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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Spy Phone message from Gary :)

We have got a Spy Phone message from Gary:

December 20, 2012


Agents - divert your efforts to baking cookies! I've been studying them in great detail. They contain 124% your daily intake of magic!

…Okay Uncle Gary! I will go and help out with the baking right now :) Holiday Party 2012 CHEATS Club Penguin :)

…See earlier Spy Phone message from Gary the Gadget Guy :)

Coin Total BUG!

When I looked at the Coin Total Counter I saw a Math BUG! The donated coins to Coins for Change are shown in % and are divided between three charities…41% + 30% + 30% = 101% and that = BUG!

…Someone at Disney Club Penguin needs a Math Lesson!

Club-Penguin- 2012-12-1088 - Copy

Holiday Party 2012 CHEATS Club Penguin :)

Rockhopper’s To Do List :)

On Rockhopper’s Notice Board can we read what he and Yarr plan to do during there visit this time :)

To do List:

  • Avast! Bake gazillion cookies!
  • Donate more coins that I can count!
  • Raise a ruckus with those Frost Bite scallywags!

Times to meet Rockhopper at Christmas Holiday Party 2012 :)

Rockhopper’s Rare Holiday items :)

Rockhopper’s New Background :)

Holiday Party CHEATS 2012 Club Penguin :)

Coins for Change 2012 Login Page :)

Disney Club Penguin had added a Coins for Change Login Picture :) Take Action and Change the World! Give your Coins Dec. 20 – Jan. 2

…I like how the Coins Sparkle :)

Holiday Party CHEATS 2012 Club Penguin :)

Coins for Change Pin 2012 :)

If you donate to Coins for Change you will get a Coins for Change Pin added to your inventory :) I didn't get any notification about that when I donated so that’s a BUG! BUT Luckily the Coins for Change Pin 2012 is added to my inventory and Stamp Book anyway :)

…This is how the Pin looks like on my Player Card :)

UPDATE: With my Non Member Penguin I got this message when I donated :) CFC 2012 Pin has been added to your inventory :) BUT the Pin is NOT Added neither among the Pins or in the Stamp Book! I logged out and logged in again but Still NO PIN!

…If you donate at a Coins for Change donation station you get a message but NO PIN! 2012 Thanks You! Your 2012 Coins for Change pin has been added to your inventory…BUG!

…See earlier Snowflake Pin :)

How to add Saraapril’s Club Penguin Pin Tracker :)

Holiday Party 2012 CHEATS Club Penguin :)

How to get a Red Reindeer Nose?

I LOVE the Coins for Change Cookie Drive and the Puffle Cookie is my FAVORITE :) If you are Transformed to a Reindeer Puffle just dance and you will get the Red Reindeer nose :)

…if you want to jump just wave :)

Holiday Party CHEATS Club Penguin 2012 :)

Special Holiday items Catalog for Members 2012 :)

At the Dock, Forest and inside the Clothing Shop will find the Exclusive Holiday Catalog 2012 for Club Penguin Members filled with ONLY NEW items :) The Craftsman Hair wig for 250 coins, Craftsman Spectacles 250 coins, Toymaker Apron 400 coins, Penguin Stuffie Costume 400 coins, The Present Hairdo 350 coins and Red Mittens 100 coins :)

…Blue Puffle Stuffie 150 coins, The Snowfall Hairdo 400 coins, Majestic Makeup 250 coins, Icy Dress 450 coins, Checkered Flag 150 coins, Reindeer Handler 250 coins, Sleight Bells 300 coins, Reindeer Handler Uniform 300 coins, and Reindeer Handler Boots 250 coins :)

Holiday Party CHEATS Club Penguin 2012 :)

Coins for Change and Holiday items Catalog 2012 :)

Inside Santa’s Office at the Ski Village and inside the Bakery at Snow Forts you will find a Catalog filled with Old items that’s PERFECT for Coins for Change and a Christmas Holiday Party :) EVERYONE can buy the Elf Hat, Elf Suit, Provide Medical Help T-Shirt, Protect The Earth T-Shirt and Provide Safe Place T-Shirt :)

…Club Penguin members can also buy The Evergreen, The Peppermint Suit, Elf Shoes, Candy Cane Cane, Elf Pigtails, Candy Cane Wing-Warmer and Holly Elf Dress :)

…The Claus, Santa Beard, Santa’s Present Bag, Santa Suit, The Claus-ette and Claus-ette Outfit :)

…For MORE Holiday items and Gifts look at this post Holiday Party CHEATS Club Penguin 2012 :)

Rockhopper’s New Background :)

If you meet Rockhopper or have him on your Friends List you can pick up his NEW FREE Coins for Change Background :) I think it’s EXTREMELY LAME that Disney Club Penguin STILL use Rockhopper for their Advertising of a third brand Product instead of Coins for Change!

