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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What's Next for the Elite Penguin Force?

This is a message from Polo Field:

Hey Agents!
Now that Operation Blackout is over, many of you have been asking what's coming next for the EPF. We're super excited because we've got some BIG ideas, and we can't wait to share them with you! 
Here are some rough sketches of something we're working on:

Look interesting? Leave a comment and let us know if you have any cool ideas for new EPF missions... We'd love to hear what you think!
Waddle On, Agents!
-Club Penguin Team


Thanks for the Sneak Peek :) Let’s hope the New Elite Penguin Force will be kinder and more interesting in creating Peace then War! I think next mission should be about how to help Herbert to work TOGETHER with us :)

EPF - Elite Penguin Force!

Art for Club Penguin's magazine wanted!

This is a message from Federflink1:
Hey people, cool stuff! The Club Penguin magazine will soon be available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but for that we need your help.
So listen up, here's how:
1) Mail us your most beautiful work of art, tell us your funniest joke or you can also just send a question for Aunt Arctic. Show us what you love about Club Penguin or interested and let your creativity run wild. You have determined some crazy ideas, and we want to see them!
2) Send us your artwork along with the signed and scanned document to the following email address:
Please do not forget to specify your exact penguin name.
If you are lucky Ehapa, our partner in the Club Penguin Magazine, will choose your artwork and you can get it publiced from 13 February 2013 in the Club Penguin Magazine.
Waddle on, Greetings and happy creating art :-)
your Federflink1
from Club Penguin Team

…CONGRATS Germany, Austria and Switzerland for getting the Club Penguin Magazine too :) Have FUN making Drawings :)

Club Penguin Magazine :)

Saraapril’s Christmas Market Igloo :)

When I decorated my Igloo as a Christmas Market I found some Bugs! First it looks like I had added lots of Cozy Red Houses in a row at the front when I in fact have six Candy Fences added there! Luckily this bug fixed itself after I had logged out and logged in again :)

…Later on when I logged in a decoration was Missing! I tried to reload my Igloo, then I logged off and logged in again but this bug didn't fix itself so I had to add the item again!

…I LOVE to look through the windows at the decorations :)

…Please help kids in the real world by Donating your virtual coins to Coins for Change!

…Thanks Puffles for helping out with this donate a Gift to our Hospital Drive :) I know that many of the stuffed Toys will be available in ambulances so kids that have been in an accident will get a toy to hug!

…Time to Enter the Club Penguin Holly Jolly Igloo Contest 2012 :) Click on Enter Contest Icon…

…Enter the Holly Jolly Igloo Contest December 13 – 18 Would you like to submit your igloo to the contest? Yes Please :)

…Thank you! Your igloo has been sent to our judges. Note: if you would like to make changes to your igloo, don’t forget to submit it again when you’re done! Click on Ok…DONE :)

…Now I will put my Figure Skates on and Rock around the Christmas Tree as I soon will do in real life too TOGETHER at a Christmas Market with my Figure Skating Group :) HAPPY HOLIDAY EVERYONE!

Club Penguin Holiday Party 2012 :)

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