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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Saraapril’s Rescue Herbert Igloo :)

I’m so HAPPY that the sunlight has started to come back to Club Penguin and hopefully the climate will go back to normal for our Island soon but right now it’s still very COLD! Operation Blackout Chapter 6 :) EPF Agents are all over Herbert’s Fortress and Herbert is hiding somewhere outside in the cold and he must be FREEZING! Hidden in the Forest I have made a Rescue Center for Herbert and I hope he will use it and understand that Penguins don’t want to harm him and starts to work TOGETHER with us :) Is the bed for Klutzy warm and cozy Speed? Thanks for testing it to make sure :)

…The Containment Cell Herbert invented is actually Excellent to use to preserve Fruit and right now I’m working to calibrate it to the optimal temperature :) I still have more tests to run before it can be sold as a Refrigerator…

…I wonder where Herbert can be right now? Thanks Puffles for helping me Tracking him :) A soon as we find him we can tell him about the Herbert Rescue Center…what did you say Orange? You think we should work TOGETHER with the kind Crabs to locate him? GREAT IDEA! Let’s do that :) Can you handle that without me Puffles? You can! GREAT :) If you need me…

…I will be at the Hospital inside the Lighthouse to help anyone that has got Frostbites!

…See earlier Igloo Decoration Saraapril’s Tracking Herbert Igloo :)

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