…You have found a Rockhopper’s Holiday Giveaway Would you like to pick it up? Hmmm the picture is in forever loading but I will try anyway…Yes Please :)

…HURRAY! It worked :) This is how Rockhopper’s Holiday Background looks like on my Player Card :) This Background isn't visible in my inventory even as it works to click on it! Another Bug for Club Penguin to fix :)

Holiday Party CHEATS Club Penguin 2012 :)

Rockhopper’s Rare Holiday Items :)

Inside the Migrator you will find the Catalog with Rockhopper’s Rare items :)

…ALL Penguin’s can pick up the cute FREE Pirate Stuffie Toy :) Members can buy the Festive Sweater for 400 coins…

…This item is not currently available OH NO! Another item BUG!

Club-Penguin- 2012-12-0951 - Copy

…Luckily the Holly Jolly Rug 250 coins and Festive Socks 200 coins are Bug Free and ready to Pick up :) UPDATE: The Festive Sweater Bug is now Fixed :)

Club Penguin Holiday Party CHEATS 2012 :)

Help Santa and get FREE items :)

If you climb up to the Ski Lodge Attic you will find Santa’s Sled and if you Keep helping him deliver Presents in the Chimneys you will get Three FREE items :) You have found a Yellow Lightbulb Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…Keep working and  You have found a Blue Lightbulb Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…work more and… You have found a Pink Lightbulb Would you like to pick it up? HURRAY! A PINK Light Bulb! THANK YOU so MUCH Santa for these COOL Gifts I’m so HAPPY that you allow us to help you this year too :)

Club Penguin Holiday Party CHEATS 2012 :)

FREE Big Cozy Chair Background :)

ALL Penguins that sit in Santa’s Big Cozy Chair you will get a FREE Background :)

…You have found a Big Cozy Chair Background would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :) THANKS :)

Holiday Party 2012 CHEATS Club Penguin :)

More soon…

Club Penguin Times issue 374 :)

Avast! Holiday Party! Coins for Change!

Avast! Holiday Party!

Club Penguin's annual holly jolly Holiday Party is here!

By Rockhopper —  AVAST YE LANDLUBBERS! THE HOLIDAY PARTY HAS STARTED, AND IT BE NOT CELEBRATIN’ ITSELF! Here be the order of business: I need bakers! I need cookie eaters! Let’s raise a ruckus like never before!

There be lots to do mateys—listen close. This year I want to donate a mega-gazillion coins to Coins For Change, so here’s me plan. I’ve brought with me a magic recipe for special cookies. Cookies that can TRANSFORM ye into three of me favorite things. Reindeer puffles! Frost Bites! Race Cars! So let’s make an absurd amount of cookies, sell’em, and donate all the profits to Coins For Change! This plan be fool proof! If ye be on board this ingenious idea, get ye to the Bakery! Hopefully, I’ll see ye in there! GO!

Coins For Change :)

Take action. Change the world. Eat cookies.

I am proud to announce that the island’s annual Coins For Change donation drive has begun! All over the island, penguins are baking cookies, ringing bells, and earning coins to donate to worthy causes. And we need YOUR help. Our three causes this year are helping kids stay in good health, build safe places to live, and protecting the environment. By working together, we will help decide how a $1 million donation is made—and show the world how much we care. So use your talents, create awareness, and inspire others to join in. Together we can take action, and change the world. 

Upcoming Events :)

On now! Holiday Party The most festive party of the year has begun—watch out for Frost Bites!

On now! Coins For Change Take action and change the world—head to the Bakery today!

Jan. 4 Igloo Contest Winners Judges are hard at work choosing winners of the Holly Jolly Igloo Contest.

A special gift is ready for everyone. (No peeking!)

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until December 26.
Next pin hidden: December 27–January 9

News :)

Avast! All bakers on deck! We be needin’ cookie crafters by the baker’s dozen at the Bakery! If we be not gettin’ help soon, our goose is baked... I mean cooked!

Ask Captain Rockhopper :)

Ahoy Rockhopper! I don’t like cookies! Can I still donate? – Kupkakes R Beter
Ye. Don’t. Like. COOKIES!? ARR! What be the problem? Be ye allergic to deliciousness? YO HO HO! I be jokin’! I be knowin’ how ye feel—I hate green bananas. Of course ye can still donate! Just find ye’self a donation station.

Ahoy Rockhopper! What’s your favorite holiday feast? – Sew Hungary
Me favorite meal be a slab of ripe stinky cheese served on burnt toast, with a side of anchovy and banana pizza stir fry with chocolate sprinkles!

Do you ever peek at your holiday gifts? – Justa Kwik Luke
ARR! I be Captain Rockhopper! I don’t be peekin’ at nothin’! If I wants to open me gifts early, then I does! Unless they be from Yarr. He said no. And he be too dangerous a puffleto cross swords with...

Frost Bites be icy tricksters, and masters of mischief!

What’s a Frost Bite? – F Ross T
Ahoy there F Ross T! YARRRR, this be a great question. EVERY pirate should be warned about the Frost Bites, for they be tricky beyond measure! Frost Bites be mischievous sprites from a frozen land with no name. I once ran aground there, many years ago, and we became fast enemies. But after an epic struggle, and a couple of thrillin’ chases, me and the Frost Bites found some common ground: we all loved to pull pranks! Now we be allies. So take note: Frosty Bites can freeze anythin’! They sneeze icicles, and fart snowflakes. So dress warm if ye be raisin’ a ruckus with them! ARR! These days, I always be lookin’ forward to a good Frost Bite fiesta. Fairs winds!

