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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Card-Jitsu Saga “Sensei and Tusk” VIDEO :)

Once upon a time Sensei had a best friend named Tusk and…WAIT!! Card-Jitsu Snow SPOILER WARNING!!! BUT if you want a Sneak Peek you can keep reading and see the Video :)

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Episode 1: Long, Long Ago…

Long, Long ago when I was just a young boy I had a friend named Tusk. We did everything together, like a pair of chopsticks we were always by each others side. It was a bond of brotherhood frozen in time.

Episode 2: Training begins

Together Tusk and I begun our training in the art of Card-Jitsu. We learned to control the unyielding flame and braze the crushing wave and bow to the majestic snow flurry but Tusk lacked discipline and as our training intensified our friendship changed.

Episode 3: Snow Match

On a calm clear day Tusk and I agreed to practice snow together in a sparring match just as I just taking position Tusk landed his first strike!

Episode 4: Counter Strike

Regaining my focus I countered with a cold blast! What I saw next sent a shiver down my spine…

Episode 5: Blasted Back

Was is in magnificent strikes my friend raised a huge mass of snow over his head and released it towards me! I grew on all of my strengths to stop its striving force. Blasted backwards Tusk smashed into the mountain side!

Episode 6: The Earth Quivered…

The earth quivered, the ground cracked, snow thundered down the mountain peek.

Episode 7: A Broken Tusk

Everything was buried. After weeks of searching for my friend I discovered his broken Tusk. What had I done?! I vowed to master the elements and teach all us to respect that power.

Episode 8: Tusk’s Vow

I battled the snow struggling to carve up through the icy layers. For years I lived alone in the cold caves of the mountain side constructing my lair. I returned to ninja training to learn the secrets of snow and harness its power, I devoted my focus to one goal, I would master snow, I would seek revenge.

Episode 9: Tusk Defeated

ROOAAARRR! You have won this time. Your Sensei has clearly trained you well but I have more power than all of you penguins. I will get revenge…MWAHAHA!!!

…Thanks Sensei for telling me this Story and for training me and other Ninjas :) I’m sure that if ALL Ninjas keep working TOGETHER we will find a way to help Tusk so you two can become best Friends again :)

Snow Ninja Items to earn for EVERYONE :)

How to play Card-Jitsu Snow CHEATS :)


Peppy32e said...

I love how you wrote it all out! Anyways, there is a bug on the Fun Stuff tab. On the featured igloos it has one big picture, but we can't see it.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I just wanted to point out an error in Episode 5. I think Sensei says, "Possessing magnificent strength."


Anonymous said...

I too want tusk and sensei be best friends again :)

Unknown said...

That was an awesome episode! And also, thanks! I hope they both will come friends again! :)

Shaalz... said...

wow that was awesome

Unknown said...

I love your blog

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