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Friday, May 31, 2013

Card-Jitsu Snow Party Tour Guide 2013 :)

Welcome to this Guided Tour of the Card-Jitsu Snow Party 2013 :) If you click on the Card-Jitsu Snow icon you will be teleported to Sensei inside the Dojo but we will start this Tour at the…

…AWESOMELY Updated Dojo Courtyard :) This is the Courtyard. It was covered in snow for many moons! Enter the Dojo and take the path of the Ninja :)

…Welcome to the Dojo Become a ninja by playing Card-Jitsu Master the three elements To earn your belts and elemental suits you need to train Only the dedicated will succeed. Martial Artwork Catalog :) As this Party is all about Ninjas I will show you ALL the Dojos :) Don’t forget that during this Party ALL Penguins can play the Ninja Games and earn ALL the items for FREE :) For Ninja info click on the two posters in the room :)

…Welcome to the Fire Dojo atop the Volcano! Here ninjas learn to master the element of fire, by playing Card-Jitsu Fire! Talk to Sensei over there to learn more!

…Welcome to the Water Dojo. At the Waterfall you can earn your Water Suit. Only the most powerful ninjas will succeed...How to Play Card-Jitsu Water?

…This mountain peak is the Snow Dojo. The time to master Snow has come. Head across the bridge to battle snow minions. You are ready brave ninja! How to Play Card-Jitsu Snow?

…Here we are at the Cove! Let's pour some tea under the cherry blossoms then catch some waves at the surf shack! I LOVE this Pretty decorated room :) Wait a little and you will see the shadow of a swimming fish in the pond :) Before we leave let’s have some yummy Tea while we looking through the Card-Jitsu Snow Party items Catalog there ALL Penguins can pick up some FREE items and Members can buy rare items :)

…Welcome to the Forest Ahh it's so relaxing here Let's sit by the stream for a while then check out the Ninja Headquarters. STOP! STOP! Please do NOT enter the Ninja Headquarter yet I have more to show you before we enter that room! Follow me this way…What? You don’t want to leave this room yet as it’s so nice to be here? I understand I too LOVE this room :) Let’s stay here while I tell you all about the Safe Chat messages and the Ninja Party jokes :)

Safe Chat Quick Messages: 
Is powerful ninja
Lets train together
Ninja Vanish!
Snow cone anyone?
Snow is powerful
The battle has begun
Time to master Snow
To the Snow Dojo
We need more ninjas

Ninja jokes:
If the sun shines while it's snowing, what should you look for? Snowbows!
Why is the slippery ice like music? If you don't C sharp - you'll B flat!
Where do snowmen keep their money? In the snowbank!
Why did Sensei jump in the lake? Because he wanted to test the waters!
How do snowmen greet each other? Ice to meet you!
What's as big as Sensei but doesn't weigh anything? His shadow!
What did the Fire Ninja say to the volcano? Have a lava-ly day!
What is the best kind of water to dance on? Tap water!
Why did the ninja pour water over Sensei? He wanted to make a big splash!

…This is the Plaza! Let's check out puffles in the Pet Shop take our pets to the Puffle Hotel join the shadow creatures at the Stage or grab some sushi at the Pizza Parlor :) There are several Party Stamps to earn right now and here and in Town you can earn the Tend A Concession Stand Stamp :) If you meet Sensei you can earn his Stamp and the Explorer Stamp is available too :) Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin CHEATS :)

…This is the Pizza Parlor Or should I say sushi restaurant?! We can play Pizzatron 3000 or grab a seat for some sushi Waiter! An order of squid rolls please…If you have an Apron you can Serve Food too :)

...Look at the options you can choose from at this post from the Card-Jitsu Party 2011 Tour Guide :) HURRAY! The Bug Apron is finally FIXED :)

…We have four special Party emotes :)

…The Play Battle of the Ancient Shadows is at the Stage :)

…Strange snowmen have appeared in the Snow Forts there are more of them in the mountains! Let's head to the Stadium to practice our ninja skills We must defeat them in battle!

…Welcome to the Stadium It's transformed into a huge Card-Jitsu arena! Let's choose a side and join the match Training will help prepare you for battle!

…Fire Ninjas have decorated the Town! Head to the Coffee Shop for a hot drink or start a ninja dance-off in the Dance Club! Need some ninja gear? We can get some at the Clothes Shop :) Welcome to the Clothes Shop! Let's grab some ninja gear and try to blend in Ninja vanish! Here's the Dance Club We can start a ninja dance-off test our skills at DJ3K or head upstairs to the Arcade! What did you say? You didn't see me inside the Clothes Shop, Dance Club or Arcade? Hmmm…it must have been Ninja Vanish (rooms not party decorated) Bows…LOL :)

…This is the Coffee Shop. Right now it looks like a tea shop! We can play a game of Bean Counters make some smoothies or ring the gong for service A green tea latte please! Click on board to get the Tea sign and you can serve food and treats at the tables here too :)

…Welcome to the Dock We can play a game of Hydro Hopper or head to the Ninja Headquarters All ninjas are needed to train We must be ready to join the battle! WAIT! It’s still not time to enter the Ninja Headquarters! Just keep being patient as a true Ninja and Follow me this way…

…This is the Beach! Home of the Lighthouse It's a great place to relax in the sun Once we're prepared to join the ninja action we can head through the archways…

…Welcome to the Ski Village It's getting chilly here! Head to the Ski Lodge for some ice cream or up to the Mountain to race sleds…

…This is the Ski Lodge Snow ninjas have redecorated in here Grab an ice cream cone or challenge someone to a game of Find Four :)

…The air up here sure is chilly Why not join a sled race and become one with the snow :) Now the time has come to enter the…

…This is the Ninja Headquarters! We can enjoy a cup of tea a delicious fish fresh from the grill or snack on ice cream and ice pops! Thanks for taking this Guided Tour of the Card-Jitsu Snow Party I hope you will enjoy this Party as much as I do :) Snow long and…Tour Guide Ninja Vanish!

Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Snow Party 2013 CHEATS :)

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