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Friday, January 18, 2013

12 Dino Eggs Collected and Dino Details :)

Yesterday I dug and dug and after A LOT of digging I found ALL the 12 Dinosaur Eggs :)

…I LOVE how they Sparkle :) Sadly there is a BUG that sometimes make them NOT Sparkle! If that happens to you just log off and then Login again and the Eggs will Sparkle again :)

…Time to pick up the Reward :) You have found a T Rex Hoodie Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…Now I’m a Dinosaur…LOL :)

Dino Details: Click any Eggs you find to learn an astounding Dino Detail! Triceratops: The dreaded red Triceratops is known to knock down mountains for fun. For FUN.

Pteranodon: This strong scavenger is able to fly for up to two weeks at the time!

T-Rex: The strongest T-Rex to ever roam the Earth. Basically the scariest thing ever.

Triceratops: Watch out for this territorial Triceratops – it will charge any enemy, regardless of size.

Pteranodon: A silent hunter – this dino likes to drop in on its prey out of nowhere.

Pteranodon: This dino dive-bomber can eat five times its body weight in fish…and still fly!

T-Rex: A ferocious hunter – this Tyrannosaur's favorite meal is the Pizza-saurus! (LOL…Don’t take this fact too serious :)

Triceratops: Though generally a peaceful creature, it can crush titanium when it’s angry.

Pteranodon: A truly terrifying sight! This terrible pteranodon uses storm clouds for camouflage. (Really? How do we know that?)

Triceratops: This Triceratops is heavier then 23 caveguins. Also noisier. (For sure NOT Herbert’s favorite Dino…LOL :)

T-Rex: This T-rex may not be the biggest, but watch out for it’s razor-sharp fangs. (Oops! A spelling Bug it’s should be T-Rex)

T-Rex: This terrifying T-Rex is capable of chomping through icebergs!

…The YELLOW Pteranodon and the PURPLE Triceratops are my Favorite Dinos :)

Prehistoric Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)


mario joe1 said...

Hey sara, I just saw a penguin (not a dino) walking on the walls,I wonder if theres a glitch going around???

sprattiehunt said...

My fav Dino is red n' black t-rex

jay bailey said...

Yeah there's a glitch. If you be a Pteradon, click somewhere to fly there but on your way up there, transform back into a penguin. You will then be on the wall. Hope this
helps :)

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