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Monday, March 25, 2013

FUN with Friends and Rainbow Puffle Bugs :)

Here are a FEW of the things I and my Friends have done TOGETHER in Club Penguin lately :) Daffodaily5 invited us to her Igloo for a Bake Sale for Red Nose Day and TOGETHER we had so much FUN helping Daffo :)

…We bought TONS of Yummy Cakes and told lots of Silly Jokes :) THANKS for the Party Daffo :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!

…The secret of the Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow is found and now the Treasure is in Vindore’s Igloo…LOL :) GREAT St. Patrick’s Day Decoration :)

…Helena47987’s Igloo is decorated for the Puffle Party :)

…Hi Peace Child I LOVE your Penguin Name :)

…Down in the Mine we worked hard and earned TONS of Coins :) HURRAY I got the bag with 100 Coins :) The secret to earn A LOT is to drill…earn coins…move…drill again and so on :)

…There are many cute Puffles jumping around in Club Penguin right now during the Puffle Party 2013 and at the Plaza I met Wek3, Sofi3457, Fuzzy2030 and Icy136 :)

…HAPPY DANCING at The Plaza :)

…Penguins and Puffles are BEST Friends and TOGETHER we talked, Sled Raced and Skated at the Ski Hill :)

…Coffeetip came and visited me :) Hi Friend what a cute Rainbow Puffle you have :)

…Orange and Speed were so HAPPY to have a Rainbow Puffle visiting us and they immediately started to Play TOGETHER :)

…Hi Rainbow Puffle Coffeetip :)

…Oops! Don’t worry I will catch you…LOL :)

…Strawberry Cake is so YUMMY :)

...In Coffeetip’s Igloo we drank yummy Tea :) Yes Please I would LOVE some Pizza :)

…THANKS :) Eats Yummy Pizza :) Now I will make Ice cream :) Oops…wrong Apron….

…Here we go :) ICE CREAM and CAKE for EVERYONE! One Puffle at a time Please! ONE Puffle at a time Please!! And NO Fur in the Food...LOL :)

…It’s so much FUN to watch the Rainbow Puffle Play :) Rainbow Puffle ANIMATED :)

…Sadly Coffeetip can’t use the Rainbow Cannon and return to the Cloud Forest where the Rainbow Puffles are!

…Coffeetip told me about Rainbow Puffle Bugs! They don’t play with Puffle Furniture in the Igloo and…

…they are not available in Pufflescape or Puffle Launch! BUT IF you have a Rainbow Puffle with you to the Pet Shop this mat image will change to a Rainbow Puffle :) GREAT!

…Coffeetip thinks that Club Penguin should add back the ability to talk after !

…Fishandfries and I AGREE!

...BUT we can still say !?! LOL :)

…If you have Transformed into a Puffle you can get a new Fur-do at the Puffle Zone Lobby BUT it doesn't work for Rainbow Puffles…BUG!

…And here is the Invisible Penguin Name BUG!

…If you have Adopt a Rainbow Puffle you can’t go back to the Cloud Forest until you have completed Task 1 - 4 Again!?!

…Let’s see if the Rainbow Puffle can use the Relax-Tron…HURRAY! It worked :) Puffle Play Zone ANIMATED :)

…What will happen during next EPF mission?

…An O’Berrie Pizza Please with extra Hot Sause :)

…Oops! Fishandfries! Don’t worry I will go and get a Puffle Care Expert :) Puffle Care Expert Special Dance ANIMATED :)

…TOGETHER we sang a song :) La la la laa…Somewhere over the Rainbow Puffles lives…

…THANKS for all the FUN Friends and for telling me about your Rainbow Puffle Bugs TOGETHER WE ROCK :)

FUN with Friends :)


Spydar007 said...

In one picture, you aren't friends with Coffeetip and in another, you are! Is your friend list full? You said before it was. If it isn't please friend me on CP!!!

Penguina192 said...

when i got my rainbow puffle it was not even 18 hours and i had to to the last task (i still had the stuff) again and then i could go!

Ish13 said...

Coffeetip is SO lucky to meet you! You even added him! I'm extremely jealous XD! Saraapril, I just have to say that you are my favorite blogger of Club Penguin. Thanks, and waddle on!

Saraapril said...

Hi Spydar007 and Ish13 :) Thanks for Reading my Blog :) Sadly my Friends list is full so I can't add anyone BUT due to a BUG the Green Friend circle sometimes is missing! Friends missing from Friends List BUG!

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