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Friday, January 4, 2013

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

The old “Penguin is missing on notification” Bug is Back again!

…At the Club Penguin Home Page  Coins for Change result are in! And Members can show off the latest styles! Are added :) If you click on “Check it out” or “Check out the New Catalog” you will directly appear in the rooms for the event you clicked on after logged in :)

…The Holiday Cookie Pin is removed even though it should be here until January 9, 2013! Thanks Kakadesabalu for telling me about this BUG!

…The Holiday items are still available even though they should be removed with the Party BUT I LOVE them so much that I HOPE Club Penguin decide to let us keep them :)

…Let’s Explore, Find the Pin and Penguins Time Forgot are Featured Postcards :)

…The Treasure Book is updated in Club Penguin BUT as before they Forgot to Update the Catalog at the Toy page! BUG!

...There is a Bug with the Penguin Poll that makes you see the result as soon you open the Fun Stuff page and this Bug sadly makes it impossible to vote…

…In the Treasure Book we can see that the smaller Penguin in the Loch Ness Costume is Green instead of Yellow! BUG!

…Rockhopper and Yarr are Sailing away on new Adventures! Fair winds Friends come back soon :)

…Here is a Sneak Peek of NEW items that will be available in the Future :) The items Dig Team Gear :)

…and Bone Gray Togs (no image available yet) and

…the EPF Comm Headset :)

…This is the EPF Comm Headset Animated :)

…We can still Donate to Coins for Change at the Igloo Stations BUG! Detail: You will not earn a Pin!

…The Online Store is removed from the Toys page!

…This is how it looked like earlier :)

…On the Parents page the text “From the latest hoodie to a new desk lamp, collectable pins to themed parties, there's always something that's perfect for everyone.” is changed to “From the latest styles, igloo items, and exclusive areas (for members), to newspapers and pins (for everyone), discover new content every week.”Club Penguin Bug!

More soon…


Trainman1405 said...

Also just like previous times CP's regular Treasure Book page is not updated.

Katy McClain said...

Hey Saraapril :) I emailed Club Penguin about the new emotes, they said that they will be here until the prehistoric Party comes, but there will be new emotes coming during the Prehistoric Party :)

Waddle On! :)
- Tubbi3 :)

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