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Thursday, December 27, 2012

What's new in January 2013? Sneak Peek :)

This is a message from Polo Field:

Hello Penguins!
The team’s been working on a brand new party for January. Want to see a sneak peek? Here you go!

Stay tuned to the blog for more info in the coming weeks!
Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

WOW! This insect is HUGE!

…Thanks Polo Field BUT PLEASE read what I wrote on this post Prehistoric Party Sneak Peek!

Time Machine and Flying Dinosaur Sneak Peek :)

Spy Phone message from Rookie :)

We have a NEW Spy Phone message and this time it’s from Rookie :)

December 27, 2012


Happy holidays everyone! I hope you're all having a blast at the party. I got a new pair of socks - best gift ever!

…Thanks EPF Agent Myrealnamepl for telling me about this message :) That’s AWESOME Rookie! What color are they in? Do they have a pattern like small cookies on them? Are they warm, soft and cozy? Who gave them to you? Was it Herbert or a kind Crab?

…See earlier Spy Phone message from Gary :)

Holiday Cookies Pin CHEAT Club Penguin :)

The Newest Disney Club Penguin Pin is hidden here down at the Underground Pool :)

…You have found a Holiday Cookies Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…This is how the Holiday Cookies Pin looks like on my Player Background :)

…See earlier Snowflake Pin :)

How to add Saraapril’s Club Penguin Pin Tracker :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Oops! Club Penguin accidently removed the Featured Holiday Postcards just like last week! Please Club Penguin can you add them back again? The WHOLE Featured Postcards Page is GONE! BUG!

…While Club Penguin started to update the Game today they forgot to add the “BRB” Picture and message as they normally do! In the Club Penguin Times issue 375 can we see that Herbert is hiding among the Gifts! Thanks Kenopant21 and Mario6354 for telling me about this detail :) I think Herbert is leaving a Gift in that pile for someone :)

Club Penguin BUG!

More soon…

Club Penguin Times issue 375 :)

Happy Holidays Everyone! Rockhopper’s Resolution!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Thank you for helping make Club Penguin such a wonderful place.

From Everyone — Happy Holidays Club Penguin! 2012 is almost over, and penguins everywhere are celebrating the end of a truly remarkable year! This year would not have been the same without you (yes YOU). So here’s our thanks for a fantastic year!

Rockhopper: Ahoy maties! Remember when we unleashed that cursed fruit volcano, BIG BIG KAHUNA, on the island? I thought we were all done for! YARR HARR HARR! Good times! Thank ye for bein’ me pirate partners in peril!

Gary: Great scott! The year has come and gone already?! I suppose that proves that time flies when you’re having fun, and you have all made each event mirthful indeed. Actually, “flying time” gives me an idea...

Aunt Arctic: Thank you for all your help making Club Penguin the safe and silly place it is. You have all surprised and inspired me. Not to mention that some of you recently rescued me from a tight spot (you know who you are). Cheers for the new year!

Cadence: Yo peeps! Thanks for a cray cray year, and helping me rock out my first music videos. I’ve got wicked plans that’re gonna BLOW. YOUR. MIND.

Sensei: Ninjas—you continue to impress me. I know not what the future holds, but I know that you shall be ready for it.

Rookie: I’ve got a list! Thank you Bambadee, Scorn, the Incredible Hulk, Rocky, Jet Pack Guy, The Director…Oh I don’t have time to say them all?! Okay! THANKS EVERYONE ON EARTH!

PH: Thanks for a memorable year mates! You guys made magnificent puffles at the Puffle Party. Can’t wait to show you what I’m working on next. Cheers!

Rockhopper’s Resolution!

Make every year better than the last! That be the pirate’s way!

By Rockhopper — Ahoy maties! There be only a week left of this 2000 and 12th year, and it be time to make resolutions for the next! So as ye prepare for the voyage forward, yer dear Captain has a few words of wisdom for ye. Every year, the only resolution Captain Rockhopper signs his name to is to make the next year even better. Make it bigger. Make it bolder! Make it BADDER! But badder in a good way. So if ye be willin’, resolve to make 2013 the best ruckus ye’ve ever had. That be ME resolution. I’ll see ye around—fair winds!

Upcoming Events :)

On now! Holiday Party Happy Holidays! Don’t miss your special gifts— including the new Arctic White color!

Jan. 4 Penguin Style The New Year is here! Time for a new look. The latest fashions are coming to the Clothes Shop.

Jan. 4 Scientific Announcement Gary the Gadget Guy will make an astounding announcement next week.

Take action, bake cookies, and help change the world.

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until January 9. Holiday Cookies Pin CHEATS :)
Next pin hidden: January 10–23

News Flash :)

Coins For Change is nearly finished! Got room for a few more cookies? Then head to the Cookie Shop, and use your sweet tooth to help change the world!

Ask Captain Rockhopper :)

Sup Cap’N! You up to throw down a buccaneer jam next time you’re island-side? Peace! –Cadence
Ahoy Cadence! ARR! Yer question be harder to read than the runes of the Temple of Confusion. What did ye say, lass?

Yo Rockhopper! How can I be as cool as you?!–Rookie
Start by getting a pirate ship, yer own island, a hoard of gold, a beard manly enough to crush a shark, a fearless first mate, and a reckless disregard for danger. Once ye have’em, I’ll tell ye step two.

Greetings Hopper of Rocks, How do you keep your beard looking so bold? –Sensei
ARR! Sensei, you old kook! Yer beard be one of the finest, boldest in the land! In fact, once I leave, it’ll be the ONLY beard in the land! Ye need not any tips from this sea dog!

The sea be callin’ me for more adventure!

Where are you headed next? –Sew Long
Ahoy Sew Long! I have NO IDEA! YARR HARR! That be the best part of a pirate’s life—every time ye cast off, the possibilities are as vast as the sea! Though I DID enjoy the royal ruckus me an’ the Frost Bites have been causin’. Maybe I’ll head to the land of the Frost Bites with some of those magic cookies, and scare the snowflakes  right outta them! Or maybe I’ll drop by Rockhopper Island for a fortnight. Yarr likes bringin’ presents to the other red puffles this time o’ year. And he steers the ship. So I may have little choice! So now I ask ye—where be YE headin’ next? Where’s yer next adventure? Keep yer eyes open, and yer beards trimmed, me hearties!

Secrets Classified Poem By Rookie

By Rookie - T’is the week before New Years, everyone’s full of cookies. If you have just a moment, read this poem of Rookie’s. It’s been a great year, we’ve all had some fun. (Except that one time when Herb stole the sun.) We fought dragons, and robots, jammed tunes, and caught ghosts. We threw fruit, changed the world, and I ate Mullet on toast.  (I burnt it but my puffle ate the gross burnt parts cuz he doesn’t care about charred food like I do.) So great job to you all, and I’m sure you’ll agree—You guys are the best. Have a high five from me!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 374 :)

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