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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Club Penguin Times issue 377 :)

Scientists Needed! Eggs-Periment!

Scientists Needed!

Gary needs lots of scientists to join his team during the Prehistoric Party.

By Gary — Attention Scientists! On Jan 17, we shall kick off the island’s first ever Prehistoric Party by actually traveling to the prehistoric era. But I plan on doing more than ‘raising the roof’. I wish to conduct a thorough study of dinosaurs. And I need YOU!

Yes you! To take full advantage of this opportunity, I want gaggles of scientists to conduct research with me. I shall be conducting a massive excavation of dinosaur nests, looking for dino eggs. We will ensure all eggs are returned safely, but I need them for an experiment. I also wish to study dinosaurs up close. Of course, many dinosaurs were carnivorous, and could gobble you up faster than Rockhopper consumes strongly aromatic cheese products. To ensure our safety, we will enlist the help of expert prehistoric caveguin scientists. I’m sure they exist. Who knows, maybe I’ll run into my great great great great great great great great great great great uncle, Garugg The Ugg Ugg!  If you like the sound of danger, dinosaurs, and digging, this party is assuredly for you. Clear your calendar, and join me on Jan 17, will you?


With a bit of dino egg info, penguins can actually turn into dinosaurs!

By Gary — Attention member scientists! I have a very special proposal for you which I think you’ll find quite dino-delightful. Next week, when we arrive in the Age of the Dinosaurs, I shall be arranging scientific digs to look for dino-eggs. If my calculations are correct, I should be able to scan those eggs, and use their genetic info to transform us INTO dinosaurs. I hope we shall discover several species to try this with. What good is science, after all, unless it can turn you into awesome things? Don’t miss this rare opportunity. Join the dig on Jan. 17, and let’s do some science!

Upcoming Events :)

On now! Furniture Catalog Want a prehistoric pad of your own? Your wish is granted! Check out the latest catalog in your igloo!

On now! Prehistoric Preparations The Time Trekker is almost ready. Go check it out at the Snow Forts... but don’t push any buttons!

A party of dino-sized proportions! (Dinosaurs are really big).

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until January 23.
Next pin hidden: January 24–February 6

Ooga Booga :)

Looking forward to acting like a caveguin, but want to practice first? Say no more! Head over to the Stage, and join in the production of The Penguins That Time Forgot. It’s the perfect practice for prehistoric role play.

Ask Gary :)

Dear Gary, What is your favorite brilliant invention? –Faye Verette
Oh my! This is much like asking who your favorite puffle is. How can I choose? I know! I’ll invent a machine that helps choose my favorite things! Thank you for the brilliant idea!

Dear Gary, Do you have any other close relatives?–Yore Kuzin
Oh my, yes! I have family members galore—cousins, uncles, you name it. I even have an aunt (but not the one you’re thinking of). Most of them are much shyer than I however, so I won’t mention them by name. But they know who they are. I hope.

Dear Gary, What’s your all-time favorite dinosaur? –Dino Watt
Goodness gracious, another difficult inquiry! Perhaps the diminutive Micropachycephalosaurus? Or the recently discovered Carcharodontosaurus? No! I can’t decide! I NEED that decision making machine!

Since I was a lad, I have dreamt of studying dinosaurs up close.

Dear Gary, Why do you want to go to the Age of the Dinosaurs?–Watts D. Deale
I must admit, my motives for traveling to the Age of the Dinosaurs are not entirely altruistic. What that means is— I want to go because I want to see dinosaurs so bad! Oh, how I have loved studying dinosaurs since I was very young. In fact, one of my first toys was a stuffed Tyrannosaurus Rex. His name was Lord Chompington. He was quite polite, I recall. Researching dinosaurs is partially what inspired me to become an inventor and scientist. And as I grew older, I wanted to learn more and more about them—what color were they? Which one was the biggest? Could they throw snowballs? So now that I have a time machine, I cannot pass up the chance to see them with my own eyes. And of course, I couldn’t imagine going without taking some friends and colleagues with me. So now the question is—have YOU ever wanted to go to the Age of the Dinosaurs? Because if so, we both have our chance!

Secrets Classified Catchin’ Waves Secrets :)

By Rookie: Surf’s up everyone! It’s time to hang ten! Shoot the tube! Do a barrel roll! I’m not sure what any of those mean, but I DO have some super cool tips for Catchin’ Waves. Surf-alicious!

  • Looking to impress the judges? Each one has a favorite trick—so figure what they want to see, and keep doing it!
  • Red puffles are surf experts, so bring yours along to get an edge over the competition. They’ll help you earn points and coins.
  • If you’re a member, look for the Silver Surfboard. It’s hidden in the Game Upgrade catalog, at the Cove. It’ll help you go SUPER FAST

With these tips, you’ll be surf-a-nating the waves-ness in no time. Surf’s down!

…See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 376 :)

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