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Friday, January 11, 2013

Dinosaurs can throw PUKE!

On the German What’s New Blog Polo Field has posted a Picture there he is covered in PUKE! During the Prehistoric Party Dinosaurs will be able to throw that on Penguins! EWWW!!!! That’s so DISGUSTING!!!!!

Prehistoric Party Club Penguin January 17 – 29, 2012 :)

UPDATE: Message from Polo Field: Hello Penguins!
You’ve been sending in lots of great questions about the upcoming Prehistoric Party. So today I’m answering some of the most popular ones:

When does the party start?
January 17 – less than a week from now!

Will we really be able to transform into dinosaurs?
Yep! Get ready to fly, stomp, and roar as a Triceratops, T-Rex, and Pteranodon. This is what your player card will look like when you’re a dinosaur: Dinosaur on Player Cards Sneak Peeks :)

Do dinosaurs have special powers?
Yeah, they throw PUKE snowballs! I learned that the hard way:

How long can we stay a dinosaur?
Until you’re ready to transform back into a penguin… or a different dino!

Hope you’re digging these party sneak peeks. What else are you interested in hearing about the party? We'll try to answer more questions later this week!


Barsha10 said...

Err...I don't want to be puked on :( Please CP can you stop being so disgusting??? CP should really be ashamed...showing kids how to puke on horrible.

Cian Gill said...

OMG! That's not clean! That is wrong! EWWWWWWWWW!

Pixie Lil said...

EWWWWWWWWW! I dont want to even log in during this party!!

Anonymous said...

Ewww! I am exited for the Party..... I think, I can't believe we can throw puke at each-other! That's just gross! I wish we could do something fun, like a food fight!:D from Pasopenguin2

Koloway said...

Not to correct you being rude, But that is a footprint, not puke. ~Your fellow penguin friend, Koloway

Koloway said...

My bad.. Not a foot print D: Gross club penguin. That.. that.. thats just disney's club gross at work.


Jennah0501 said...

It's not so disgusting! It looks like fun!

Flre Queen said...

Oh wow, I don't wanna go to the party just to be puked on x( eww

Piglet254 said...

At first I was really excited for the party, having to do with my favorite creatures from when I was litle. But that is gross, thanks alot CP (I also blame Disney). And because of this, I might quit a little earlier this year. If CP doesn't act up right this year, and does more of the advertising stuff and horrible things, guess I will quit sometime this year. If not then maybe in 2 more years.


Coobreedan said...

Awesome!!!! Can't wait ^o^

Missygirl156 said...

Omg! that's so gross!
I am so NOT going to this party!

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