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Friday, February 8, 2013

Saraapril’s Snowmobile Adventure!

On Wednesday I, my brother Littletias, our Youngest Uncle, Aunt and Uncle (Littlest Cousins parents) went up to the Mountains to Snowmobile on a trail :) The weather was nice and we were well dressed and had our backpacks filled with all the items, food, water and warm liquids we were supposed to and Uncle told the man that worked at the center what trail we would take and also when we expected to be back. We got a key to the small cabins along the trail so we could warm up a little if needed and a communication radio. This is standard so basically everything was normal and we were very EXCITED to start our Adventure and so we did :) I LOVE the Mountains and in the wintertime they are AMAZINGLY beautiful! The sky was clear, the stars twinkled and the snow sparkled in the lights from the Snowmobiles :) We stopped the Snowmobiles high up in the Mountains and just sat there quietly and listened to the nature around us :) We started to drive again but the weather can change very quickly and suddenly it started to snow a little and the wind picked up even though the forecast had said it shouldn’t. The snow on the ground started to drift so we decided to turn around and wait out the storm in a cabin we had passed a little while ago. The wind felt even stronger when we had it blowing right towards us and not on our backs but Aunt spotted the cabin and that was good as we almost missed it! Uncle used the radio to contact the center and told our location and that we were safe and not lost on the Mountain. The cabin was cold but we lit the already prepared fire in the fireplace and Aunt made sure that we ate and drank. The cabin was built as one room with the fireplace in a corner and just enough space for a table and some benches to sit on. Aunt had a deck of cards with her and we had so much FUN playing TOGETHER :) Eventually we got tired and we moved the table so we could put our sleeping pads on the floor close to the fire and we had our rescue blankets to keep us warm too. Youngest Uncle, Aunt and Uncle took turns to stay awake to tend to the fire and make sure it stayed in the fireplace. I woke up as the wind was so loud and the cabin was shaking but Uncle said we were safe and that I should go back to sleep so I did. Eventually we all woke up and then we just waited until the storm was over and we could shovel away the snow that partly blocked the door and dig out the Snowmobiles :) Before we left the cabin we made sure to carry in more wood, build a new fire and place the matches easily accessible just as we found it :) Then Uncle contacted the center again and told that we were on our way back. When we Finally came home we were hungry as we just had eaten energy bars, cereal bars, trail mix, dried fruit and chocolate during our Adventure and even as I like that it’s not as good as a the meals Mum makes!

I’m sorry that some of you got worried as I was late with the updates this week but now you know why. If the weather is fine we will go snowboarding and skiing soon and hopefully we don’t get snowed in again but if we do they have both computers and internet access at the Coffee House :) Waddle On and have a HAPPY Day :)

Saraapril is away

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