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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Saraapril Games Card-Jitsu BETA spot the different :)

I think it’s so much FUN to be a Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Game tester :) Here I’m Playing the Game TOGETHER with other Ninjas :)

…We are still here stuck in a BUG…just kidding…LOL :) On this picture three things are different! Can you find them?

…Leave your answer as a comment and I will post them Tomorrow :)

Saraapril Games :)


Ryan18bax said...

I See that the ninja looking at tank, his health came back, because at first, it wasn't there.

guinub1999 said...

1. the fish in the water ninja's tank weapon is missing.

2.the health bar of the snow ninja is missing

3. sly's black ninja belt laces or flaps whatever are missing

-guinub1999 =]

christian romeiko said...

the fish is not in the aquarium

Girish2002 said...

1. The fish is missing from the water bowl!
2.A little part of Sly's belt is invisible!
3. The amount of energy that the snow ninja has is missing!

Those are the 3 differences

Anonymous said...

there is a fish in one tank and there is not in another

Anonymous said...

the fish and the snow ninja health are missing thats 2 but i cant find 3

Kailery7 said...

The fish is missing from the hammer, the knot on sly's black belt disapeared, and the heath bar on the snow ninja is gone too.

Snorp09 said...

the snow ninja's life bar is missing.

Emma84432 said...

1. The...Status? Bar on the snow Ninja is gone.
2. The fish in the Water Ninja's...Aquarium? Is gone.
3. The end of Sly's .... Belt? Is missing.

candygirl767 said...

the fish in the tank

Anonymous said...

the shash on the snow dude is missing,fish is gone,and snow ninja heath bar is gone.


P.S I look at this site every time i get online so thanks for all the help in C.P. oh yeah together we rock
Waddle on sarrapirl.

Anonymous said...

1st the water ninjas hammer doesn't have the fish
2nd the snow ninja doesn't have the life bar
3rd sly doesn't have his belt completed
That's what I found ;)

Anonymous said...

One, the snow ninja has no life bar, two, water ninja's weapon has no fish in it, three, sly's belt doesn't have the excess hanging down
~Tommy Man4

Legozacc said...

Slys belt is torn

One of the ninjas life bar is missing

The fish is missing

Lolz said...

1- The Snow Ninja's life.
2- The Water Ninja's fish.
3- The Sly

Anonymous said...

one, snow ninja's life bar is gone. two, sly's black belt is cut off so there's no excess. three, the water ninja's weapon has no fish in it

Koloway said...

The fish in the tank, The hang-down part of Sly's black belt, and the snow ninjas health bar.


Giratina9872 said...

The Fish in the Fish tank is gone and a health bar underneath one of the penguins is gone! I haven't got the 3rd one yet. I'll post again if I find it.

Anonymous said...

Water Ninja's fish is gone, Sly's belt thing is missing and the Snow Ninja doesn't have a health bar.

Legozacc said...

Slys belt
The fish
And one of the ninjas life bars is missing

Cutie83903 said...

1. The Snow ninja's stats are gone.
2. The Water ninja's goldfish is gone from the tank.
3. Sly's black belt loop has disappeared.

nico7786 said...

Got them all! Fish in the fish tank,
Snow ninja's health bar andsly's belt.

Skylar922 said...

The fish in the water ninja's bowl is gone and the Ice ninja's health.

ninja said...

The ice ninja does not have health

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