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Saturday, December 29, 2012

How to Bake in the Bakery? VIDEO :)

Here is a Video of How to Bake Coins for Change Cookies in the Bakery that is located at the Snow Forts :) Sorry for the lag in the Video!

Step 1 Stand on a square, and press the snowball icon or t on your keyboard to throw ingredients into the mixer.

Step 2 Cookies need cheer! Use emotes to raise the cheer meter. (Make sure you use the correct emote as shown)

Step 3 Make more cookies by standing on the Multiplier Platform. More penguins = more cookies!

…I LOVE Bakeries and I hope Club Penguin make one for us next year too :) If you want to take a Waddle Down Memory Lane you can take a look at the Bakery we had last year at the Club Penguin Holiday Party 2011 :)

Holiday Party Club Penguin CHEATS 2012 :)

Sparkling item Effect ANIMATED :)

The Frost Bite can Freeze sparkling items BUT EVERYONE can throw a Snowball on them and get a Special Effect :) HURRAY! Now this Snowmen will stay snowy and cool for the rest of the Party :)

Holiday Party Club Penguin CHEATS 2012 :)

Northern Light Animated :)

At the Ice Berg, Ski Hill Mountain and Crows Nest the Aurora is Animated :) It’s so Pretty and I LOVE to sit up here in the Crow’s Nest and look at it :)

Aurora info: The Northern Light is called Aurora Borealis and the Southern Light Aurora Australis and in real life it’s AMAZING to see :)

Holiday Party Club Penguin CHEATS 2012 :)


In the Bakery you can buy and eat a Coins for Change Cookie and Transform into a Toy Car :) I like that the color of the Car will be the same as the color you have on your Penguin :) If you wave the Road racer Car will be placed straight Forward and if you dance the Toy Car will too :) COOL!! This car ROCKS!!! In the Clothing Shop you will find a Race Track and it’s harder to stay on the track while racing then it first look like…Oops…

…I drove right into a Toy Box! LOL :)

Holiday Party Club Penguin CHEATS 2012 :)

Frost Bite ANIMATED :)

With a Coins for Change Cookie you can Transform into a Frost Bite and Freeze other Penguins by throwing snowballs on them but I don’t think that’s very nice and Holiday Festive! A Frost Bite can also Freeze the Sparkling items that are around Club Penguin right now and if it wave it will make ice :) The BEST move in my opinion is when the Frost Bite dance and Freezes itself…LOL :)

Holiday Party Club Penguin CHEATS 2012 :)

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