Secrets Classified

By Rockhopper - Avast, ye pirate cookie creators! Be ye confused by recipes? Be ye more handy with a scimitar than a spatula? Well, here be all the steps ye need to know to bake like a cookie Captain!

  1. Stand on the ingredient square. Throw ingredients into the mixer.
  2. Add cheer to yer batch by using the smile emote! A cookie without cheer be no cookie at all!
  3. Now, make the most cookies ye can by standin’ on the Multiplier dealy-thing. I be not knowin’ how it works, but it does!

Well, what be ye waitin’ for?! Start cookin’ up a storm in the Bakery!

…See earlier Club Penguin Newspaper issue 373 :)

More soon…

Collect your Holiday Gifts :)

When you login to Disney Club Penguin you will see this page: Collect your Holiday Gift! THANKS I’m HAPPY TO :) It’s not December 21 yet Buy all Penguins can click on the Green Gift and Members have a special Gift in the Red Package too…

…Member Gift: You have found a Festive Chair Would you like to pick it up? YES PLEASE!

…Oops! This item is not currently available…Hopefully Club Penguin will fix this Bug soon…UPDATE: HURRAY! The Bug is Fixed :) And the Festive Chair is in my Igloo inventory :)

…Gift to ALL Penguins :) You have found a Holiday Teddy would you like to pick it up? It’s so cute! YES PLEASE and THANKS :)

…Detail: If Non Members click on the Red Gift they will get this Message: Happy Holidays! Members can unwrap this special gift until January 2!

Holiday Party 2012 CHEATS Club Penguin :)

UPDATE: Holiday Gifts December 21, 2012 :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin Holiday Gifts December 22, 2012 :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin Holiday Gifts December 23, 2012 :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin Holiday Gifts December 24, 2012 :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin Holiday Gifts December 25, 2012 :)

Holiday Party 2012 CHEATS Club Penguin :)

HURRAY! The Disney Club Penguin Holiday Party 2012 that we have prepared and waited for is HERE :) Rockhopper and Yarr have arrived with Coins for Change and the Transform Cookies for the Bake Sale are made and ready to Buy :) I’m so HAPPY that we once again can help kids in the real world while playing Online raising virtual coins :) On this Help Guide and Tutorial post you will find links to all the Free items, Gifts, Secrets and Surprises during this Party :) MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAY :)

Collect your Holiday Gifts :)

Club Penguin Times issue 374 :)

FREE Big Cozy Chair Background :)

Help Santa and get FREE items :)

Rockhopper’s Rare Holiday Items :)

Rockhopper’s New Background :)

Coins for Change and Holiday items Catalog 2012 :)

Special Holiday items Catalog for Members 2012 :)

How to get a Red Reindeer Nose?

Coins for Change Pin 2012 :)

Coins for Change 2012 Login Page :)

Rockhopper’s To Do List :)

Coin Total BUG!

Spy Phone message from Gary :)

FUN with Friends Holiday Party 2012 :)

Holiday Gifts December 21, 2012 :)

Holiday Teleport Mystery!

Club Penguin Outdoor Activities - 12 Days of Giving :)

Club Penguin Recipes - Rockhopper Cookie Mix :)

Club Penguin Arts and Crafts - Cookie Mix Gift Tag :)

Times to Meet Rockhopper in German Servers :)

Rockhopper in North Pole FUN with Friends :)

Happy Holidays from Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin Holiday Gifts December 22, 2012 :)

How to get on the Bakery Balcony?

How to Transform?

Club Penguin Holiday Gifts December 23, 2012 :)

Festive Light BUG!

Saraapril’s Holiday 2012 Stamp Book Decoration :)

Club Penguin Holiday Gifts December 24, 2012 :)

Saraapril Fan Art by Trainbe :)

Cuckoo Puffle ANIMATED :)

Santa Fred in Cuckoo Clock ANIMATED :)

Club Penguin Holiday Gifts December 25, 2012 :)

HAPPY HOLIDAY from Saraapril :)

Saraapril’s Santa and King Winter Igloo :)

Coins for Change Board 2012 Broken!

Coins For Change - Reviewed By You :)

Club Penguin Times issue 375 :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Holiday Cookies Pin CHEAT Club Penguin :)

Spy Phone message from Rookie :)

Cookie eating Plants?

Frost Bite ANIMATED :)


Northern Light Animated :)

Sparkling item Effect ANIMATED :)

How to Bake in the Bakery? VIDEO :)

More soon…

Host your own Bake Sale :)

On Disney Club Penguin’s Coins for Change Page 2012 you can download a PDF file with tips and recipes :) Club Penguin’s Coins For Change event is a great way to help provide medical help, build safe places and protect the environment around the world through online play. When you’re not making a difference online in Club Penguin, you
can help out in your own community by organizing a bake sale and donating the money you make to a local charity or cause.

Bake Sale Tips
These bake sale tips will help you and your puffle pals put
on the best bake sale your town has ever seen, all while
having loads of fun (and delicious desserts)!

More soon…

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