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Saturday, December 22, 2012

How to Transform?

During the Club Penguin Holiday Party 2012 we can Transform into Road Racers, Reindeer Puffles and Frost Bites if we buy a Cookie to Support Coins for Change :) The Bakery is located at the Snow Frosts and…

…inside you can buy a Cookie from the Baker Sale for 100 coins each  and you can stay Transformed for 10 minutes :) I think 100 coins for 10 minutes is a reasonable prize as it’s for Charity :) How to Transform? Click on the Cookie jar on the Counter and…

…choose what you want to transform into :) Pick which cookie you would like to eat. All coins are donated to Coins for Change! ALL Penguins can become Road Racers and Club Penguin Member can be Reindeer Puffles and Frost Bites! Toy Car Cookie, Reindeer Puffle Cookie and Frost Bite Cookie…

…Frost Bites can throw Mega-Freezing snowballs! Just press (snowball icon or “t” on your keyboard) and pick your target.

…Which cause would you like to donate to? Protect the Earth Help protect endangered animals and natural habitats, Provide Medical Help Help provide clean water and medical treatment to those in need, Build Safe Places Help build schools and shelters around the globe…

…Thank you for donating! Click on Transform…

…HURRAY! I’m a Singing Reindeer Puffle…LOL :)

…You can click on the Icon at the right top corner to see how much time you have left :) You have 10 minutes left until you turn back into a penguin!

…If you change your mind and don’t want to be Transformed anymore just open your Player card and Click on Transform back into a Penguin OR Buy another Cookie to Transform into something else :)

How to get a Red Reindeer Nose?

…For more tips, Tricks, Cheats, Secrets and Holiday Surprises and Gifts look at this post: Holiday Party 2012 CHEATS Club Penguin :)

How to get on the Bakery Balcony?

There is a trick how to be teleported to the Balcony inside the Bakery :) As always this secret move is all about timing when you enter another room :) Just as you leave this room to enter the Bakery click on this Spot and…

…HURRAY! I’m on the Balcony and can Rock TOGETHER with Rockhopper if he is up here :)

…Thanks Turtlebuddy2 and Pin60032 for telling me the spot to click for this Cheat :)

Holiday Party CHEATS 2012 Club Penguin :)

Club Penguin Holiday Gifts December 22, 2012 :)

Today it’s December 22 and we can pick up MORE Gifts :) ALL Penguins can open the Blue Present :)

…You have found a Race Car Controller Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :) Thanks :)

…Club Penguin Members can also click on the Red Present to get a Festive Light for their Igloos :) COOL! THANKS Club Penguin :)

...If Non Members click on the Red Gift they will get this message: Happy Holidays! Members can unwrap this special gift until Jan.2!

Collect your Holiday Gifts :)

Holiday Party 2012 CHEATS Club Penguin :)

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