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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Club Penguin Igloo Catalog CHEATS December 2012 :)

We have got a Brand NEW Igloo Catalog :) As always I will help you find ALL the hidden secret items without ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :)

…Fresh Baked Gingerbread House 2500 coins is a NEW Igloo :)

…Secret Stone Igloo 2000 coins :)

…Snowglobe Igloo 3700 coins :)

…Estate Igloo 2500 coins :)

…Grey Ice Castle 2400 coins :)

…Shadowy Keep 2400 coins :)

…Secret Delux Stone Igloo 5000 coins :)

Furniture Catalog CHEATS Club Penguin December 2012 :)

More soon…

Club Penguin Bugs and Details :)

Some languages have got another Holiday/Christmas 2012 Exit page added there we can see a Penguin wearing the Color Arctic that will be available during the Party :) The English version of this Picture will hopefully soon be added too :) Arctic White will be released this Year 2012 :) UPDATE: Holiday Party Special Gift Exit Message :)

…The Migrator is closer to shore and Rockhopper and Yarr will be here with the Holiday Party and Coins for Change December 20, 2012 :) It will be so Much FUN to work TOGETHER and raise coins to change the real life for kids again :)

…The icon for the Holly Jolly Igloo Contest 2012 is added in our Igloos :)

…Enter the Holly Jolly Igloo Contest December 13 – 18 Would you like to submit your igloo to the contest? Thanks for asking but not yet, I want to do another decoration First :)

…The Music Bug at Dojo Courtyard is Fixed :)

…”Let’s see The Great Puffle Circus!” has been added to the safe chat under Hello…BUG!

…The Tour Guide at The Plaza is MISSING! BUG!

…and so are the Tour Guide Message inside the Stage! BUG!

Club Penguin BUG!

More soon…

Club Penguin Times issue 373 :)

Cookies for Change!

Cookies for Change :)

Rockhopper’s on his way with a special, magical cookie recipe!

By Aunt Arctic — Hello readers! Are you kooky for cookies? Batty for baked goods? Sweet on sweets? Well, get ready! Because Rockhopper’s coming to town... and he’s got a magical surprise for everyone!

“AHOY MATIES!” Rockhopper said to our Jetpack Reporters, “Gather round, and cast yer eyes on this MAGIC COOKIE RECIPE!” “I found it deep in the deliciously dangerous caverns of the Temple Of Cookies. Legend says that anyone who eats these cookies... will transform.” “ARR! But when I tried to bake some, I nearly burned down Rockhopper Island. So I came up with a NEW plan.”

“I need some volunteers!I be lookin’ to make MILLIONS of cookies, sell’em—and give all the dough to Coins For Change!” “So who’s with me?! If ye be a fan of helpin’ others, makin’ magic, and eatin’ cookies, report to the Bakery on December 20!” “See ye there me hearties! YARR HARR!”

Holly Jolly Igloo Contest :)

It’s time to deck the halls with holly boughs, jolly bows, and jingle bells! The Holly Jolly Igloo contest is here, and the judges want to see what the holidays mean to you.

Submit your decorated igloos Dec. 13–18

How to Enter :)

Deck your igloo in delightful decorations. Try to capture the spirit of the season. Show off your holiday magic! When your igloos all cozy and ready, click the submit button between Dec. 13–18.

If inspiration strikes later, and you want to update your igloo with more decorations, submit it again! The winning igloos will be chosen based on judges’ feedback and the number of Likes it receives.

Prizes :)

Here are the scary-good prizes: The grand prize winner will receive 6 rare igloo items, and 1,000,000 coins! Second prize is 3 rare igloo items, and 10,000 coins! Third prize is 1 rare igloo item and 1000 coins! Forty runner-ups will receive 1000 coins! All winners will have their names in the Club Penguin Times next year… on Jan. 4.

Upcoming Events :)

On now! Holly Jolly Igloo Contest Deck the halls with holiday cheer–then show them off for a chance to win coins and rare items!

Dec. 20 Coins For Change Help make a difference by donating your coins to important causes.

Dec. 20 Rockhopper Returns ARR! Prepare ye for a holiday ruckus the likes of which ye've never seen!

Calling all bakers! Get ready to bake cookies for a good cause.

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until December 26.
Next pin hidden: December 27–January 9

News Flash :)

Tidal experts, pirates, and brown puffles all agree—Rockhopper will be landing at the Beach on December 20.

Ask Captain Rockhopper :)

Ahoy Rockhopper! What does your igloo look like? – Luke At Holmes
ARR! It be over forty feet long, with a great burlap sail and a proud Jolly Roger to warn me foes! Oh wait no! That be me ship! Arr... I think me igloo melted long ago.

Ahoy Rockhopper! What does Rockhopper Island look like? – Stylin’ Island
It be a landmass, surrounded on all sides by the sea! I think there be a small stinky cheese restaurant there too. It not be open on Thursdays.

Have you seen a polar bear lurking around? – Klaus C Fied
ARR! I saw lots of polar bears in the Temple of Polar Bears on Polar Bear Island! They be a grumpy lot, says I!

What did you do with BIG BIG KAHUNA? – Val Kano
ARR! BIG BIG KAHUNA be returned to his rightful place in the Temple of Fruit. But who knows how long he’ll slumber...

Avast! Temples be all over the place, just waiting for a pirate to plunder!

Ahoy Rockhoppper! Where do you keep finding all these weird temples? – Ax Plorer
Ahoy there Ax! There be an old pirate sayin’ I lives by—where there be smoke, there be burnin’ pizza. And the same holds true for islands and temples! No desert island’s complete without some mysterious forsaken temple to explore. It be like a barrel of cream soda without a tray of stinky cheese to wash it down! Ye need to be well prepared to spot a mysterious temple in the wild. There be a few tell-tale signs, such as sinister statues or gigantic pyramids rising out of the jungle. ARR! “Once ye find a temple, grab all the treasure ye can find. But remember! It be a ‘plunder blunder’ to take, and not leave something for the next pirate!” Just watch ye out for booby traps and ancient curses! Nothin’ ruins a pirate’s day like bein’ cursed, doomed to wander the earth as a living tomato or something. Best of luck in yer searches, matey! Fair Winds!

Secrets Classified Igloo Decorating Tips :)

By Rockhopper :) Avast ye landlubbers! I be the Captain of this year’s Igloo Contest, and I be havin’ high standards I expect ye to rise to!ARRRR ye shakin’ in your snowsuits? YARR HARR! Buck up, me buckos! I be havin’ some tips for ye!

  • Give it all you got! Be as funny, festive, and ferocious as ye can be! I be wantin’ to see BOLD designs!
  • OR—if ye rather, be as SWEET as ye can. A cozy holiday cottage be hittin’ me right in the heart strings!
  • OR—ignore this advice entirely! Make somethin’ random! If I’s likes it, YOU’S WIN!

More soon..

Club Penguin Magazine issue 12 :)

Here is a Sneak Peek of the New Club Penguin Magazine issue 12 from Club Penguin Support that will be for sale in stores starting tomorrow December 13, 2012:) Club Penguin Ho Ho Ho-liday Party! This Magazine looks like FUN :) Rock around the Christmas Tree with Rockhopper…LOL :)

…The Fish Dog Vendor Cap and Fish Dog Vendor Pouch are two of the Three Free items you can Unlock How to Unlock Club Penguin items Online? and then you can pick one item of your choice from the Club Penguin Treasure Book!

Club Penguin Magazine :)

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