hit the stands... Will Herbert allow them?

Dec. 6 Snow and Sports? Check out the latest in sportswear... If Herbert hasn’t banned them.

Dec. 13 Furniture Catalog? New furniture coming... unless Herbert burns it for firewood.

Is the Blackout ending? Can the EPF defeat Herbert?

Pins are back! Hidden now until December 12.
Next pin hidden: December 13–26

…I get an indication that something is hidden here on Klutzy but nothing happens when I click…Bug?

News Flash :)

Herbert was spotted running around the island this week, looking generally flustered and cranky. Should you see him, all citizens are encouraged to throw snowballs at him.

Ask Herbert :)

Hey Herbert! What’s the North Pole like? – Goe Bak Dere
It’s cold, miserable, and annoying. You would probably fit right in.

Hey Herbert! Your rules don’t make sense. Why did you ban swimming? – Yore Weird
That’s none of your business. But the next thing I’m going to ban is tiresome questions.

Hey Herbert! Can you judge the next igloo contest? – Aye Liek Iglus
I can’t even say no loud enough. But let me try. NOOOOO!!!!!

Squeak! Squeak squeak squeaky! – Lolz
You puffles are as aggravating as your owners.

Penguins are the most annoying creatures that have ever existed!

Hey Herbert! Why do penguins bother you so much? – Payne Gwen Fann
This question is so annoying, I almost ignored it. But then I realized that if I don’t spell it out for you dimwitted penguins, you might stay this way forever. As it would take a thousand newspapers to explain it properly, I shall make this brief. You penguins are irritating. Your music is loud and obnoxious. Your pets are ridiculous and tiresome. Your inventions are useless. Your hobbies are irksome. Your newspapers are boring. Your parties are vexing. Your fashion sense is offensive. You’re short. You’re noisy. You don’t mind your own business. You enjoy the cold. You celebrate weird holidays. Your waddling is bothersome. And your tooting is frankly disgusting. In fact, after considerable thought, the only thing that I like about you penguins is your veggie seaweed pizza. THAT’S. IT. So write all this stuff down, and stop doing it. Maybe then I’ll consider giving you back a little sunlight.

Secrets Classified Secret Entrances Into Herbert’s Base :)

Alright dudes! It’s time to ’band’ together and show this Herbert guy we’re not gonna take this bummer Blackout anymore.

Time to raise a ruckus where Herbert can’t handle it—his base! And HERE’S  how you and your crew can get inside:

  • Sneak in through the fancy paradise party. It’s no penguins allowed, but Herbert’s rules were made to be broken!
  • Use the secret EPF tunnel. You’ll need to find the emergency EPF HQ ASAP. (Whoa, that’s a lot of letters).

Time for Herbert to face the music. Let’s rush that base and rock his world! Peace!

…See earlier Club Herbert Times! Club Penguin Times issue 370 :)

More soon…

Old News on is updated with a red cross over the Picture of the Captured Director and the name on the To Capture List! We KNOW AND she and the other Agents are SAVED but Thanks for updating anyway…LOL :) Operation Blackout Chapter 6 CHEATS :)

…This is how the Picture looked like earlier :)

Club Penguin Holiday Party Coming December 20, 2012 :)

Club Penguin Holiday Party 2012 will be here December 20, 2012! Members, Freeze your Friends :) COOL! Look how cute the Puffle is in the Reindeer Costume :) I LOVE this COOL Exit Page :)

...and the Sneak Peek of the new “I’m Freezing Emote” is Cold…LOL :)

Cool in the Cold Music Video :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

The Friends Requests I had waiting are GONE! UPDATE: Friends Requests are back again :) Detail: For a while now I have noticed that I don’t get the Friends Requests Penguins are sending me and I don’t know if that is a Bug or a new Feature as I have over 500 Friends on my List…

…Even though I have completed the Operation Blackout and Club Penguin is Safe the Screen in the EPF Training HQ is on ALERT AGAIN! BUG!

…The Operation Blackout icon doesn't work to click on anymore and…

...I got a very STRANGE Friends notification! The notification “Bubble” is GONE! UPDATE: The notification Bubble is back :)

…WARNING! Right now we have a EPF Video Blackout! Disney Club Penguin REMOVED the Video we could see at the end of Operation Blackout Chapter 6 and instead we have a Forever Loading Black Screen! DON’T blame Herbert for this as it’s as usual a BUG created due to the lack of competence among the Club Penguin Staff!! UPDATE: The Operation Blackout icon and Video Bugs are now Fixed BUT it took the CP Team around 11 HOURS to fix and that’s WAY to Long!

…Just as earlier the “Club Herbert Times” shows as Club Penguin Times in the Newspaper Archive! Club Herbert Times!

…A few days ago Club Penguin updated the Mobile Apps icon on the Help Topic page by removing the button below the screen! This is probably done to make Apple happy so it doesn't look so much like their iPhone icon! This is how the Mobile Apps icon looked like earlier :)

…Club Penguin has STILL not updated the Event Banners and they are STILL promoting the Halloween Party that is OVER and therefore I have removed both of them from my Blog!

Club Penguin Bugs!

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